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    Ouhh! Thanks to everybody for your replies!

    Rafgys: The AKG P5 is a supercardiod microphone (yes, vocal design), but dynamic as super famous SM57, and to be honest I like more AKG than Shure, for me. The AKG was set at speaker center (straight) in front of Celestion V30 cone, without the grill of cabinet. The Peavey cab was set similar but with the grill. And, yes the treshold of NG in crunch tones is very high.

    Thanks guys for the feedback.

    EVH 5150III pack is coming...

    English: Hello everyone! I share with you the pack that I made of my Laney Ironheart IRT60H. They are 60 profiles (10 DI + 50 merged) specially created to use live with guitar cab. Please read the package notes for live use!

    Español: Hola a todos! Comparto con vosotros el pack que he realizado de mi Laney Ironheart IRT60H. Son 60 profiles (10 DI + 50 merged) especialmente creados para usar en vivo junto con pantalla de guitarra eléctrica. Por favor, leer las notas del pack para uso en vivo!


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