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    What's your take on the quality of Kemper Drive compared to the OD pedals they are modeled after? I'm going to play with the Kemper Drive vs. my Tubescreamer and Wampler Tumnus but interested to see if I hear a big difference. Interested in other people's takes though if they've already been down that road. Much thanks!

    You can read many comments about Kemper Drive in this thread:

    [Public Beta] PROFILER OS

    Get comfortable with some of the free stuff first before committing to paid plugins unless you have to have it.

    Thanks. Have you found a free alternative to RapidComposer or similar than can auto-harmonize melodies, chord suggestions, chord detection and provide some help for song writing?

    I am setting up my home recording DAW (Studio One). I am looking for plugins that make much easier composing and arranging songs.

    What plugins VST would you recommend, either paid or free?

    Looking for a virtual bass player and drummer, composer and chords tools, etc.

    Some plugins that called my attention: EZDrummer, EzBass, Rapid Composer, Riffer, Scaler, Melody Sauce, Captain Chords.

    Any advice is welcome

    Hi, I would like to buy Studio One DAW for guitar home recording. Please help me choose the right version.
    I don’t have music theory background, so, I am looking for a tool that makes creating music much easier: composing, arranging, producing, and recording.

    I’ve checked that StudioOne Professional or Sphere have way more stuff than I need, but it has some interesting features like Chord tracker, Score editor, melodyne, lyrics support and guitar tablature , not available in Artist version. However, honestly, does those features worth the extra money? Would Artist version and some third party plugins, would be enough for what I need?

    @steveboss007 are you getting the “artificial” tone when you play through headphones (cab sim on), too? If BM profiles sound good for recording, and your headphones deliver the tone you want, I don’t see why they would not sound good for live with some live tweaks? It sounds that the artifacts you are hearing are coming from somewhere else in your signal chain. Where are you hearing the artificial tone, FOH, or your power cab on stage.?

    You could try changing cabs/ir in your kemper rig, or your power cab /frfr type of sound is not what you are expecting at louder volumes live and better you go for a regular guitar cab in that case.

    Yes, I have that pack. It is good but sounds too thin. Everything from BM sound good to me for recording, but for live, too thin.

    It would be great if Rig Manager could allow to configure signal chains with more than 4 effects pre and post stack, while giving the option to set just 4 pre and 4 post stack effects into the physical stomp buttons and assign 4 remote buttons as usual.

    We do have a lot of tools to shape the sound pre or post stack, like double tracker, widener, EQs, loop, transpose, etc., a lot of interesting stuff that coupled with other effects, it is very hard to be constrained to 4 stomp slots. For instance, some of those sound shaping stuff in a signal chain may be used always-on in a Rig and they do not really need an on/off switch through the stomp buttons or remote switches. Those could be easily configured just from the RM.

    Although Randy Rhoads is already in the Collection, with CrazyTrain, there were other great players and different signature tones in ozzy’s band that worth a tribute.

    Jack E Lee, Ozzy Back at the moon or Shot in the dark

    Zack Wylde, Ozzy Mama I’m coming home.

    I think that's the key point.

    It's their choice to keep their "business secrets" or to share everything (open source style).

    And a third choice: monetize it. Some artists prefer to sell their profiles/presets or develop new ones for commercial purposes. Some others partner with companies to “bundle” their tone and settings in pedals or other piece of gear. EVH included.

    When I reverse the Range control to -100% it does the job. When wah stomp is on, wah goes silent and then present as you press the expression pedal. If we need the usual wah behavior, the wah booster has to be off or their range control has to be changed (using morph for example).

    However, outside that use case, I don’t quite understand the potential or use of this booster. If I don’t engage the wah, I can use the expression pedal to control the volume anyway, and use a regular boost when wah is on.

    How you guys are using this Wah Booster? If feel that I may be missing something here.

    I would like to play volume swells using a Expresión pedal and a boost. Volume swells+a boost stomp engaged work pretty well.

    I want to get the same result, but experimenting with Wah Pedal Booster.

    From the manual “With the Wah Pedal Booster, you can use the Wah Pedal to control the volume, instead of having to use a dedicated volume pedal. The parameters are identical to the Volume Pedal parameters”

    I have the Volume pedal set to INPUT, a Wah Pedal Booster in Stomp A set to 44% not enabled and a Wah not enabled in Stomp B.

    When the volume pedal is at zero, the guitar sound is completely silent, as expected, but if I engage the Wah Pedal Booster, I get guitar sound.
    I was expecting the same behavior as a regular boost engaged in this scenario, i.e. no sound.

    What is the typical use of the Wah Pedal Booster? What am I doing wrong?

    Pretty simple, I guess. The EQ button in the Stack section should be dedicated to all post amp or post cab (selectable) EQ stomps/presets. So, we get an additional slot and X stomp could be used for effects.