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    It proves we cannot live more than 24 h without reverb and delays LOL

    Right?!?!?!??! be honest, I felt like something was "off" sonically with the over all tone as well... No biggie...Just like a computer...Sometimes when all else fails, reboot! I need to do a back-up next time (if there is a next time) My Powerhead has been amazing otherwise...I am getting some big crunchy organic sounds live through the cab.....The direct recording tones are stifling!!!

    Sorry.. I haven't backed up anything yet. I guess I should learn how to do that... I'm relatively a new user (6 mos or so..) wasn't in love with some of the performances I set up ...Though I have purchased some amazing profiles, I haven't totally settled on more than a few sounds, so I wasn't too concerned about losing anything due to the reset/reboot. I guess as I build more than a few performances I will learn how to back up. Anyhoo...just glad it's all still there. Sounds killer.

    I am at a loss... SOftware says latest version...The lock button is not activated....the reverbs and delays do not work....When i even turn the effects on and off by depressing the delay or reveb button (screen says off) there is no difference either on or off...Same with lock difference on or off.....Even just trying out user rigs from rig reverb.... Is there a USA customer serv ph number? I sent an email to customer service.

    I run a speaker cable to my recto 4 x 12 cab (Turn cab off for monitor) and main out to my presonus/mac. I play through it quite often for live and recording. I touched nothing, changed nothing...I do not understand what you mean by locked..? I think I will call the customer service #

    thanks everyone...The output is correct...I have not done any updates..It was working flawlessly...It was all of a sudden, no reverb, no delays... I didn't change or touch anything. Also..I had it set where the "CAB" feature is off for the speaker out, but not main out (I play through a recto cab at the same time as direct recording)..This is no longer"Saving" other words, it's not letting me do's either on or off for both.(WTH?!?!?!) ..Again, this was all of a sudden..Nothing was altered or changed..Just turned it on, and I have the reverb or delay on either monitor or main out... I think I will have to contact service and send it in.. bummer.

    Output settings.

    Check your output source for whichever output you are using to hear your Kemper (Monitor Out, main out etc.). The setting should not be Mod, which is where I suspect you have it set right now.

    Guys..I'm having some issues.. These zip files that Ivan sends over are "rar" files...I've purchased before and found free software to convert to files that my Kemper understands, but now, it's not working.... ANy suggetsions? Just using a pc...i.e. I don't know what files to save them as ..I did "MP-3", and it didn't work... Thanks as I am not cumputer savy...

    well there is something like the Kempertone or the Kemperflavour... the amps sound ultra close to the original + the distinctive Kemper sound, stiffer sound less cream, compression and sag and not so dense mids. Let's say the kemper is 95% the original sound and 5% other stuff. Once you hear it is hard to unhear it but still for me there is enough left of the original sound that i like the kemper versions overall.

    But don't hate on the kemper all digital devices have this. Helix has the Low end problem, Axe fx highs, Bias has the gainstructure problem, elevenrack has the dynamics problem ... only because they mimic other tones doesn't mean they have a sound on their own, so yeah. Don't Worry! :)

    This is extremely true..I've owned most of these, and they all have their issues. I typically play my Powerhead thru a Recto 4x12 (turning off the cab) and once I dial in the eq and gain the way I like it,the subtle differeneces between different amps becomes less apparent...I.E. my cab has a "tone" to it that colors whatever I put through it. Recording direct with the cab sims is a whole different story. Fenders sound like Fenders, Marshalls sound different than Friedman, etc.. Thte Kemper does it's own "thing" to the sound a bit..(A bit more compression, sag, sometimes too pristine..etc,,) but I find it's super close to the original...I tend to back off the gain a smidge, roll off the presence, but add treble, and add just a bit of low end to make it not so "perfect"..(Like a tube amp can be).These are all very slight adjustments (for me).

    Not great by any means? :huh:

    It's fantastic, and that's not just my HO.

    In fact, AFAICR you're the first to make this claim. Might be worth reassessing...

    Maybe the settings are wrong? Cab is on...We tried some BOSE (not sure of the model # but they are almost $300)...Workable, but not inspiring like thru studio monitors...The BOSE were borrowed, currently have AKG 52 ...Ehh.. Weird..the headphone output from my Presonus actually sounds "ok"... doesn't sound fizzy ...I typically don't use headphones (don't need to.just sharing my brief experience..).