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    steinweiner, I just purchased my stage last week so maybe we are both doing something wrong but this issue is exactly what I encountered when I built my first performance. Since that time I have set it not to autoload so I wouldn't inadvertently have the selected performance slot overwritten but it seems to me I should not have to do that step.

    ...I must have missed this (Sorry if this was already explained..) There is an autoload function? Ahhhhhh this might be the answer...I think this changed with the latest update. I will try it...Thanks.

    ...I just went out, turned on my Kemper..Went to "Performance Mode"..Pulled up a performance , went to a slot of mine that I worked on loaded up..turn the "Browse" knob so a different Profile loads up..I don't hit save,...I scroll to a different slot, then back to the one I was just working on, guess what? The new profile is loaded and saved (in that slot), my preset gone...I turn it off, and back on, go to "Performance Mode", my preset is still gone and now contains the new profile... It is SAVING. Again, my preformance preset slot no longer contains my profile....

    If you edit a Performance on the front panel of the PROFILER, these edits are just temporary until you store the Performance. This also applies to selecting another Rig from the browse pool via BROWSE knob. If you leave the Performance without storing, these edits are lost.

    If you modify a Performance in Rig Manager, changes take immediate effect. This also applies,, if you drag & drop another Rig into one of the Slots.

    I cannot reproduce any exceptions from these rules under OS 7.1.19 and RM 3.0.99 beta.

    Well..that's just does store it without me saving it...That is what is weird..I turn it off, turn it back on, whatever profile I pulled up stays there...So, in short, I don't need to hit save when storing a profile within a slot of Performance mode. The only things that don't save (unless I manually save) are any changes I make to that particular profile, which should be that way...Seems to me that this should be the same for ANY changes I make to a slot within performance mode..It should not be auto saving...

    In performance mode, if I accidentally turn the browse button, it instantly saves whatever profile comes up, , replacing the profile I had worked so hard on (Additional tweeking etc that has been done within the performance...gone!! arghhhh!!!)...There is no "undo" when this happens..Is there a way to "lock" performances and the presets within them? It's frustrating to say the least..

    Hmm..I have the opposite exprerience..I run my powerhead right into a Mesa Recto 4 x12 and it sounds just like the profiles I use (all are profiled through the same cab..) I have to say, even my other profiles (Marshall, Fender, Deiezel, etc..) all sound great through the cab..Although the cab (Vintage 30's) colors the sound (just as any cab does..). Clean and super high gain, everything in between sounds awesome. I have NEVER had any issues that I d=couldn't dial out or in with a little eq. If the Kemper Profile sounds good direct, it should sound good through the cab. So, my suggestion is to find presets or rigs that were originally profiled through the same cabinet you are using. That should clear up a lot of issues... Keep in mind that those tone controls (Treble,Bass,Mid, Presence) are very sensitive and a little goes a long way. And always turn CAB off when running into a cabinent, otherwise it will be over compressed, muddy and fake sounding.

    as Burkhard said, make sure you don’t have your interface set to receive a mic level signal. Some interfaces have a combination input where an XLR cable is always treated as a mic level signal but if you use the jack plug instead it converts to line level. Try running the jack connectors from Kemper to interface.

    I have done 100's of recordings with my previous K Powerhead (My interface uses the combo xlr/1/4" input), and never had this issue...It's most likely what you both reference..I will finally have time to tinker this evening.. The new head has slightly different ways of "getting around" than my previous..That's why I posted..couldn't find these settings...(Must be from the newest update-sounds amazing) I will try what Burkhard mentioned..Thanks guys!

    I do not use the SPDF, I use main out into the front of my interface. The level is too hot...I have the input trim on 1 (normally have it @ 50%/12 noon), but it's clipping. Only if I turn the master volume on 9 oclck (25 %) on ALL presets/profiles..I had a Kemper before (had to sell..bought another) and NEVER had this issue..Is there a setting/global or something Im missing?

    when its shipping ready:thumbup:

    i want to order now:)

    where and when can i do this

    Spoke them at Namm..They said will start shipping in May (which will be the same time they have the software update ready for all the new speaker sims. The cabinet weighs nothing and sounds awesome. They are going to sell a TON of them.

    so to build off this. The manual mentions for the speaker out and monitor out are connected internally. Does that mean I cant plug a powered cab into the monitor out for for the powered model? I know you wouldn't want to plug a frfr into the speaker out so I didnt know if it held true for the monitor out

    You definitely CAN run an unpowered FRFR with the speaker out of the POwerhead..That is the whole point. In this case, you would have the CAB sim "on"....Obviously turned "off if going into a reg guitar cab. It allows you to run almost any type of combination..ANother reason to own a Kemper. : )

    It sounds like the file got corrupted during the downlaod process or your USB memory stick has an issue.

    Not sure, what you mean by "blank thumbdrive". If the USB memory stick has been prepared for use with the PROFILER following our instructions, it isn't blank, but has three folders: Shared, Backups, OS Update.

    Make sure the current OS on your PROFIELR is at least OS 1.8.2. If the current OS is older, 1.8.2 needs to be installed first. This revision is available on our downlaod page under Older Software Versions for this purpose.

    Blank memory stick means "Band new thumb drive"..The thumb drive was faulty..Haven't bought a new one yet as Im up and running and am able to load profiles/rig exchange , etc..Sounds awesome, thanks.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Ivan! I was a former Kemper user, bought many of your packs, had to sell it due to back taxes : ( I was fortunate enough to now get another Powerhead..Still have your profiles, and now going to buy the Stealth 6L6 pack...and some of those IR's...Sound AWESOME and so inspiring!! Thank you than you thank you!

    Using Windows10..Downloaded kaos, put it on a blank thumbdrive..Waited to put it in the Kemper after it was turned on and loaded up..It starts the update, but when it gets to about 50%, it stops, says "Error, cannot update-Contact Customer Support".. I've uninstalled, luck..

    I have submitted a ticket, but haven't heard back yet..Just got it yesterday... It "Sounds" fine, but cannot use rig manager, so can't load up any custom profiles, etc.. There Also seemed to be a bit of sound output volume inconsistency..Like a bad guitar cable (Checked them all..) The volume abruptly cuts in half, then gets loud, then no signal, then everyhtign ok.... It hasn't done it over the last few hours of playing..(I turned the Noise Gate all the way off on the front of the unit..that seemed to help (Playing at bedroom vol..low..) I'm running into a recto cab (Not doing it into my interface..) I wonder if the "Power" section has an issue.. I'm sure Customer Serv will get back to me on Monday..Anyone eles have this issue? This is my 2nd Kemper, never had this problem before.

    Only selling because of back taxes that are due now..ughh/argghhh!!!!!

    Perfectly mint toaster power head and foot controller. Comes with over $200 in custom profiles (M Britt, Cilicab to name a few). Comes with all the original cables/manuals, and boxes. I hope to someday afford another's the best... Heartbroken. $2050 plus $75 freight anywhere in the US.

    I find that distorted rigs have to much compression. I don't refer to just extremely high gain rigs. There are thousands of really god sounding rigs with various gain, but I struggle to find ones that give me distorted sounds and a minimum of compression. I often end up choosing Rig by playability, not the sound quality. Has anyone come up with a way to reduce compression?
    -I mostly use guitars with PAF style humbucker or P 90. Montor out-ISP Stelth- Guitar cab
    /Hans J Umea Sweden

    I struggle with this as I am playing my powerhead through a recto cab, using profiles designed with V 30 and recto cabs..Even usin g "Live ready" profiles...There is a bit of compression that affects the overall dynamics, especially when playing live and loud with a competing 50 or 100w tube head (Boogie MKIV in my case).This is the only area I feel the Kemper doesn't shine (it shines 110% everywhere else).. Playing loud helps, it's usually at low to mid volumes...

    Yeah man, I'm in a Sevendust tribute band, and I've met them a bunch of times and have talked gear extensively with both John and Clint. John is also using a PowerRack. He and I have chatted a bit since we both got them, he's a HUGE fan of the Kemper!

    Is it sad that I'm jealous of you being in a Sevendust "Tribute" band LOL? Lucky you. Huge 7D fan (and Dark New Day) Clint's a huge influence on my/our music...I have an early Boogie MKIV head. We've profiled's pretty close, but missing something ..What profiles are you using? I end up using EVH 5150 III ( Based on a 50W EL34 through recto cab...pretty killer)..

    Oh man... Your health is more important than anything! Don't've already put enough great sounding profiles out to the world for plenty of inspiration. God speed to get better!!!!