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    yes, it is better do not to touch these files at risk that the RM database is corrupted and lost Rigs.
    If you are on macOS you have TimeMachine that will save everything U want.

    I made backup on USB from the Profiler and let computer save by TimeMachine daily. in plus yearly backup.

    I'm new user too,

    1. Yes, but backup it before erase from RigManager in Tools Menu. The factory default rigs are saved in Profiler in hardware memory.

    2. On macOS,
    ~/ Users / <yourName> / Library / Application Support / Kemper Amps / Backups
    but it's not easy to use because files are databases. (the rigs are into a contener SQLite)

    I saved the complete Backup folder just in case, but I seems it's better to export All Rigs from Local Folder directly with RigManager...



    Whatever the FX loop(effect) or Looper(overdub) we have, we should be able to insert it anywhere in the chain on a slot or not, and return it anywhere.
    with an input volume control and Mix output.

    split the chain in fact...!?

    of course... i remember... it's been 10 years that I'm not going on a forum... ;(
    "Darwinian style" your avatar ^^

    it's not very simple to understand at first. (FX LOOP/LOOPER where in chain...settings...)
    I'm confused.

    Not possible because returns of Kemper are before the Chain.
    as are Output looper "Pre" (after Input guitar) and "Post" (after the chain after REV),
    it will be good to have "Processing" (after ABCD but before Stack), "Stack" (after Stack as well you free the X-slot) and "Mod' (after Mod)
    as we are all solution.
    it's possible to dev it ? @Burkhard @kpahuitsing

    Yes, the neck is really awesome ! Fan of tones and sounds is really wide and modular / versatile / polyvalent. (don't know exactly words in english)

    Jul, welcome to the forum. Worth the wait, indeed! :thumbup:

    I hope, it'll work...
    Mustang III to Kemper... What do you think about this delicate and elegant transition : :| to ...
    (Need search and found neutral stereo active cab and neural headphone)

    Hello from France,
    After a long month of waiting, I have the pleasure of joining the Kemper community. it's increhible amp :P !