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    Also It depends a lot on the style of music you play. Do you know great jazz chords voicing? Things like that. Coz if you play power chords on a clean sounds for instance yes its gonna sound strange and not very exciting.

    DennisJ if it's as simple as turning it up or down for you then I imagine your sounds leave a lot to be desired, but if you get instant satisfaction then more power to you.

    This is rude. First you know nothing about me and my music so you can't judge badly and underestimate it just because you are not happy with what I said to you. I adjust the volume on every rig according to the song (or a part of the songs with 4 different rigs or more) and I SAVE IT . Thank you....

    Record the tube amp and then record the Kemper and you will see that the Kemper is as good

    You confuse the speakers of the tube amp and the speakers of your sound system. They will never match

    But listen to a Kemper an a tube amp on your sound system speakers after a recording

    or live in the PA

    the kemper is even superior

    but dont compare on different speakers .... its ridiculous

    Its easy to put just a little touch of reverb . I can't believe you cannot do that????????

    . Start form 0 reverb and then add just a little touch TURN THE BUTTON SLOWLY. I don't want to be rude but I dont know what to say that dont look plain obvious . For me it's like reading : my rig volume got problem either the volume is too high or the volume is too low. Then the answer is turn the button til you smile and I dont wanna answer other than that and pretend it's a complex question that needs expertise . It's not that kind of question. So good luck and please dont insult me I really try to help

    I got the beta version. It works like a charm. I heard rumor (not the Fleetwood mac album) but i heard rumors that the new official update got problem with Windows 7 . Is this true. Coz I got W7. I got shows soon , got great rigs and adjustment. Why would I install the new updates anyway ? Is there more reverbs? And if this rumor is true it could be catastrophic... Any suggestions?

    I just received my Kemper today, and I am trying to use it with headphones, but I am not hearing any sound come out. The input settings seem to be working because the tuner is functioning normally, so I don't think that is the issue. I have tried manipulating all the volume settings that I can access (the Rig Volume + all the volume settings in the output menu) and I still do not hear anything. Do I need a special type of headphone jack to have my headphones work with the Kemper? I am currently using the same type of jack that goes into an iPhone 6S. Having spent over an hour and a half looking for any advice, reading the manual, or tweaking things on my own, I'm getting really frustrated since nothing is working. I would greatly appreciate any help or advice.

    This problem is very strange . Actually it should work easily without any adjustment and without reading the manuel , I mean it's ''plug and hear'' . As The Kemper is rarely the problem I will dare to ask you, are you sure those headphones works? Are they broken? Did you try to simply plug them in another piece of equipement (console cd or dvd player anything thing to confirm that those headphones works ??? I got 4 pairs of headphone here I just plug them one by ne and it works in the Kemper and I NEVER adjusted anything. So it should be simple . If it's not simple like that either the headphone or the plug output of the Kemper is broken

    I need to know how to do a REAL factory reset that will make my Kemper seem like I'm just now taking it out of the box for the first time..

    Meaning I don't just wanna blank all the settings ... I also want it to retrieve all factory presets and nothing more.

    I did the "start while holding soft button 1" thing but all it did was erase everything... it did a full reset but restored no presets.

    This is not alarming as I did make a backup on an USB stick before hand.

    But I do not understand why the reset would not put back the initial Factory presets when in the menu it says that is what is gonna do.

    This is rude to come here in the middle of another thread and disregard the post to start YOUR own thread in the middle of a conversation. Yes thats rude. So have manner s and start your own thread from scratch next time

    I encourage you to get rid of that situation. Find a way to buy a house . Thats what I did . It can be a small house and rent are expensive anyway. So free yourself , buy a house and never be bothered by anyone if you wanna play at 2 o clock in the morning. Free yourself and make good music . There is always a solution to that, so find it and do it and say FY to those neighboursm trust me it feel so good to say that when you leave. I still feel the joy of it after 10 years

    The week before in Cologne I used my TwoRock-Combo and a small pedalboard during an opener-job, because I didn't want to bring my whole Kemper-Rig along.

    The Sound was ok but the step-dance on my pedals was really annoying.

    With the profiler it's so comfortable to change from a thick, overdriven delayed lead Sound to a funky twangy rhythm Sound with a flick of a Switch while simultaneously singing the Chorus.

    I really wondered how I managed this years ago !

    Same here I will never go back to carry tube amp and a big pedal board again. I wanna have fun playing and changing sound quickly . It was so annoying to hear that cheap reverb on Fender deville amp. I had to endure it all day

    Below here is what I found in the manual. Any idea what a daisy chain is? I saw in the comment section of a YouTube video from Kemper that said they were planning on adding a tutorial on how to control the Kemper from within our select DAWs, but the video isn't out yet. I'm just trying to make sense of what the manual says about it, but I'm still confused as to how to set it up. Any advice is appreciated. Should the midi cable be plugged in to midi-out on the KPA and then in to my soundcard midi-in followed by setting "UI to MIDI" in System Settings?

    I bought the Kemper to get rid of all the gadjets , midi sync etc. So when i record a Kemper guitar track on my DAW (which is full of instruments VST and midi also Real instrument voices loops real drum all the plug ins in the world so... when it comes to the kemper I do 2 things : 1- PRESS RECORD 2- I PLAY thats all I start over til I get it right . I dont want any midi connection on my Kemper and you know what? It sounds really good

    I bought Kemper in 2014 I dont think i have played my tube amp live one single time since!!! I have realy lovely Koch Multitone, but its a lot easyer to carry the Kemper and DXR, and it sound fantastic live with all my guitars and Accoustics, including Mandolin and Dobro!!

    Well but now for me I carry Kemper FOR THE SOUNDS!!!! not for the ease it is to carry. Coz even if in theory Kemper was heavy and amp were light , I would choose the Kemper. I got more sounds and it's ready to use. It was a nightmare to use that Fender Deville with a cheap reverb on it. And I dont play distortion sound so I dont sound all the same as distortion user does without any musicality most of the time. I mean I play music with chords I play clean with a bit of precise effects (reverb delay chorus etc) depending on the song. Its all there ready to play