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    This will probably sound a bit strange to many, but I've lately taken to buying refurbished Dell precision T3500 Workstation Windows 7 boxes off of Amazon. For around $250 I get around a 2.5 Ghz Xeon chip & 12 gigs of memory. The box only supports 24 gigs, so I max the memory, throw in a better video card (particularly if it's a video editing box) and for around 500 - 600 bucks have a workhorse full desktop that's easily upgradeable.

    My studio is running one now (with another hot swap spare sitting in the wings since they're so cheap). Haven't had any reliability issues from it being a refurb. For the classic rock oriented studio stuff I do (Cubase Pro), I'm not running 500 track sessions, so I can load SSL strips on every channel plus all the other plugins I need, and it's never squeaked once.

    Full disclosure, I'm a professional geek, so I'm comfortable with this sort of thing. That said, if you're okay with replacing some swap out components, this concept is certainly high in the bang for the buck category.

    Thank you, Chris. That's pretty resourceful and if I were a bit more proficient in that area I'd really consider it but now I think I'm looking for something out of the box.

    I bought a Kemper a few months ago, started with the Friedman ASM 12, then tried the Line 6 Powercab. Decided I just can't with the FRFR, so I got a Mesa Widebody Closed Back cabinet and that did the trick.

    I have to really tweak the profiles to get them close to the profiled sound and some profiles just don't get there, but it's much more amp in the room feeling. An open back cab would probably be better but since people are going to hear the FOH sound, I'm not too worried about it.

    I'm probably in the minority, but I really like where Phish is right now. Those Allman-ish peaky major key jams are what I really go for these days. I was at Hampton and that Simple was exactly what I'm looking for. Actually the Carini from 2013 Hampton was amazing too. Ghost tends to deliver on those types of jams as well.

    I can get close to Trey's tone in my tube amp rig. I use an AnalogMan CompRosser and a DRRI. I ditched my two Tube Screamers for an AnalogMan KoT but it hasn't made that much difference.

    I haven't even tried with the Kemper but I'm a new user.

    Nice. I prefer his tone from 98-2000. I'm okay with it now, but like you not in love with it. That '89 recording still has the base tone that you hear really up until 2009. I wish he would go back to the Deluxe Reverb and crank up that Ross a bit more.

    Just found this thread. I'm a big fan of Trey's. Key to Trey's tone is his fingers (obvious) and that Languedoc. But I realized how much it's his fingers when they played this Halloween and he used a Strat. Basically the same tone with a radically different guitar. Unbelievable.

    Has anyone actually put a real Cab with the speakers profiled side by side ?

    How close does the Vintage 30 or Greenback emulationws compare to a real one in a side by side comparison.

    haven't found one clip of the sort

    Check out this video. They are impressed with the speaker models. I have not done it side by side myself.

    Thanks guys for the help and advice. As long as what I hear inspires me I'll be fine. I just want to get as close to what I hear aimed toward the crowd.

    I welcome any other advice on running to FOH!

    I've yet to to play the Kemper live, but I did run my Kemper through a powered mixer that I have at home. The sounds was just ok.

    There will be some gigs where the PA is provided for us, so I am trying to prepare for gigging with pretty much any PA.

    Any advice? Is the live setup with an unknown PA going to require a lot of tweaking pre show? Any tips/tricks?