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    Kemper release 7.1.11 doesn’t seem to reliably communicate with latest rig manager beta 3 anymore. When you select a profile in RM, the profile sometimes is selected in the Kemper but not always. About 50% of the time it doesn’t work. Anybody with the same problem ?

    Release 7.1.8 with related RM release worked much better in selecting profiles.

    Hi there, i have the exact same results. Changes on the profiler or changes from the editor are not seen. The other problem I've seen is duplicating rigs doesn't work, when i duplicate a rig, i rename it and it disapears. I have to redo all my performances directly on my stage...

    Hi guys !

    I'm in need of information about midi capabilities of the kemper.

    For live purposes, I need to be able to trigger the play button of Ableton (in order to play to the click of every song of our live set).

    Right now, I know that the kemper profiler only sends PC midi messages when engaging a performance slot (up to 2 messages). The issue I have is that Ableton is seeing the message but the play button is only triggering with a CC message... I saw that a way around would be to use a software that converts PC messages into CC messages, so I'll try that.

    On the other hand using a switch of sorts to trigger the sequence is also something I'd like to be able to do.

    My question is : since it is possible to send CC messages from the kemper via expression pedals and using the pedal to midi setting, would it be possible to have a Tap tempo pedal going into the kemper and use it as a switch sending CC midi messages to trigger ableton ?

    Sorry if it is a stupid question but I'm kind of lost right now...

    Thanks in advance !


    Hi guys ! My band (When waves collide) just released its first EP.

    We are a post rock band from France and all my guitars were recorded on my kemper Profiler !

    Let me know what you think about it. As mentionned in the past, if you guys are interested, most of my profiles are free and it would be a pleasure to share them !

    Some other links if you are interested :

    Long live the profiler !


    Just Updated mine (doing a back up before hand on a usb stick) and everything went fine !
    All my performances are working fine. (Got scared because my remote was showing "Updating resources") though ! )

    The preset management is so convenient now !

    Hi there.

    I just realized I never introduced myself !

    My name is Adrien and I'm from France (well Reunion Island actually but I'm living in Paris).

    I used to be a pedal and amp fanatic, but that was before I got myself a Kemper Profiler. I eventually ditched all my pedals and only work with the kemper and its remote.

    I am part of post rock band (When Waves Collide), on our way to record our first record. I am currently waiting for the reverb update like no one has ever waited for anything before.

    Here is a demo we did a long time ago :

    By the way if you are French and have some information on how to get a gig in Paris, I'm eager to get in touch with you !

    Cheers !


    Hi everyone. I recently ditched my Eventide Time Factor and started using the Kemper delays.

    For the most part, it's perfect. But i have a song where I used the Time Factor on the Band Delay algorithm (The first note you play is normal and the repetitions are going through a filter).

    Is there any way to emule this kind of effect. I tried to set a single delay and after it a phaser but it's not quite the same sound.

    Thanks in advance if you have an answer. I'm French by the way so sorry if my english isn't perfect !


    I'm intrigued to find out what it is you're missing from what's already there? Not saying you're wrong, just interested. I think everyone is chomping at the bit to try these new algorithms out :-)

    In term of Reverbs, I can't get the reverbs i'm having on my big sky right now. I essentially use the cloud preset on the big sky and I don't think I can get this sound on the kemper as it is right now.

    When the update is here, I'll only need my remote and expression pedal ! No more FX loop, no more midi sending to pilote my reverb and delay.

    Buying the kemper, I ended up selling all my pedals...