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    remember that OS8 is a KPA operating system. We will need to wait for a new version of Rig Manager to see if the feature get added. They are two different things.

    Yeah, but with a new KPA OS comes a new rig manager and this feature isn't a major change I guess. So this could be something they slip in among the updates coming. I'm grateful for the free updates and great effects and stuff coming but this grind so much my gears when using the rig manager...

    It really depends on how they built the UI. But I imagine it's been deprioritized because it's not a blocker or a bug. Users can still set a tempo, it's just not ideal.

    If it is deprioritized, It would be a huge bummer... But I know the game of priorities when It comes to software development, i am a software engineer.

    This is just a critical design flaw that makes me hating using this RigManager.

    Hi, I'm currently running the 7.5.3 beta on my kemper stage and when I try to change the value of the Low Filter on RM it shows numbers as if it was a gain value (3.5, 9.8, etc) instead of showing the value of the frequency from where to cut (120 Hz).

    The value is correct on my Stage though, so nothing really dramatic, just little pickle.

    Everytime I encounter an issue updating from RM, it's always because my USB port has a problem (connected to an usb 2.0 instead of usb 3.0 for instance). Try changing ports when updating, you might be lucky.

    For instance I usually use my trackpad on my macbook pro and it can be very frustrating. Then I have to do it on my Stage, which goes against the idea that you can do everything via Rig Manager. It's a little thing, but it would change drastically my will to tweak my profiles.
    I don't know how hard it is to code it though.

    Hi there, maybe I am wrong but I find tedious the fact that you have to fine turn the buttons on rig manager 3 to add a value.

    Why isn't it possible to simply enter the value wih your keyboard ? If i want a gain of 4.7, I should be able to enter it instead of trying to turn it to the right value.

    It is even more critical for stuff like reverb or delay values, I'm finding difficult to get the 100% / 100% value for delays as an exemple.

    If it is possible to enter with the keyboard values, let me konw how !

    Best regards !

    Kemper release 7.1.11 doesn’t seem to reliably communicate with latest rig manager beta 3 anymore. When you select a profile in RM, the profile sometimes is selected in the Kemper but not always. About 50% of the time it doesn’t work. Anybody with the same problem ?

    Release 7.1.8 with related RM release worked much better in selecting profiles.

    Hi there, i have the exact same results. Changes on the profiler or changes from the editor are not seen. The other problem I've seen is duplicating rigs doesn't work, when i duplicate a rig, i rename it and it disapears. I have to redo all my performances directly on my stage...

    Hi guys !

    I'm in need of information about midi capabilities of the kemper.

    For live purposes, I need to be able to trigger the play button of Ableton (in order to play to the click of every song of our live set).

    Right now, I know that the kemper profiler only sends PC midi messages when engaging a performance slot (up to 2 messages). The issue I have is that Ableton is seeing the message but the play button is only triggering with a CC message... I saw that a way around would be to use a software that converts PC messages into CC messages, so I'll try that.

    On the other hand using a switch of sorts to trigger the sequence is also something I'd like to be able to do.

    My question is : since it is possible to send CC messages from the kemper via expression pedals and using the pedal to midi setting, would it be possible to have a Tap tempo pedal going into the kemper and use it as a switch sending CC midi messages to trigger ableton ?

    Sorry if it is a stupid question but I'm kind of lost right now...

    Thanks in advance !


    Hi guys ! My band (When waves collide) just released its first EP.

    We are a post rock band from France and all my guitars were recorded on my kemper Profiler !

    Let me know what you think about it. As mentionned in the past, if you guys are interested, most of my profiles are free and it would be a pleasure to share them !

    Some other links if you are interested :

    Long live the profiler !


    Just Updated mine (doing a back up before hand on a usb stick) and everything went fine !
    All my performances are working fine. (Got scared because my remote was showing "Updating resources") though ! )

    The preset management is so convenient now !