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    "With any luck it'll help put a lid on your real-amp GAS" - Indeed, because men display similar restraint when offered beer, or propositioned by women.... :) lol

    I have just checked out this piece of gear online. Looks & sounds very nice. We live in times of very talented folks designing all these amp simulators.

    If I did not already have an Atomic Amplifire as a spare unit, I'd have just ordered one of these....

    Women can't resist shoes; Me? I have terminal G.A.S....... :)

    It really 'is' down your own perception of getting the sound you are content with. I don't personally share your view of the Pod sounds, but that's only my choice. I'm older than the original poster, and raised on 70's & 80's guitar sounds. My personal preference is a Mesa Boogie, or Engl sound on my Kemper, or a Friedman sound on my Atomic Amplifire. I have a 1000 watt QSC monitor onstage, and can get traditional feedback when I desire it. I plug straight into the desk. I get the same sound (with all my digital setups) as I would if I took my valve amps out. Trust me, there's no way you'd know I was not using a valve amp live :)

    I'm 100% happy with my set up, but you have to do what makes your ears and brain content! :)

    you have to check how many milliamps are needed from every unit you want to power

    count them together then you know the milliamps which your new supply should be able

    to produce

    If you don't mind, I'll run the details passed you, when I have received all the pedals. Possibly you could advise me on my best course for a supply. Thanks in anticipation of your advice, digbob.

    I would recommend that you look into Voodoo Labs power supplies as well. It will save you a lot of ground loop and noise chasing grief down the line.

    Used them on my Pedaltrain board before the Kemper.

    Is there any issue with the different brand of pedals, with regard to the varying Milliamps?

    I know they're all 9 volts, but from brand to brand, the milliamps of the original mains transformers differs.

    I'm not an electrical type, so I don't know.


    Yes, I'll check the comparisons out. I have no issue with my Kemper's effects, I just like getting gear and messing about with it. I sold my Axe FX ii, and had no qualms doing that, but the Kemper will always be with me.

    Some gigs I use my Kemper, and others I use an Amplifire. As I say, I just like gear. :)

    Let us know if you think the Strymon delay and verb is really any better than the Kemper's.

    OK, so I was bored, and wanted some more gear.

    I have ordered the Strymon Big Sky, Timeline, and Mobius and Eventide Pitch factor. I just like class gear :)

    I could Google forever, but does anyone else have anything like this, and can suggest how to connect the three pedals, and in what order. I also use an Atomic Amplifire 3 sometimes, so I 'd be connecting this lot to the send & return jack inputs.

    Also, does anyone have any knowledge of building a pedal board with a pedal train, or whatever they are?

    What would I need to mount this lot on?

    NO, I'M NOT SELLING MY KEMPER, I just enjoy good equipment, and it's my life, so there's the story.

    I often read, both on here, and Kemper FB forums, about people selling their Kemper's and going back to using valve amps & cabs.

    The thought, now, of carrying a 4 x 12 cab and a 100 watt valve amp, after using a Kemper in a rack, makes me feel worn out!... :)

    Now, I'm well past 40, so maybe it's an age thing? That issue, and the fact that folks on Ebay seem to expect to pay peanuts for gear. I won't be selling my amps, or using them. What a quandary....