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    Speaking of addiction.... this Karnivool thing is playing out in a way that now I have a (relatively) really expensive copy of the CD Themata coming my way since they did not have a reasonably priced one on Amazon....

    .... I know I bought the reasonably priced digital Karnivool albums on Amazon too.

    Listening to Sadness while I type this, I really think I should watch politicians talking or cats slipping on ice instead of following this thread, that would be a significantly cheaper alternative :P

    The issues is whether the consumer even wants a valve in the first place.


    I am too lazy to take a pic of my electronics workbench but trust me, there is a prototype circuit with a 12AX7 and I even have a Nixie power supply hooked up to it running 200+V. (I am too lazy to put a warning sticker on this, so just told the kids, don't ever touch anything on the table:) )

    I love tubes (valves), I read and mostly understood ValveWizard's valve preamp book. (Great book, highly recommended.)

    Here's the thing I realized. My son, who plays the guitar and is 12 just does not care. First, I was upset, then I realized, I am the obsolete one. ;)

    Our kids will not have the attachment to super-analog asymmetric (read the book) sounds like I do. And this is right. I was fooling around with my son and after recording realized that a free VST plugin can do better than most amps you could realistically get access to.

    First, I was sad, then the post about Victory selling their amp profiles (for Kemper) for peanuts made me very happy. This really is the future, and this is about workflow. Also I bet a lot of people were super pissed with Henry Ford when he replaced their horses with something that did not shit all over every street. :P

    I am sorry, I was not following very closely but are back to using an actual MIDI controller and going MIDI Thru to the 2nd Kemper?

    If yes, I would suggest basically starting with identical Kemper configs. (Backup 1, restore to 2.) Then switch out the amps / cabs of the performances on the 2nd Kemper to your liking while keeping the stomps.

    Then if you do not have an external MIDI controller, you could try from just a laptop, if you are on Windows, MIDIOX works great, you'll just need a USB - MIDI cable.

    Edit: I just saw that someone posted a screenshot of Ctrlr. That looks pretty good too, and a bit more modern than the perfectly working but 8 year old Midiox :)

    Nice, looks like it has nice anti-water protection from the bottom and also, I have to say that angle of the DI box against the cardboard box is very photogenic :P

    Also, big props to the guy who designed the enclosure, somehow I never realized looking at this on the web, but it totally looks like a mini Profiler!

    I apologize in advance to @G String for it but this most excellent thread could be make even better by:

    1) Having all these recommendation summarized in the original, first post,

    2) Being able to have links to these Rig Exchange rigs.

    For me it is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of everything and if I could just copy&paste from the original post into Rig Manager directly, it would make things much easier.

    Sorry about being a lazy azz ;):P

    Certainly 7 years is a lot of time for "computer" hardware, so today a phone can probably do for what 7 years ago you needed a big beefy server. So even Kemper has to be ahead of the technology wave - as shown by that Overloud VST thing.

    Speaking of the video above, if a phone app could do say 10% of what the Kemper does with a USB guitar cable and its headphone jack, that would be pretty interesting. Imagine in-app purchases for the different profiles, the whole phone-software business model.

    I would say that in general (guitar or bass) if you can record DI, always do.

    So that when that inevitable time comes when you just played a song or part perfectly but you just don't like the tone, you can re-amp! ;)

    And for bass re-amping for a 2nd track/sound/profile is always a good option.

    I watched Carbon Based Lifeforms (I think it was them) do a full live show on what appeared to be an iPad.

    It was a bit much for me as far as performing music live is concerned but definitely could not deny that technology to make electronic music came a long way :)

    You probably already have a pair of something similar...

    I used these for situations when only a left (or right) signal was present. These are switchable to mono and also you can adjust the level individually on the left and right ears:…-Microphone/dp/B00UVVGRGY

    With these you could keep everything the same on the Kemper and set the headphones to mono and adjust L/R as you'd like.

    Not the best quality headphones but for the purpose they work just fine.

    Well, I think they should always have the "previous version" also available for download.

    I do have the 5.5.2 relase : Kemper Profiler OS Release. This is the one running on our Kemper.

    I don't think I can upload as an attachment as it is ~ 8MB but I could email to you probably.

    He could be looking to hire a few software geeks and start making VSTs for his awesome amps. Sell (license) those for a bunch of money.

    Look what happened to Tower Records, Blockbuster, etc. Now Netflix and Amazon video are making a killing streaming things. Times and technologies change.