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    I'm trying to understand what it is about the Dumble sound that makes it so loved. Do you just have to be in the room with one to get it?

    I've read that every single handmade Dumble amp sounds different and were tailor made for the player. There has to be something special about it, I guess.

    I haven't tried a real Dumble not even a clone, but some Dumble related profiles sound good and different to me. MBritt OTS (Ceriatone Overtone) and RigManager's Lenny-SRV by Allex (SteelStringer)

    That part I get, and it's certainly a great sounding Marshall. However, I don't know what the "Dumble mod" contributes. That's the part I'm trying to understand.

    I was curious, too. I’ve found this company which explains the Ultra Phonic Mod made by Dumble, a bit.
    It is not a “Dumble sound” in any donor amp, it is more like steroids for your amp, while keeping the signature tone and character of the donor amp. Typically done in Fender amps.

    HW’s profile name might be confusing, although he clarifies in the description that this is the recreation of a CLONE of a Marshall 2204 with the UltraPhonic mod. Morgan PX50 is a clone of that amp, but HW did not mention Morgan’s in the description, though.

    Morgan’s Official Facebook page shows that they will profile Dustin Lynch’s PX50, for their own Kemper samples. Do you know if official Morgan’s profiles are public?…alf-a-do/1645261252283357

    I would say that if you are going for like a Pink Floyd tone or a real processed 80's new wave thing the Gemini 2 can't be beat. But for a more raw bluesy realistic guitar tone the Kemper Kone is the one.

    Thats an interesting insight.

    What would you say for metal Mesaboogie “chuga chuga” metal riffs (ala Metallica, DreamTheater) and 70s/80s Marshall Plexi Hard Rock tones (ACDC, LedZep..)

    I don’t have a cab, but finding one won’t be a problem.

    CJGOMEZ: with TV volume = 100 I meant to consider the volume at which we normally listen the television equal to 100, and use this value as a reference to compare to the volume we play the Kemper in an apartament

    Playing in an apartment. I’ve started like building blocks, increasing the room volume level every time I’ve added a piece of gear. .

    Phase 1: Powered Kemper through headphones, most of the time, practicing, playing backing tracks with a computer or iPad, through the Kemper late at night.

    Phase 2: I’ve added Yamaha HS7 studio monitors, a small mixer, a couple of mics and I had Kemper Karaoke nights with friends&family, playing along Youtube on a TV screen. The TV audio goes through the home theater system. This way the KPA can be as loud as I want the TV audio. No neighbors complains.

    Phase 3: The studio monitors lack the bottom end that a guitar cab provides. So, instead of a sub-buffer, I’ve added a 12” FRFR cab. Again volume is controllable, sounds good, no complains.

    Phase 4: Missing amp in the room experience. I am planning to add a Kabinet, and make good use of the KPA powered head. I don’t expect complains.

    Phase 5: Planning to setup for home recording.

    Digital amps give you flexibility, are home friendly and gig ready if I you need to. You can move play the KPA toaster+headphones everywhere in your apartment.

    Your setup would depend on how much you are willing to spend and your needs. (Just practicing, home recording, playing for yourself or with others, club gigs, stage, etc.).

    If you could have only seen the look of frozen horror when I dumped over 500 guitar tracks on an engineering friend of mine 10 years ago, I tried to explain but once the session was cracked open he almost fainted. hahhaa I did this 15 minute guitar orchestral opus of Handel's Messiah which was a mixing nightmare. Some producers say 1 gtr track is 1 too many. lol

    **ahh it is still on youtube, thought I pulled it down.. The Sousa marches all average about 50 gtrs per song and the Messiah can get anywhere up to 90-120 guitars at once. for some reason back then I was trying to actually emulate an entire full piece orchestra using only guitars. Madness!

    there should be a Guinness Record award for that. That would be cool.

    Great new Beta version. The acoustic simulator is a lot of fun.

    ckemper it would be great if you add a MIX parameter in the Acoustic Simulator, so with morphing feature and an expression pedal, users could blend the piezo simulation with magnetic pickups and effects.

    Something like this:

    I would like to use two Kabinets in stereo using an stereo power amp.

    The inconveniente I have with my KP head, is that I am already using the direct output/send in a stomp loop. Is there another alternative to send stereo signal to the power amp using just the monitor out, or sacrificing he fix loop is the only alternative?

    +1 troubleshoot with headphones only first, to isolate all other variables.

    If it doesn’t sound good, try different Cabs (Till’s cabs is a good starting point) and IRs.

    Have you tried turning Pure cab on/off any difference?

    I understand that Kone imprints are related to the monitor output only, so they can’t be related to each individual Rig.

    Is that correct? If so, does Kemper confirmed that in a future software release, imprints will be set on a Rig basis as well?

    I am watching the Kone Q&A thread, but it brought to my attention some opinions about the V30 imprints.

    I’ve watched ToneWars A/B with a Mesa 1x12 cab, and he is happy with the result.

    Of course tone is subjective and personal taste matters, but please let me know what do you think about the Kabinet delivering high gain tones through the v30 imprint. Is that closed to the real thing? What was your own experience?

    As many here, I had many commercial profile disappointments.

    I realized, later on, that

    a) some Profilers post EQ or double track their demos
    b) Kemper is not based on an amp modeling, so, the amp profiled, speakers used, profiling process/gear and taste, differ between Profilers, so all Fender Deluxe profiles do not sound the same. It depends on what you like to hear.
    c) guitar pickups impact a lot the result, it can over push the profile or make it sound thin, but you can tweak it, just like a real amp.

    So, before buying profiles try their free packs first, some are already available in the factory content or in their websites.

    if you don’t like a profile move on to the next one. Once you find some that are close, try changing the profile cabinet (cab section), sometimes a different cab or speaker IR, makes a dramatic change.

    And, you can always count on this forum to find what you are looking for. Start here and have fun:

    What are "your" hidden gems in Rig Exchange? Post your best finds here ...

    with both guitars recorded, you run a matching EQ on them in DAW. That will generate an EQ profile required for the source profile to sound c;ose to the sonic character of target.

    Once that is done, you can run sweep through this eq profile to generate an IR.

    It would be nice to see ckemper view on this topic.

    Guitar modeling is some years around, Line6 Variax with Helix integration and their power cab, shows that they are aiming to an end to end solution.

    If ckemper can profile an amp, change virtual speakers with the Kone, and soon enable an acoustic simulator as stomp, maybe he could find the way to profile a guitar, by taking snapshots of its different pickups settings and placing them in slot A. Profiling vintage guitars sounds appealing.

    Welcome. I agree with the forum. If you don’t want to run two guitar cabs in stereo, the powered Kemper is the right option, it will give you the chance to use your cabinet or the Kemper Kabinet. Since you are 90% jamming at home a good pair of studio monitors will give you the stereo imaging, pretty well.

    If money is not a problem, I would go for the stereo setup with the unpowered Kemper and a tube clean amplifier like Synergy 5050 and a pair of Kabinets.