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    Recording with the quality I hear from the KPA through my headphones on OHM studios. I don't need to change or edit the sound when it is on the DAW. Preferable the sound stays intact when I record.

    This is what I've done:

    microphone to input 1 up front in the Scarlett.

    Usb from Scarlett to the laptop.

    two S/pdif cables from KPA to the Scarlett (out to in + in to out).

    One cable from monitor output to 2nd input up front of the Scarlett.

    Sample rate 44.1 KhZ. Clock source s/pdif.

    Control panel focusrite as standard for recording and playing.

    OHM studios input 1/2. Focusrite control s/pdif outputs 1/2 to software playback 1/2

    Headphones inside the Scarlett (headphone quality is not as good with the Scarlett, you can redirect it back to the profiler in some way I've heard, don't know how yet)

    input on kpa: input source: SPDIF input reamp.


    Virtually no sound out of the guitar. Otherwise when I change some settings or switch some cables here and there there is very low quality sound. I hear the microphone only out of one side of my headphones.

    Anyone who knows how to get this working perfectly?

    Thx a lot

    When practicing with my band for the first time in a rehearsal room, the sound was awful.

    I made a mistake with the output. Had my headphone output go to the PA-system instead of the main output.

    The other guitarist had a cheap Squier and played on the combo fender amp in the rehearsal room.

    The only thing I heard was the drummer (way too load compared to others) and the bassist.

    So what I did was cranking up the volume of my Kemper and the PA-system could not handle it.

    I already learned from these mistakes:

    1 putting the cable into the right output

    2 put duct tape on drums

    3 enabling the -12 DB option on Kemper

    4 putting a microphone in front of the amp of the other guitarist

    We play dual guitar parts, imagine how awful it sounded that you only could hear me from the speaker above and the other guitarist only back in the corner.

    So what would you guys recommend further to make it sound better together? A rehearsal room with a different PA-system? if so, what are the minimum requirements for the PA-system. I am no technical expert on the area of guitars, rigs, mixing etc.

    So keep it in mind while writing comments :)

    I have a Mission KPA ep1 GN.
    TRS cable: out 1 and pedal 5.
    TS cable: out 2 and pedal 6.
    System settings: Pedal 5: pedal type 1, wah pedal. Pedal 6: mono switch, stomp a.
    Rig settings: Wahpedal > vol is on. Location: output.
    Stomp A: wahwahPedal on.

    The volume stays the same if I play with the pedal. If I press the toe switch, the wahwahPedal is on and that works perfectly.

    Mayby one of you knows how I can resolve this problem?

    I played with a headrush pedal. The double speed feature on the looper sounded amazing.
    On the Kemper remote, it kinda dissapointed me. It is not just the thing you played on the guitar times 2. But it changes the sound completely. As if the sound is modulated by a Digitech Whammy. The feature comes in handy for me. I like to practice fast licks/riffs that I came up with. With this feature I will know if it sounds bitchin'.

    In short: with the Kemper my friends won't believe I play as fast as Nuno Bettencourt, but with a Headrush pedal they will. The 1/2 speed (or double) needs an update.

    I know that Muse has ordered 16 Kempers in the past, to quickly load rigs when playing live in a certain country.
    It would be really awesome if these rigs on those profilers would be available in rig manager.
    What is the best way to go about it?

    Maybe if this thread gets enough attention, Kemper can have contact with the soundtech guys from Muse?

    Looking forward to toast those legendary rig packs on my Kemper.

    Yeah. I called Kemper. For a transpose feature this is the best you can get at the moment. There is also an option under soft knob one that my change the sound for the better.
    The tried to transpose individual strings, but it wasn’t possible.

    My guitar is currently tuned in 'B'. If I set the pitch to 4 for example, the transpose effect sounds like the Digitech Whammy :cursing: . Am I the only one having this?
    If so, an upgrade would be highly appreciated. Would also be awesome if you could transpose per string. I found a weird tuning that I like.

    It is missing for the Kemper!
    A better vowel filter would mean playing Spit it out intro on your own guitar. How cool would that be!

    See here:

    Intro from spit it out made with humanizer:

    how he creates that sound:
    Mck uses his gx-700 and uses the humanizer effect with distortion set before the humanizer, he sets it to the letters A-E and has the depth on 100 and the rate on 38.

    Humanizer effect in Me Inside - SlipKnot at 1:02: