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    So this is specifically in reference to using the Powerhaed through a guitar cab (high gain) ..any where from practice to live band full volume... Getting a bit of compression on pretty much any high gain profile I use... It sounds good, just not as dynamic as my Mesa MK IV (I know it will not be exact, but getting close..) Somewhere in the attack of the lower strings,.... ANy suggestions..? I've tried turning the gain down a bit, but that's not the answer... Is this just a characteristic of the type of power in the Kemper?

    Too bad!! Sounds similar to the EVH profiles I purchased, just a bit more "menacing and throaty"....

    It's not a profile, just a quick reamp of some random riffing I did a while ago, with an ESP Horizon loaded with Dimarzio Super Distortion in D tuning and Gibson Explorer Designer Series '84 loaded with Dirty Fingers in E tuning.

    No boost pedal in front of the amp and it's tight enough at least for me. :)

    Ivan!!!! CRUSHING tone!!!! PLEASE find a way to profile up this sound !!!!! Take my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think all of the above mentioned are great (I have most of them..)..I've been absolutely enjoying Cilicabs lately...super cheap and pretty amazing (High gain) Check him out

    Something si wrong. I have a Powerhead (taster) run it thru a Recto 4x2 (oversize)..Crushing. Othe rguitar player uses a 50 w prob keeping up or being too loud. Get a service ticket and get the power section fixed. (ALso try master reset to make sure something weird didn't happen,.)

    I run my powerhead through a recto 4x12, dropped to B tuning.It is CRUSHING!!!! I suggest Clilab for high gain profiles, rediculously good/real feeling and sounding (Diezel,EVH, Friedman profiles are stupidly cheap and amazing. Sounds like you have the basic settings correct...It should sound amazing. Something is wrong.

    This is kinda late to this post but if you're willing to go 2x12 I recently bought a peavey invective cab which is misha mansoors sig cab and it sounds killer with every di and merged profile I put through it. It's a v30 and a 75 watt creamback and they fit each other so well. If you can find one to try out I recomend it

    Yes! I agree 1005..I played through it, couldn't afford it, and really wanted more portablity..

    Oh I would never design my live sound with my cab - unless I was playing live with my cab. I'm just saying it's the best way to play at home and sounds fantastic.

    If I am playing live - I design my sound with my headphones or in ears and it translates perfectly. You can run that sound through a cab to kick you in the pant legs if you want - but I wouldn't expect it to translate very well - and there's also no need for it to if it's just for feel.

    To each his own.. The kemper sounds great direct out into the house mix, BUT as a player, the monitors (same goes with my experience with FRFR cabs like Mission Engineering, Friedman Powered Cab, etc..) just don't have the right "bounce and feel" at loud volumes. The Nearfield studio monitors sound a react great at low volume, but I've never liked the soun(again- feel) through a full range cab. Even forced myself to only play thru pwered FRF cabs, the very moment I plug into a reg guitar cab, boom! There it is! Keep in mind I only use a few tones, all designed and profiled through V30's. so it works for me..obviously will color the sound, and I would probably do FRFR if I was playing in a cover band, etc.. So in short (long), the "feel" for me is just as important as the tone..

    I think it's more about the fact that I haven't had an opprotunity to rock it live @ a show...only used it in numerous rehearsals (i was plenty loud, only vocals and kick drum going thru P.A. Project fell apart, so just been writing , recording, and playing at relatively low volumes.. I most certainly would just go direct out into the house and just use the guitar cab as my monitor..I know it would sound just like it does going direct for recording...

    What I've been using much recently (as an alternative to my DXR 10) is the Nanocab by Bluguitar.

    This is a very nice little light-weight cab with a custom speaker which sounds like a mixture between a Greenback and a V30

    I'm sure this cab sounds great...I had tried numerous cabs that sounded boxy and were out of my price range.. (Bogner 1x2, Ear Candy, Mesa Thiele Cab, etc...) The PRS 1 x12 for the Tremonti ampo is sounds good, a bit boomy..I picked up the Peavey cab for $200 new...To be honest, I would have gladly paid anmlost twice the price..(Which is rediculous as Mesa 4x12 recto cabs around my area go for $350-$375...) I'm sure the Nanocab is killer.

    Sorry, my post was meant for the OP but useful to know :)

    I have only used Kemper's direct tones for recording, at this point. I've done the direct out for live too, but honestly, juyst like the "bounce" of the guitar cab.. since I'm not doing Top 40, I only used 5-6 different tones, all meant for that V30 sound (all of the direct recording I do also incorporated V/30's, except for the occasional Fender Del Rev/Vox sound I use very rarely..) That's one of the main things I love about the Kemper vs other great sounding AXE FX and Line6 modlelers...I don't need a universe's worth of different tones (although nice to have), I want to be able to plug it in to a normal cab and have it work like a regular good ol' amp...Which it does in spades...always had tou use FRFR with the others..Kemper is the best for doing it all...

    I typially run my head thru a 4x12 Recto (oversized V30's), but wanted something smaller and more portable, but still had some "big tone" to it...Long story short, the Peavey 1x12 tweed (V-30) is just killer (especially for mid to high gain profiles) Tight full, great highs without being harsh, and not boxy at all...friggin HUGE sounding...Couldn't b happier..Oh, and the cleans are glorious!! They are super affordable and are really impressive. I had a Crate 1 x12 (100 w Celestian, 1/2 open back...It is such a bad sounding cab that I couldn't even make it sound good with the Kemper...plug in the Peavey cab, BOOM!! Like PB&J!!

    So I recently bought a Kemper a second hand and even tested the kemper with both guitar amp and (genelic) monitors and both sounded amazing! But as soon as I get to home to test it out it sounds realy bad through yamaha hs 7 monitors. The sound is very digital and weak and I have scrolled couple of similiar threats and tried updating the kemper, fixing input and output settings, factory reset, tested different presets(some bought like josh middletons presets) and adjusted lot of high and low shifts. I havent be able to test it with real guitar cab since I dont own sperate powerhead, but problem is the same with headphones.
    So I'm thinking if hs 7 aren't suitable for kemper but some threads disagree so I'm wondering if there is settings that might do something like this
    My Ibanez rgaix7fm goes straight to kemper and from main output to my hs 7. I've also tried to make it go through my ur22mk interface but it doesnt make any difference.

    I would have to agree with you..I have experienced the same thing...Most of the high-gain profiles, whether it be Diezel, Marshall, Mesa, once "eq" similarly (like we all do), even through different cab sims (Orange vs Mesa vs Marshall 1960's), they all have a similar "flavor" if you will,....It's freakin AWESOME tone, but very similar...Some are a little "cleaner", some are more muddy. This being said, the tones are beyond really good , inspiring, etc... Dare I say that I'm having more fun playing thru my Kemper than my Boogie MKIV..? I do!

    Duuuuuuuuuuuude.... I wanted to purchase VH4 Profiles from your site, but I thought there were only Metallica/Hetfield tones on there..??? No offense, but that's not what I'm looking for... The profiles in the above video are where it's at!! Are those on there? I only see the Hetfiled settings...