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    Okay I did read all the posts here for setup.. I'm using my Kemper Powered Toaster with a guitar cab for my live playing. So to be clear, I really cant use my 1/12, add another 1/12 speaker cab unless I get another power amp OR have a powered speaker for the monitor output to get the correct DT effect happening? As we all know the Powerhead has only one poweramp available.

    I would cool to have two speaker cabs and use the DT for a thicker sound live, with a mono signal to FOH as most PA's aren't stereo.

    I run Guitar > Kemper Powerhead > Output to 1/12 speaker cab... Left Monitor out to FOH

    Thanks for any info you can share..

    Hi, I'm trying to find the BJ Devices TB 6 Midi pedal for my Kemper I just bought, and I can't find the pedals to purchase anywhere. The website says "Sold out" on all pedals. Anyone know what happened to this company or where I can find these pedals to purchase?


    Mr Slate