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    yeah I've been always switching profiles/settings constantly. I want to figure out a couple amps and set them to where I want them and think "this is my sound, now play more"

    I think I'm almost set. I have a Carvin Tube power amp that works great but I wouldn't mind having a Mesa 2:90 and maybe a different 2x12 to run stereo. I can't wait to get my di box so I can profile a few amps for myself. I think if I have them side by side I can rest a bit easier and not keep thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

    My rig is constantly changing(hopefully to the better). When I first got my Kemper I ran it through my Hartke's power amp. I thought it was pretty decent but then I grabbed a tube power amp and it was a fantastic upgrade. After a bit more time I decided to get a FRFR so I grabbed a Headrush FRFR about 2-3 weeks ago. I really enjoyed it for a few days then I went back to my power amp and cab then come to the realization that I don't need a dozen cabs with mic'd a hundred ways and when I record I can just use my studio monitors. I began thinking of just selling the Kemper and just getting one tube amp. Instead I grabbed the Kemper remote and completely fell back in love with the Kemper. I added an external overdrive to play with direct profiles and I do believe I'm satisfied. I have an expression pedal waiting on me when I get home and a Kemper di box on the way. I think the last missing piece will be just creating my own direct profiles and slimming down the 1000 profiles I have on the Kemper currently.

    Out of curiosity, did you guys go through this constant tweaking before being satisfied? I started thinking I didn't go through this with my old amp then I remembered yes I did(adding overdrives, EQ's, Sonic Maximizers, etc). I think I got to a point where I thought I needed more variety than what I really do. A Mesa Mark series, a Marshall flavor, and a 5150 type amp is all I will ever need. I'm excited to just play instead of constantly twiddling knobs and buttons.

    I just ordered one off Reverb for $70. I've been tempted on just getting rid of my Kemper and grabbing a tube amp. After reading a few post about guys getting rid of their amps after profiling them I've changed my mind. I'm guessing but I imagine profiling an amp with your settings that you would use for your cab would get it much closer than buying a profile off someone else. When you said 90%, what do you think would get you that last 10%?

    I'm hoping for some other really cool features other than reverbs. I mean anything would be nice but I'm not a huge reverb guy. I kinda feel like now would be a good time to release an update with all the competition releasing new updates/products. I have to believe there would be some sort of sales/marketing strategy along with the developmental strategy.

    I plugged in my tube power amp and cab today and I am so surprised about how profiles react. Some profiles love the Headrush, some love the cab, and some sound very much the same. Found that to be the case with studio or merged profiles.

    well so far Im loving the Headrush FRFR. Profiles have way more bass than my Orange 212. I think I actually prefer it over my cab. I've only used it a few minutes with my bass so the jury is still out on that. Im hoping to use it for bass next week with a band Im sitting in on bass for. If it doesnt pan out I will just use my Hartke rig but I really hope this works.

    I finally broke down and ordered a Headrush FRFR to use instead of my Orange 2x12. I love my Orange/Tube power amp/Kemper combo for a lot of the profiles I use but there is a lot I've been missing by not using an FRFR. Do any of you guys use this particular speaker? I've heard a few people say it's nice. I'm hoping it will handle bass and get to a fairly decent volume so I can get rid of my Hartke rig.