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    The latency that I'm aware more often are musician that are not tight with the metronome as they don't practice enough !!! That's a big problem

    ''Quality in sound is my main priority.''

    We all think the same thing but our bank account restrain us all. LOL (Bank account is always a priority before the sound quality) But, exceptionally, if money is no object for you the choice is easy for everything. I'd be a multi millionaire I'd get the best sound quality in town I can promise you that

    To answer the quetion for me its Kemper plus cab for monitoring and the rest is engineer problem . BTW you wont get a definite answer on internet. Go and rent a Kemper try it out and then decide

    I am an expert with Cubase and studio . But when i go live I dont want make it complicate I just play and change rigs sounds THAT'S ALL . PS: btw a delay sounds better when it's not exactly based on the beat , just a bit beside. My 2 cents

    Yes it was a practice and there was a tube amp available when you rent the studio (tube amp Fender Deville ) so instead of carrying my Kemper The drum was available the keyboard so the guys came without their personnal equipment so I thought well... I will play clean on the Fender amp and just bring my guitar. So I tried to get a good clean sound... I put the reverb at 10 coz we couldnt hear it. A cheap reverb sound (nothing to compare with our good new beta reverb on the Kemper of course) I missed all my Kemper tones my rigs... my choices to get many sounds on each songs. SO I missed it. I played well and it sounded good but not fantastic

    Try to think larger than noise problem= my Kemper

    It can be a ground loop, it can be a problem with the output of the guitar, the pick up, the way you are connected with your computer. For the Kemper well first there is a noise gate you can adjust that you can adjust the input level that .... I had a groud loop before I just switched the AC plug and it was solved. SO you need an open mind try to isolate the problem and yes don't hook up on your computer before you test the Kemper without USB or whatever. Change guitar ... try another on from a friend If the noise is still there then its not the guitar... Test and ISOLATE the problem. And keep you mind open instead of thinking ''its a Kemper noise problem''. Try to think larger and think the problem can be something else too... Good luck. BTW for ground loop it exist product to get rid of that just google it

    DennisJ wrote “ 3 note and a bend and a vibrato at slow speed is not a miracle... ”

    There is a big difference between reproducing something that has already been done, and creating it in the first place. ;)

    It's not my point , I respect the composer but again his tone is incredibly good , it's easy to play 3 notes, to get a decent vibratp, a good bending technique, just like him but yet we won't sound like him coz the TONE and equipement is fine tuned with a lot of experience and money and refinement.... In other words I can play the damn tune as well as him but i wont sound like him , and in that case it,s not the fingers... I mean he plays 3 notes slowly and it sounds super... its the tuning of the equipement and you wont make me believe it.s all in the finger no way.... he had special pickup made for him especially and even the big muff were improved especially for him... I mean this guy had engineer and tech working for him... not me and probably not you !!!! I hope I am clear this time

    It's incredible how thos guy (Gilmour ) can play 3 notes and sound wonderfull. Looks like he really dig deeply into tone search and improvement. Of course he got tons of equipment and the ''money'' (no pun intended) to buy it ... He got great techniques but I am pretty sure that if we could try his equipment we would sound pretty close I mean 3 note and a bend and a vibrato at slow speed is not a miracle... we all can play his solos but he got his sound better than many of us for that style

    A lot of things can go wrong in a concert and not only a noise with the Kemper, Something you don't expect like... a musician that is late, a spotlight falling on your head (it happened to michael jackson after all) so if you think you are able to know in advance you're wrong!!! And the Kemper is not the only device that can make big noise on a concert I hear a lot of feedback and noise with others too. So the only thing to do is to hope for the best and be courageous , stand up and be strong

    I run into both situations using my fender but I’d say more so the amps than the effects. I can get ok clean tones but metal tones definitely stink. What effects come on the Kemper? I’d be interested in reverb, delay, chorus, compressor, and wah (assuming you can hook an expression pedal up to control the wah). Is there a foot switch you can use with the Kemper to change from one profile to another And to turn on/off effects? thanks!

    Why don't you start by listening to hundred of demos on you tube? It will answer your question about wah and fx.... Search on Google too

    I need to do a solo in the style of ''Confortably Numb'' (Gilmour)

    Do you suggest a rig in RE (or a commercial rig) to sound close to that ...

    I usually play jazz and clean sounds so I don't know how to achieve that

    I tried but in one side I sound too heavy and distorted... or... too clean... I dont have that beautiful singing sustain... need your help as I don't usually play lead

    Thanks a lot