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    Have you even told your other half that you have bought the first one?.... lol :)

    A few years ago I had a Mesa Boogie DC5. A superb amp, but after some years I changed it for an Engl Thunder combo. I preferred the sound. Years later, I have a Kemper, and took a trip down memory lane & bought 'Bogie DC5 Essential ChopKProf'. I have to say, not only do these profiles embody the actual amp, they actually sound better! The result is a real lovely gain sound, that is perfect.…files/bogie-dc5-just-play

    Top range Engl gear for sale.
    Bought for a project that never happened. Played through once in the house for 30 minutes. Pristine condition.
    One of the best rock guitar sounds you can buy!
    Engl E650 Ritchie Blackmore Signature 100 watt valve head…/ritchie-blackmore-signature-e650/
    Engl E412 Standard (angled) cab
    Engl Z5 footswitch.

    Average price to buy this set up new - £1924 (GBP), yours for £1193 (GBP).

    Buyer must collect from Liverpool, UK.

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    Welcome!! If possible, profile your own amp before you sell it with the settings you prefer. Should convince you that selling it won't stress you at all.

    Well I took your advice, and profiled my own amp. The event was two fold- firstly I ended up with a cool representation of my Engl Blackmore head. Secondly, and this is almost better than getting a profile.... I found a way of paying my next door neighbours back for all the times their MF alarm has gone off... I'm sure they would have no idea WTF was happening, but the whole process was probably akin to an alien invasion.. lol
    Thank you Mr Kemper :)

    Ok, so I have had my unit for a day or so, and I now have a reasonable grasp on its workings. The one thing I have not yet worked out is - Some professionally purchased profiles have no cab. I could not work out why a few of them sounded awful, until I saw the cab light was unlit. On further investigation, by holding the cab button down, the cab section was telling me it was empty.
    Does anyone know why this should be?


    It probably sounds insane, but I have only bought a Kemper so I can get rid of my Engl Ritchie Blackmore E650 amp & cab. I am purely looking to have 'that' sound in my possession, and free up space in the house... :) I see 'The Amphouse' do a profile, so I am hoping they will have a pretty good representation of the Blackmore amp.

    Ok, thanks. I had not progressed that far yet. Maybe mistakenly I thought an Engl profile would already be good to go, as they say :)

    I see what you mean now, I have just looked in the Rig Manager. Thanks again .

    I have owned my Kemper for just a few hours. I have loaded some profiles, notably 'high gain' amps, from the Kemper 'Legacy pack'. My first choice profile, The 'Angle six fifty' is actually clean when you load it, unlike other profiles which are full of gain, as I was expecting an Engl amp to be. Unlike some of the amps, which are already overdriven, do you need to add your own gain?
    I hope I am explaining myself OK?

    Surely an Engl profile would already be full of high gain, exactly like the 'Engl powerfall Hi Sue' is?