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    I'd really wait for a more stable release if you plan to gig or even rehearse

    Well I disagree on that. It works like a charm , its very stable and it make you sound way better ... I will never come back to the old reverbs , even if you pay me to do that

    If your sound clip you really need to fix that as quick as possible. A pro musicien never clip Check the input level first and your guitar volume adjust that first. And take the time , many hours if needed, to experiment , read the manual, and concentrate on that big problem. Clipping make you sound like an amateur, avoid that if you want to work in this business. It's not acceptable Period

    I need to experiment on midi, and on loops, but for me the Kemper is only a device to get good sounds and play with a band, without gadgets. I let the keyboard player play the loops if needed but I am out of this thank God... I just play and change my sounds , my rigs and use an expression pedal . But its live no synchronisation from my part... I'm so fed up with that. I concentrate on playing well to make the band sounds very good

    That's what I'm talked about in my topic in the Rig Manager Forum. That doesn't work. More people have trouble with that.

    It works perfectly well here. Its hard to conclude that ''it doesn't work'' I agree that it doesn't work for you You are doing something wrong obviously. And people that cannot install the reverb complain more on Forums... the other are playing those wonderfull reverbs instead So.... Take your time... Try again

    But honestly the new reverbs are very good and even if its Beta , you should rush on it . After all many complained coz they waited so long , now I hope you installed it . You will love it guys

    Well I really don't think there is only one way to answer those questions. You got your truth I got mine and I am sure every Kemper user could answer differently. So to help newbies and give them perspective , here are my answers...

    Question 1: Should I get the powered version?

    Not necessarely. If you record in studio mostly you'll be fine with different output behind the Kemper. If you make shows you can plug yourself directly on the PA and get the monitering on the stage like the others... But if you are like me you will buy a great cab (the best you can find)

    Question 2: Is it worth it to buy it now as this thing is getting 'old'? Is it better to wait for a Kemper 2?

    Life is too short to wait .

    Question 3: Why is it so expensive? Is it worth the money?

    The price is faire plus... a bit expensive. A cie cannot survive without profits

    Question 4: What is purecab?

    Just turn it off

    Question 5: How about the output section?

    You got everything you need spdf etc

    Question 6: Different kind of profiles? My preference.

    I just buy commercial profiles and take many on RExchange. Got no time to profile amp.s In short, I don't even want to see an amp around me for the rest of my life. Is it clear enough?

    Question 7: So what about the EQ and Gain on the Kemper?

    We EQ everything in studio right or in live performance? Same with the Kemper

    Question 8: Are the effects any good?

    I love the new beta reverbs a lot. The rest is OK. But if youre in love with some of your old pedals just keep it and plug it on the Kemper (front or in send retun behind , your choice)

    Question 9: How does it feel to play the amps? Responsiveness and volume knob

    Well I'd say its up to you to play a great part , depending on the style of music. If its jazz you'll get great clean sounds... if it's heavy metal well I don't play this style so I cannot tell. But if you want overdrive distortion you'll get it

    Question 10: Are Commercial Profiles better?

    Question of personnel taste . My favorites profiles are the one I bought yes , but I tweaked them to fit my needs. Same thing with Rig Exchange you can find gold over there but again, I fine tune it coz And dont forget that your sound depends also on the guitar and pick ups , not only the Kemper. It is not a midi keyboard with samples.

    Question 11: Is tweaking required to get a good sound?

    For me: YES !!! and I tweak a lot and save it on Rig manager

    Question 12: Can I run 2 Amps within the Kemper?

    I bouht the Kemper to get rid of my big amp and transportation. Free at last... Next question

    Question 13: Can I use the same effects (in the Kemper) for all rigs?

    I use different effects and levels on every single rigs plus an expression pedal

    One wish I have with the new setup (reverb and delay can be any FX slot) is that when you hold the reverb to bring it into focus, it should still bring up your reverb menu FIRST.

    Well it appears quickly just turn the browse button (not type) Hope it helps PS every new reverb starts by REV

    Here is a reference hope it helps I am working on it right now:

    How to import reverb presets

    Presets cannot be imported via Rig Manager™! Please perform the following simple steps to import reverb presets into your KEMPER PROFILER™ via USB stick:

    You will need to use an empty USB memory stick in order to transfer the files from your Mac or PC to the PROFILER. When you connect a USB stick for the very first time, the PROFILER will format it to ensure maximum reliability.

    The next step is to copy either individual preset files or the complete folder “New Reverb Type Preset Pack” into the folder “Shared” of your USB stick. Make sure the folder is not zipped.

    Select “USB Stick” and import on the PROFILER. A message on the display will confirm that Rigs/presets have been imported successfully.

    If you now bring an effect module into focus and turn the BROWSE knob, an alphabetic list including all effect presets in your browse pool including the new reverb presets will appear. The names of the reverb presets start with the three-letter acronym “REV”. Each of these presets loads one of the new reverb types with particular parameter settings, which illustrate some of the new impressive possibilities.