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    If you just go guitar --> RS USB guitar cable --> PS4, you still have latency? If yes, that has to get addressed first. I had the best luck with optical out to the receiver.

    After that you can use a simple Y splitter or a more elaborate "hum destroyer" type solution if you get a nasty ground loops. Feed the guitar to both the amp (Kemper) and the PS4 simultaneously.

    Interesting. I had to skip close to the end after the 1st guitarist. Just way too long of a video I think.

    One mistake was to present the rolled up numbers that haphazardly. The "feel" was just as much of a difference (at least for the first dude) as the sound. Also, seeing the points for high gain vs cleans would have been interesting.

    Another mistake was not to test the recorded (streamed) volume between the two rigs. First the Kemper was way louder, then the Helix. The parts I watched they were not even close to the same volume (as also proven by the fact, that the live chat people were complaining non-stop ;))

    They should have listed the profiles and the Helix patches(?) in detail in the description of the video.

    And the last nitpick I promise is that just summing up 1-10 scale points never works quite so well. 10 over 9 is a huge difference (as in, this was perfect for me) and most people never give 1-3 scores anyway just because they are polite. Make the points like F1 does and the spread will be more pronounced.

    I give A+ for effort though, overall very informative video.

    I really like the song. The one comment about the "content" I would have is that Gary Moore sounding solo after the halfway point felt a little of out place with the heavier sounds. I did not want to be able to calm down during that solo :)

    Great job!

    One of my old time favorites, however I have a mental block and just cannot accept Skid Row without Bach. Also, they keep changing the singers, I cannot keep up - nor do I want to :P

    Btw Gaga sings way better than old Sebastian, it is just sad that he is making a fool out of himself like that.

    So the good profile is the one made with the 5.x release and the bad one with the exact same hardware and 6.0?

    I do agree that the bad one sounds really bad. It is not out of the question that something has changed with the newer software in terms of profiling with gain. Hopefully one of the Kemper guys will chime in.

    Looking at the dimensions on the link Kemper Support posted, it fits into a standard size airline carryon bag. Barely but it fits!

    Honestly I think this is a more important feature than the ability to profile (which you most likely can do as well).

    Well done Kemper!

    Now we need an upgraded Kemper bag asap, in the form of an actual airline carryon with extra space for wires, cute little wheels, etc. ;)

    As the guys suggested, from the manual section "Output Sources" on Git Analog:

    "The pure, clean instrument signal is sent to the Direct Output by an analog splitter, no AD/DA conversion is taking place. The analog signal level is the same as on the instrument input. Useful for reamping or running a second amp in parallel."

    I use it all the time for this very purpose. We don't listen to it but in the unlikely case we are unhappy with the sound in the DAW or if we need another, different sound layered on top of the original, the DI track comes out ;)

    Feels like I am again late for a party, just discovered this series from a public radio station in the US.

    They get a band to basically play in their office - interesting. This particular one is with Juana Molina. I love the music with its slightly detuned tone and also I love seeing how they are having fun playing the music. Doing this electronic thing live is not easy so double-props:

    Nicky, that is great. Summer evening, the birds are singing, one is out to a pleasant walk humming the sounds of a root canal ^^

    Getting back to the original topic, I was watching a Karnivool interview and I think they mentioned these guys. Not the most sophisticated music, but to me, this is what energy sounds like - may I present Lightning Bolt:

    They are almost local, so I hope I'll have a chance to see them live.