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    hi everyone, does anyone have a solution to the following problem? if I am in the performance mode and I change the settings on a rig and then switch off the Kemper, the changes remain after a restart, although I have not saved. The operating system is up to date.

    Regards Thomas

    @ 4enima

    I also do not like the front paneling on the RCF speakers. Besides, RCF does not seem to have soundpresets.

    The JBL would not be wrong if he was lying properly on the ground.

    Then there is the Alto TS 315. He would have to be a little louder than the ZLX 15P, according to the manufacturer. But I have no indication if it is suitable as a monitor for bass guitar. Maybe it would be worth a test.

    By the end of March, I definitely need a box. Until then, I must have decided.

    And again guys: Thanks for your info!

    P.S. @ MuddySludge: I like your room!

    Thanks for your info.

    So far, I tend to prefer the ZLX 15p. I do that on the basis of your report, 4enima. (I also like to use the Dakglass profiles.)

    But before I buy this, I wonder what the other Kemper users, without Powerhead, are using for loudspeakers?

    I do not want to order multiple devices for testing, but as soon as possible make the right choice.

    Thomann and Musicstore recommended RCF devices to me. For example, the RCF Art 315 A MK IV.

    hello dear community,

    i need a recommendation for a fullrange activbox (fr fr).

    the weight should be under 20 kg and the lowest frequency response below 50hz.

    Surely a 15 "speaker would be good because I need a lot of pressure and to insist on drums and metal guitar."

    Does anyone have a recommendation?

    Thanks in advance!