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    I really appreciate everyone's input! I now have a new task for this different guitars thing I am tackling...

    I know I can create different input presets and save/name them. This is great for guitars with different output levels - I have 2 input presets that cover just about all the guitars quite well. I'd like to assign these two input presets to a specific, single switch on the remote, to act globally, independent of any specific rig. Is this possible?


    Thanks everyone - for some very well know harmony parts (i.e., Boston - Piece of Mind, 38 special Burning for you, etc) I found after much fiddling that post amp, with an add'l boost just before it works great. I would not have guessed that configuration honestly, but it sings like the recording!

    How about the location of the harmonizer in your rig? I have tried it just about everywhere and it doesn't sound very good - a bit shrill. I have it post amp now with a simple drive ahead of in stomp position. Thoughts?

    Appreciate that, the tone knob is not centered at the 'problem' freq, and the q/bandwidth of the pot is so wide it drags everything down with it. It certainly has it's place in my playing, but not the solution unfortunately. I thought about swapping the pot for about 5 seconds, but it is older than I am and that would be sacrilegious [!]

    All kinds of good stuff here, and some funny sheot too! To summarize, I think I should have clarified a little better in the beginning; I dont want my guitars to sound the same - of course that goes against the grain on every level. It really boils down to a vintage tele that has a fairly shrill 6k bump that makes swapping back and forth not ideal.

    I think I'm gonna try @sstauffer recommendation "......EQ section in the output, Edit and lock the output section then you can tweak the EQ per guitar ..."

    I really do appreciate all the responses, angles, recommendations ~

    Be well!

    Thanks for all the good feedback - yes I realize my approach is a little 'unique'... I would imagine some of you have broken a string at a gig and needed to switch guitars mid-song, only to find the guitar you grab you need to tweak your tone knobs a bit [p90s, hb's, single pups, etc] -

    Typically I have 2-3 amps on stage and there are amp/gtr combos I wouldn't use together. I am thinking to use the power of the Kemper to ease that a bit.

    Much appreciation to everyone input and responses!:thumbup:

    I have a Tele and a strat - no surprise, one is brighter than the other. I want to make use of all of my rigs regardless of which guitar I am playing, without having to endlessly tweak the eq's. I dont want to get into categorizing my rigs per each guitar either. I wonder how you guys handle this? I'd love if there was some global switch that allowed me to apply an eq tweak as necessary, kind of as a global approach?

    I suppose I could throw an EQ stomp in with the preset I need to tame things a bit, then just hit the pedal to engage as necessary - just wondering if there isn't slicker way to go? I know you guys... there must be a slicker way!


    Hello -

    I have searched the forum without luck.

    I know how to assign stomps to the remote [pressing toaster and remote buttons simultaneously], but my toaster is across the room, in a rack and I want to assign a stomp to a button on the remote via RM. Not possible?

    Many thanks!

    I have read the threads about how people organize their rigs, and I get it - personal preference. I have a workable hierarchy, but I am baffled by what order the remote stores, recall presets. I am talking about when I'm using the main up down buttons on the remote [just below the display]. They dont seem to be numerical, alphabetical, or any order that I can easily recall.

    I find myself firing up RM to search and recall a specific rig, but should be able to do this by scrolling via remote. But it seems to be so random, and perhaps even changing as I work with it one day to the next.

    and yes, read the manual but coul not ind anything pertaining to this under remote section. I am sure it is me, and any insight is appreciated!

    So here I am cruising through performances, all good. But when i am in browser mode, I cant find a way to easily access rigs I want to use. If I am rig manager it's easy to search of course, but without actual rig numbers, I find myself aimless scrolling through the toaster or the remote. I guess I could add numbers to my rig names, just wondering what other are doing, thoughts, etc.

    Thanks for any input - I know there may be a simple answer (maybe "it is what it is"!)

    somehow I am stuck in the same issue - I am in a performance, on slot 1, scroll to new rig, found it, its highlighted,.........waiting......nothing..... I changed it once but have no idea how. Cant even figure out how to delete rig from a performance slot. Sorry, hate being 'that guy'!