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    Wonder how a tech 21 with the new FRFR Celestion would sound?

    It would be interesting to hear. Considering that almost no reviews are out for the new Celestion speaker, I will wait to see what others say. It's weird... people keep praising the new Celestion speaker but since only a handful were made nobody has tried it lol. All in all, the Deuce Deluxe is excellent and sounds and feels great.

    Have you compared the Tech21 to any other FRFR cab? Curious to hear about the Tech21.

    Other than my computer desktop monitors, no. On TGP, there are a few of us giving our reviews/opinions on the Deuce Deluxe... feel free to drop by and read our posts. The Deuce Deluxe is very very good and sounds/feels like a guitar cab. It's $450 from sweetwater and they have a good return policy if you don't like it.... try it out.

    I use the earlier version - Tech 21 Power Engine - monitor out with Cab off - and this works fine for me. Read up on the Output Section parameters, output options (i.e. Master Mono) and linking volumes. There is a lot there that you can trip on if you don't understand and set it up properly. On rare occasions, I have to change my setup so thats why I recommend it.

    That's really interesting! I tried cab OFF on the Deuce Deluxe and I quickly turned it back on lol. My description of what it sounded like was a sterile guitar plugged straight into the PA. With cab back ON, it sounded like a normal guitar cab. I have posted more on TGP, just as FYI

    The rotary speaker in the Kemper is stellar so I would use that with the mix set around 50%. I would probably start with a blackface type amp and add a screamer in the stomp slot. SRV often used a Fender Vibratone in conjunction with another amp so the 50% mix should emulate that a bit. Start without the screamer for the rhythm parts if it's too dirty. He used big strings so he could dial amps in kinda bright but the big strings kept them from sounding thin. Here's a profile that I did a while back to emulate his sound a bit.

    66 Pro Reverb 4 SRV - 2017-03-17

    Saving this post for later!

    The Tech21 cabinet you have is a FRFR type of cabinet . Leave your cab on for the monitor output and send the mains to FOH.

    Only turn off the cab if your are using a traditional guitar cabinet and power amp and or powered Kemper (using the powered output).

    Right. Which is what I said haha. My question was if Monitor Out (cab on) is the same as Main Out, which has been answered.

    I need a quick clarification between Main Output and Monitor Output.

    I just got the Tech21 Power Engine Deuce Deluxe and it sounds AWESOME. I connect the Kemper's Main Output into the Deuce Deluxe's Input. On the Kemper, it sounds way better with Cab Sim on, I tried with Cab sim off and it was thin and sterile, so I want to keep Cab Sim on.

    I will be playing at a gig soon where I want to use both Main Outputs to send stereo signal to FOH. But I will also have my Deuce Deluxe on stage blasting away as well.

    Q: Since both Main Outs will be taken, can I use the Monitor Out with Cab Sim ON and it be the same sound as Main Out?

    Thank you for your time!

    Hi, I have a quick question if you dont mind me getting some feedback from you. Why did you returned the Gator case ?

    What was about the Thomann case that made you send the Gator case back ?

    Im looking at these two. Also considering going the pelican route mostly because its waterproof.

    Thanks a lot !

    Well at the time I wanted the kemper to be in a case while on stage. With the Thoman case, I keep the kemper in the case and pull the remote out and then plug stuff in.

    I love the kemper but the form factor is cumbersome. The kemper + thoman case is like 40 lbs. The case gets the job done but wish the kemper itself wasn't annoying to set up lol.... I will say that for most people it's not a problem.... I just like the simplest set up and easy carrying and I am overall very lazy


    For the future time traveler:

    The Tascam US-144 MK II control panel (that should have come installed with the drivers) should be set as follows:

    - ch1 and ch2 -> analog inputs

    - ch3 and ch4 -> digital inputs

    - LINE OUTPUTS -> ch1 and ch2

    - DIGITAL OUTPUTS -> ch3 and ch4

    Reaper Audio device settings:

    - Enable inputs

    - first: 3 digital in L

    - last: 4 digital in R

    - Output range

    - first: 1 analog out L

    - last: 2 analog out R

    Now i get audio from youtube and from reaper (havent tried at the same time). I still haven't figured out a way to direct monitor without going into reaper and enabling direct monitor on the armed for recorded track, but im so over this dasd;hgjlkhgjkas hkgjs hblkf

    I just got my new audio interface Tascam US-144 MK II and got it recording in Reaper.

    I can get direct monitor WHEN I'm in Reaper and select the track that is my guitar and click on "direct monitor" and then I can hear myself play.

    But when I was using analog input, I can just play without doing this step and the guitar would play through my audio interface/desktop monitors/headphones.

    Is this possible with SPDIF and my interface?


    any class d amp

    there are solutions which you can screw simply on the back of the Kemper if you have a toaster

    or there are cheap class d 19 rack units which will work

    I would like to pick your brain on the solutions to screw on the back of the Kemper, I did some searching online but couldn't find anything. What amp are you talking about?

    And in terms of a cheap class D amp, there doesn't seem to be any budget solutions. Any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!

    TGP user Gasp100 just got the new Tech 21 Power Engine Deuce Deluxe and gives a very good review (he has Fractal though). His posts can be seen here and a few more following posts:

    What do y'all think about trying this out for Kemper? Should we wait for the new Kemper Cabs? Or are the Kemper Cabs going to be $1000+ like all the other high quality FRFR's?

    The Tech 21 Power Engine Deuce Deluxe is only $450, and I am thinking of getting one. Please talk me out of it! lol jk