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    You can only import impulse responses into the preset area. In Rig and Performance areas the function is greyed out.

    However, there is a sound issue. Some users reported that imported impulse responses don't sound correctly and different than those transformed via Cab Maker. This is being worked on. It's on the list for the next beta.

    Oh yes, indeed. My bad for not paying enough attention!


    Good news for me, Windows 8.1.

    Editor loads properly now. It is a MASSIVE improvement of controlling the kemper, especially for delays and reverbs!

    Urgent problem: Changing the chicken heads isn't displayed in "real time". When I click and drag the knob, the mouse dissappears+ knob is not moving. Afterwards the knobs jumps to whatever position i dragged the mouse to. I have to guess what value will come out after my adjustment. (Do you get what I mean?)

    How do we switch cabs? Also on Mac Load Impulse Response option is greyed out.

    But this editor is top notch!!!!!

    Thank you Kemper

    I can't import IRs either. The option is greyed out and it isn't possible do drag IRs directly into Rig Manager.

    Hey ho,

    Windows 8.1 64 Bit

    installed the OS and this morning the OS 7.1.7

    My Editor screen looks like the picture below, and I can reproduce an Error Message by clicking on "Windows".

    Sometimes(!!) Kemper tries to synch rigs, but the screen never changes.

    Redownloaded and -installed a couple of times, doesn't seem to help.


    Just to be sure... did you compare a profile of an AMP with it's real counterpiece (same equalizing ect?)

    The best way to find out if there is an issue with the kemper would be to make a profile of an amp you own and compare these two.

    Now you are just playing the profiles of other people and every DI-profile sounds bassy/blanket-like, right? So perhaps you just like your distortion sound to be very bright/harsh in comparison to other people? But I guess this isn't really the problem here because you said the clean sounds are okay. Weird.

    Is the sound of your (tudio/merged)profiles alright when you record them?

    Hey ho.

    Wie sieht denn deine Abhörsituation aus, sprich Gitarrencab, Monitore, FRFR Box?

    Ich kenne das auch von Leuten die einfach nicht in den Kopf kriegen, dass der Kemper eben nicht 1:1 so klingt wie der Amp an einer Gitarrenbox im Raum, sondern wie die Aufnahme selbiger durch ein Mikro und ihn deshalb künstlich/dumpf/dünn ect finden.

    Denen fehlt der Wumms und der "krätz"(>offenheit?) wenn der Kemper nicht an einer Gitarrenbox dranhängt und im Raum gehört wird.

    Aloha Monkey_Man.

    I tried some of your stuff. A major(!) step forward was to high pass the DI track! Now all the muddiness is gone and i get a round, but well defined low end and a good attack. I'm just still confirmed about the mids and the grit, but this will be jut a matter of time, trying and learing.

    I will try 2) and 5) net week. My ears are to tired today.

    I'm getting closer to what I want. Thanks a lot!

    Hey all,

    thanks for your replies and advices.

    The bass plays quite fine and I get string buzz only when I hit the E-string very, very hard.

    And thanks to your advice I know that this is exactly one aspect of the sound I want to get: I really have to hit the strings hard. I'm not used to this at all.

    This is exactly what I do. I'm a guitar player who fakes it on bass. I've actually had pretty metal good bass tone success using guitar amp profiles. What you could try is find a guitar profile that is medium gain with low mid content, go to the amplifier button, then blend in the direct mix to taste, maybe 7. Then crank the gain until it sounds heavy. Then take an extra cable from the Kemper direct output and record that too (Low pass that track really low, maybe 4-500 hz) As finally wrote- no reverb on bass, except maybe for a special effect.

    I will try this today, the idea of using a guitar amp never came to my mind. Thanks for this idea.

    First of all you need a different bass. EP TB is too far from Jason's sound. You need an active bass, best if fitted with active EMG and fresh strings. Than a parallel path with clean compressed sound + slightly dirty SVT and you should get pretty close.

    Yeah, but another bass is no option at the moment. The next few items I want to get are a midi pedal, another guitar and then a bass.

    So I have to make a compromise between imitating the sounds i want and blend it with the sounds I get. Perhaps, this will be "my" sound.

    But thanks for the info that I don't try to hard to get to Jason's sound, because my bass just can't do this. Takes a little bit of "stress" from my mind =)

    I indeed realized that I come closer to the sound when blending in the DI track with a mid-heavy, extremely compressed SVT profile. But I will try again today and see what will happen.

    Hey there dear swarm intelligence,

    I'm on the hunt for an awesome bass tone for recording. The problem is: I'm a guitar player and I don't have a clue what is goin outside of my 6-string world.

    My favorite sound would be the one from Jason Newsted on Metallica's Black Album. Let's ignore the fact that it impossible to recreate a 100 percent.

    In my opinion the soudn is not boomy. It is more like a deep, gnarly, slightly distorted one that blends awesome with rock/metal guitars.

    I already learned that he used Ampeg SVT and a lot of mids to get the attack from the pick and not too much lowend. But I failed miserably at recreating this sound. Which profile comes at least close to that ?

    FOr bass distortion, should I use a distortion stomp or gain up the amp itself?

    I tweaked a couple of profiles to absurdity and wasn't happy. But I did not try to try out differend cabs yet and I need a starting point.

    I already thought about this recording process, but haven't tried it yet:

    1. a defined bass tone with not too much mids to get the right amount of ooomph

    2. recording a second, distorded midrange sound to get the "gnarly" distorted part

    3. blend in a DI sound of the bridge pickup to get the trebly pick-sound blended in.

    But as I said: I'm clueless to bass sounds and I want to go the kemper way: just pick the right profile and be happy.

    And I had start to get the feeling that the reverb sound is really important too. I neglected that complety for my bass playing until now.


    of course the Kemper

    Yamaha Hs7 monitors

    Shure 840 closed Headphones

    Sadly, my bass is a cheap Epiphone Thunderbird


    Thanks to everyone =)

    I am really exited by the Kemper! Unbelievable useful tool.

    You can keep your coconut ;) German guy here.

    I don't know why, but the aloha is my common "internet hello".

    I will try to keep an eye on this "ago" thing, thanks for pointing that out.

    Hey there,

    I'm not a completely new Kemper owner, I got it since about 4 months and thus should be beyond the honeymoon phase.

    Most of the times I played it through a HiFi System, my trusty Blackstar HT5 or Headphones (Shure SRH840, AKG240).

    I was never really the AMP-in-the-room guy because I thought guitar amps are sounding rather harsh and picky in the highs, but if you record them with a mic you get these really smooth and juicy tones that you hear on the records. No finally i'm able to get this at bedroom level or friggin loud, no matter where I am.

    I thought this coudn't get any better.

    I was wrong.

    Yesterday...I bought my first pair of studio monitors: I compared the KRK RP5+6, Yamaha HS5+7 and some others that I forgot about. The Yamaha Hs7 are the winners. In this pricerange they were the least boomy and most analyticly monitors. And boy, does the kemper sound f**** awesome through them. I just can't get enough!:love:

    God, these delays...It is just insane. *brain explodes*

    Now a lot of profiles got SO MUCH better! My headphones just coudn't produce this neutral sound that the Kemper needs.

    I'm blown away.

    My next steps is a midi control pedal. I can't wait to use the Kemper in it's full abilities.

    Best regards!:)