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    I don't know how well known UK band, 'Magnum' are worldwide, but I can certify their guitarist 'Tony' used both an Engl amp & Kemper on the last album.
    I know that for a fact, as I did backing vocals on one of the tracks, and saw the amp set ups. :)

    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I have looked at past threads, and the Kemper performance Mode tutorial, but I can't see any reference.

    So using an external processor, I have its reverb coming Stomp A, via the mono loop. Ok, that's fine, but does anyone know how I get another effect, delay etc, through Stomp B, using a similar method?
    All the obvious things don't work.

    Thanks folks, in anticipation of an enlightened soul. ;(

    I'd imagine turning them on & off with the Kemper remote will work exactly the same as using/programming the Kemper's stomps?


    I have said before on here, and on a Kemper facebook page. Surely you buy a product for 'what it is now?', and 'not' what you 'assume, want, insist', it may become in the future?
    You bought it for what it does today? I agree with another poster(s) if you prefer another product's set up/way of working etc, then buy one of those. Don't expect kemper to conform with your wishes or desires.

    There really does seem to be an attitude on the internet, that Kemper should match features with its market competitors. It is what it is, and regardless of how long it has not progressed, technically, to your desires, then so what?

    If you go out with a woman, do you try & turn her into a carbon copy of some other woman? If she does not perform in all aspects to your needs, you change her for one that does, not attempt to make her reinvent herself. (PS, if you do 'do' the latter, that's called 'control', and it's not a good trait to have)

    A Kemper is along those very lines. It's perfect at what it does, but if some aspects don't suit you, then find a solution that does.

    For the record, I'm not someone who protects a product's reputation, or defends all opposition, just because it's an XYZ, in this instance a 'Kemper', I simply see somethings merits if it's deserving of such.

    Continuing on the 'audio/sound' enhancement train of thought, I tried this company on a few demos I had done, in pursuit of mastering.

    It's pretty much along the 'aural exciter' - 'sonic maximiser' algorithm route. It actually 'does' make, IMHO, a somewhat marked improvement in sound.
    It's worth a try, as you can listen without buying, and a finished/mastered uncompressed wav is £9.99 GDP/ 12.7064USD/ 17.4466AUD

    I know it's a slight digression, but the theoretics are similar. A 'quick fix' mastering solution.

    I actually did get a TC G Major 2, and it has some really nice delays & reverbs, but the chorus is pretty awful, not a patch (excuse the pun) on the Kemper.
    The TC 'does' add more dimensions to the delay & reverb options, and it fills up that space in a 4 unit rack ... :)
    I can also see the tuner's 'in-tune' indicator easier than the Kemper's, old swine that I am.

    Nice subjective post 'Nightlight', some great points you raised. :)

    Yeah mate, I've supported this idea too 'cause with my terrible eyesight it's much easier to see if a needle is vertical (note in-tune) than whether or not a fuzzy (eyesight) bubble is properly-centred. So...


    I'm so glad there are others of you who have said this. I opened myself to a bit of criticism, when I mentioned on another thread, about the current tuner not being exact enough. I just can't see it well enough, unless I am on top of it, lol. A needle, or red lights left & right, that go to green in the centre, when perfect tuning is achieved. Personally, I linked up a TC effects unit, as I can see when that reaches 100% perfect pitch. Likewise, my Helix's tuner can be seen on the floor, when I am standing up, looking down at it.

    So happy I'm not the only blind swine on here... :)

    "Well, this is just silly. A DAW doesn't come with the KPA, ya know? Not everyone uses one. Not everyone has one. I doubt the majority of Kemper users use a DAW regularly. And even if they what?
    You could say the same for the tuner, but it would be just as damn silly as what you're saying now. I've never had an amp with a built-in strobe tuner, a transpose feature, or any other other amazing features of the is a "Swiss army knife unit" already, what the heck are you on about???
    A metronome would be very useful for those (of which there are obviously many) who use the KPA as an all-in-one sol'ution for all things guitar. And if enough people request it, it makes sense for Kemper to incorporate it. Out of all the stuff you can do with the KPA, a metronome is a bridge too far for you...? I don't get it.
    I think you're the one trying to dumb it down here..."

    A tad of an over reaction, if I may be so bold, but unlike some ultra sensitive folks on here, I don't take it personally... :)

    Well a tuner does seem to go hand go hand with a guitar unit, so yes 'a tuner' is a quite normal addition. A 'metronome 'I'd consider more of a percussion type element, and not firstly a guitarist's tool. Every other aspect of a Kemper is something used 'with' a guitar; effects, tuner etc.

    I don't really know any musicians who 'don't' have 'some' sort of DAW, everyone seems to have access to recording facilities, but excuse me if I got that wrong with my assumption.
    Each to their own though, we can all have our thoughts without enraging someone whose ideas differ...

    Do neither the strobe or bubble do it for you?

    No, I use a TC G2 though the Kemper's effects loop, I just don't think the Kemper's tuner is exact enough .The Helix is better.

    A 'metronome?' Use the one on your DAW. Stop wishing the Kemper to be a 'Swiss army knife unit'. It does what its creator intended it to do, amazingly well. Don't dumb it down to pacify everyone.