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    Reverbs will be here by the end of the around 2098.....but you will just love them......i mean really love make some space in your coffin with your sealy posturpedic, cup holder, and alarm bell in case you are still alive to alert the authorities. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

    Now about 2-3 weeks since I saw the video with the completed reverbs.....what’s the hold up? I love my Kemper but the R&D with the company is about as bad as Eventide....just crap!!!

    I am a little confused. I am thinking of putting the helix hx into the kemper loop, therefore no four cable only cable out to and from kemper. The kemper loop blocks can be placed either pre or post amp/cab. Anyone do it this way?

    I just purchased a Helix Hx. Any clues on how best to integrate this with Kemper? Thinking about putting it in Kemper loop and I beleive the loop blocks can be placed either pre or post and/cab. Also, any effects suggestions with Kemper? Thanks

    I really feel the Kemper distortion stomps are the Achilles heel of the Kemper. I would love to be able to get rid of my external pedals and just use the Kemper.
    I use an ep booster, fuzz pedals (octafuzz, velvet fuzz), cusack screamer, sickas overdrive, etc. and cannot find anything comparable in the Kemper. They have a variety of boost pedals but nothing really exceptional in the tubescreamer, klon, fuzz, tonebender, and metal categories. Kemper is upgrading with reverbs which is great but we really, really need an overhaul of the distortion stomps. Thanks. K

    I will have to defer what is the best high gain due to others with more experience, but like I said all his profiles are stunning and turning down the gain on higher gain profiles the cleans are spectacular and not something I could achieve with some of the better tube amps.

    The M Britt profiles just blow me away and I am no longer needing any tube amp.....they are that good....if they fool the Chappers, they will fool everyone....I purchased most of the Britt profiles and every one is just jaw dropping good....the cleans are almost mind blowing and my guitars have never sounded so good. The only problem with the Kemper, in my estimation, is the lack of really good distortion effects (klon, muff, fuzz, metal etc.) and I still need to use my pedals with the Kemper and it works seamlessly. But man what a big deal it would be if Kemper produced 20 very high quality distortion effects. They would be flying off the shelf and would clean up my pedal board. Mike Britt is a gem of a person too!!!

    I will also say Mike is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of knowing.
    There are many, many, profiles out there both in rig manager and commercially so there will be preferences.
    But when I got the Britt profiles I was and am floored by the cleans which is what I really could not get out of my tube amp search.
    Almost any one I try is so good, and I have most of his, it may take a while to work through them all because I cannot stop playing that profile.
    Good bye tube amp. And when Anderton’s does the bind test, they use M. Britt profiles and Chappers and the Captain are either fooled or prefer the M. Britt profiles. I can see why they are exceptional. If we could get Kemper to create some incredible distortion, muff, klon, fuzz, metal effects I would be in heaven. The reverbs are on the way. A few better modulation effects like chorus would excellent as well.

    I just purchased many of Michael Britt’s profiles for my relatively new Kemper. WOW! These are just mind blowing and the range of cleans to breakup to gain are just superb. I no longer have a need for a tube amp. My tube amps never sounded so exceptional and to have this variety is incredible. Thanks Michael!!!!

    It is very hard for me to believe that anyone could use some of these rigs with the gain setting at full or even half. I cannot beleive that someone profiled their amp at 100% gain as set when I pull the rig up. I think something is wrong here and really do not get it unless the gain setting is somehow arbitrary when it is first pulled up.

    When I check out new rigs or profiles, the gain settingis are most usually set to an almost unusable level. Is this set by the creator of the profile???
    And is the gain indicator in rig manager this level of preset gain or is it a visual indicator that the amp was profiled on a higher gain setting??
    What is confusing is any “clean” profile can be set for higher gain, so I am not real sure about the benefit of the gain indicator. Thanks.