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    We had a discussion about this before, but I believe 412 are more of a novelty than anything, even for high gain and metal. The thing is they are hard to push to levels where you really feel the air on your back (that being honest, its the main mojo from playin a 412), that having one its only justified in very big venues, and even then, most likely you will mic your cab or go front house (which is the kemper main advantage for live IMHO). Looks cool tough.

    Agreed!! 2x 12 is the more practical choice.

    It is definitely a 112 issue, for high gain, I said it before and say it now, 212 is the way to go, or 412 if you can somehow push it. 112 mids sound like a cardboard screaming in most 112 (not all btw) when high gain is used.

    EXACTLY!!! I think the Kab as a 1 x12 along with the imprints is a as good as it gets when it comes to being able to play all different kinds of profiles trhough it, yet responding like a true guitar cab (..not FRFR),all except for the high -gain (modern high gain).The 1 x 12 has it's limitations and gets boxy at louder volumes... So, it looks like a 2x12 with KONE's is the choice, 4x12 if I was made out of $$$..

    I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death... When running a 412 (recto) cab with my powerhead, there is some ice picky harshness that is difficult to dial out. I'm not running through the PA as we just use it for vox and kick drum mic. I'm pleanty loud, and am very familiar with Kemper (Ialos own Boogie & Bogner amps) Using worldclass profiles (not that that should matter..) Michael Britt, STL, CILILAB to name a few..) Using profiles that are done with the same cab I use . It's pleanty loud, but challenging to dial out the (Solid State harshness at significantly loud volume. I've tried extra EQ, but goes from "Ice-picky to a little "dull" , having trouble finding that sweet in-between. Any suggestions? Highgain..similar to Periphery/Sevendust...Aggressive, but not harsh, high gain with clarity...Again, getting the tone & vibe, just want to dial back some of the harshness. I run it through my return of my Mesa MKIV, BOOM!! There it si....I know the Kemper can sound even better, just trying to find that magic button/sweet spot, etc..

    For those who have had "harsh or bright" experience with 5150 profiles, check out Cililabs...LIFECHANGING....big rocking natural organic feeling, yet pleanty of snarl and presence for any hard rock style. (MBritts 5150 profiles are also don't have that "ice picky" thng going on.

    EVH and Engl profiles are pretty awesome. Tom Jimi, M Britt and Cililab profiles are all top notch-pro level and affordable. $50-70 can get you a TON of great profiles with any of these guys. The MBritt profiles are meant to be turned up loud (..i.e. you might have to compensate with brightening up the EQ at low volume..)

    I tried FRFR (along with the other guitar player -100W Marshall tube1/2 stack)..Could not even keep up....The FRFR lacked the "air moving thump" the other guitar player is simply meant for a monitor in this case...I bring the Boogie Recto 4x12, game over. Sometimes, the band says I'm too loud...I run at about 1/3 volume and it is PUNSHINGLY loud and full. EQ settings are much different at band volume vs. bedroom level (duh..), but more tweaking is needed EQ -wise than let's say my Mesa MKiV head (from low to loud volume..) No big deal, as it only took a few minutes to dial it in. I only use 2-3 High gain tones, and some cleans, which were all profiled with the same cab to begin with, so they work PERFECTLY live. I don't understand how someone using a powerhead thru a guitar cab wouldn't be loud enough. If you play in a top 40 band (..covers..) Finding a good guitar cab that will "generally work" for most tones... If you absolutley have to go from Marshall high gain to Fender50's tweed to Diezel Ultra high -gain, and then a plexi,,...Go buy an expensive hi watt PA system to go direct with Kemper... 4 Kones and load up a 4 x 12. Probably the best solution.

    The EVH 5153 50 W El34, Stealth, and Herbert profiles are AMAZING!!! Not only to record with, but live and loud (Using a real recto 4x12 with profiles that are "profiled" with recto cab) ...astounding tones. (high gain) Just using my powerhead with a recto 4 x 12... Just WOW!!!!

    steinweiner - there are some in this clip that are a bit heavy...

    Yes, thank you...This is the only vid out there.. other than Tone Junkies.. The 2 high gain sounds in this clip are pretty good..the other tones are ASTOUNDING... I.just wanted another opinion from someone who specializes in the high gain stuff. Someone else mentioned that they sound even better in person...Kinda seems like a no brainer just to try the Kone in my 1 x12 and see how it does..

    Stupid question/thought. I have a Powerhead...typically run it thru a 1 x12 or recto 4x12 (All V30's)..Primarilly going for high gain tones, BUT...I love the versatile possibilites with the Kab or Kone...Has anyone done high-gain with the Kone/Kab? I've heard all the other clean/bluesy/semi break-up, and some rock sounds, (AWESOME), but just want to hear or hear from someone who is getting Periphery-esque tones (i.e. 5150 III/Stealth sounds..) High & tight! If the Kab or Kone can do it (I'm sure they can..) I may have to at least get a Kone for now.....

    I have all but the 6L6 version (Buying now..) I can personally attest that they are AMAZINGLY good...both for recording and live use. CRUSHING!!