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    Well it's important to get the point of view of everyone here, sp please dont shut up. It's interesting to read different ideas, it help to improve and get a larger view... I don't pretend to be right (may be 50% as we talk about percentage LOL )

    Ok I got your point, the overall result . Well that's cool. My point was also to help those listening to commercial rigs... thinking : wow I wanna buy that sound. But LOOK AT THE SUHR GUITAR HE GOT ON THE DEMO THAT WORTH 3000$ and dont be suprised if you buy this Kemper rig it and sounds different and less exciting. Dont be suprised if you dont sound that good with your unadjusted 250$ cheap guitar. It's not a sample bank that you bought that sounds the same on every keyboard ... ;-)

    I guess my question is, those of you who make records with your Kemper and then tour those records, do you make separate copies of each patch and tweak them for a live setting? I'm sure there is no easy answer to this. Just thought I'd ask and learn from some of you more experienced Kemper users.

    Well it will never sound the same as the recording (can be better or worse but not identical ) so just use the same patch ... and I hope the success of your show doesn't depend entirely on the guitar. If there is a good singer (male or female) and especially an attractive signer (charisma , good look, sexy one) or at least very good voice (think of the best singer you know) this will grab 80% of the audience attention so your Kemper tone is not as important as you think, for the audience it's even a detail . So in short just use the same rigs than the recording and stop thinking that the world turn around you

    I'm gonna say it's 80% the player and 10% each for the guitar and amp/effects. 😀

    You dont get my point at all !!! I am not talking about the music or musicality. But about the tone we get from the Kemper . The basic tone we get before we start to play music... Many think its like a keyboard linked to a sample banks .... and that a rig sounded the same from all guitar. I just insist in saying that the tone we get is 50% guitar and 50% Kemper... it's not 100% based on the rig we buy or exchange. It depends 50% of the quality of your guitar ... If I take a rig and switched guitar I dont get the same sound at all ... with the same rig. Get it?

    hello folks! I got a stereo cab and I wonder if there is a way to run my whole pedalboard into the Kemper stereo ( bigsky L/R out into kemper-stereo to the cab)

    I want my pedalboard to be flexible and using it also mono sometimes.

    any ideas how I could achieve this?


    ( any ideas how I could achieve this?) SOund strange to me that you got a Kemper plus a BigSky and need advice to plug them together. Its not rocket science for a pro like you... Effect send and return in the back of the Kemper. I mean guys... we dont even need to read the manual to do that , but to ask the Forum for that ... its ABC

    Agree. It's not a magic device, even if it's close. It could even be more than 50% the guitar.

    I walked away from it for the evening and came back the next day. I just happened to pick up my OTHER mockingbird to test it out and... hot damn, it sounded good again. So it looks like my black bird has either a pot, wiring or pickup issue. The gold top doesn't. The pickups are not identical, but they're close enough that it shouldn't have made a huge difference between them.

    Interesting story... thanks

    A lot of people forget that the Kemper is not a sample module that sounds the same with every keyboard player. It doesn't apply with the Kemper. Here your sound depends a big part on the guitar you use. Love that demo with this guy with a fantastic rig library? You buy it and you realise it doesn't sound the same ? Well did you forget that he use a $2500 guitar and you use a 250$ one . You didn't buy a sampler library for guitar dude you bought rigs. Your tone 50/50 between the guitar and the Kemper. (Of course your taklent as a player but I'm talking about the tone you get here basically) So if you don't believe me , make that test use a rig, a rig that you use a lot, and record a part then get many guitars (friends or whatever) and record the same part again with the same rig. Then take a break and listen to everything later on.... Then you'll realise that I am right : Good sounds depends 50% on the guitar you use and 50% on the Kemper !!!

    As for the volume problems, can't you just trade in your neighbors for a better model? :)

    Duncan, many things very serious can happen with a frustrated neighbors. Dont joke about it. I had one that came with a gun in my face coz I was playing too loud.... Your light sense of humour disappear quickly when you got a cannon gun on your nose dude . Dont make joke about it

    You are giving the idea that the Powered versions are not possible to use with an external amp, wich is not the case. The Powered version is everything that the unpowered version is, but you have a power amp. You don't loose any connectivity at all.

    Yes right. But I wont pay for an amp I dont use. So my best move was to pay for The Kemper first , unpower, then buy what I need for amp (and still be able to sell it later and upgrade. That was my plan

    I bought unpowered to be able to upgrade my amp and cabs after . Stereo is not that important for me but to be stuck with an amp is

    Update: The rabbit hole continues...

    Been messing with this thing on and off for a couple of days and still can't figure out how to wire everything to work like I want it to. All I want to do is A) hear my computer audio out of the monitors and B) hear my guitar out of the monitors at the same time to play along. Since I can only use one of the monitor's inputs (XLR or TRS) at a time, my thought was the Behringer UMC404HD would be more than enough to route everything properly. But after plugging/unplugging a million times, I still haven't found the right combination. I don't even know if I have the right cables or not (and I have a LOT of cables). Here's the interface.…hringer-u-phoria-umc404hd

    I think your problem is you confused your interface and the Kemper. Here is my advice: learn to use the interface WITHOUT the Kemper... Exemple plug a mic on th interface record your your voice Doest it work? If the answer is no ... figure that out... Now plug a guitar a bass or a guitar whatever in your interface? and record the way you want to do Does it works? no? figure it out find solutions? Ah allright now it works???? Ok fine plug the Kemper now....

    Get my point, isolate your problems !!!!!

    I’ve used this arrangement on about 20 gigs, with the DXR10 standing on a chair.I had previously used it with the DX on its side, but without rubber underneath it, it vibrated off the chair.

    With the rubber feet on the bottom of the DX, it is very steady and doesn’t move.

    The platform is basically a piece of scrap aluminium and some rubber foam that I screw to the DX handle. A home made strap goes under the platform and secures the KPA to it with tie wraps used as loops.

    Works very well for me, even on a crowded stage and it puts the KPA at the perfect height.

    You got the look ;-) LOL But not for me as it send the message : I had enough money for a kemper but now don't ask me to buy anything more, even a stand , I'm broke