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    1. Hello friends, I have a question I need to update rig manager since on my mac I have the last update of iOS monterrey and I no longer run rig manager, the issue is that if I update to the latest version of rig manager I have to update my kemper stage and I have a bit of doubts if they already fixed the error when updating to this latest version ... it helps

    hello everyone.

    I have had a problem for 2 weeks my kemper turns on but when the start-up download bar reaches the end it hangs and does not turn on thank you for your help because I am really in trouble to go to work.

    Bonjour à tous.

    J'ai un problème depuis 2 semaines mon kemper s'allume mais quand la barre de téléchargement de démarrage arrive à la fin il se bloque et ne s'allume pas merci pour votre aide car j'ai vraiment du mal à aller travailler

    1. Hello friend, maybe you have that problem because if you installed the latest Kemper operating system, it comes with an error that manifests itself in that problem that you present, Kemper has not yet given notice of having improved that problem