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    Tone, convenience and interface preferences are pretty subjective and personal taste, so go for what makes you happy and covers your needs.

    Pricing is about facts, offer/demand.

    Kemper retail price positioning ($USD), since I recall, has always been below Fractal’s.

    Now, with the Stage, you get a full Remote functionality+full Profiler features with same processing power as the head unit and extra I/Os for retail price $1.7K. ($1.8K head or rack version without Remote) vs a new AXE III $2k. (without foot controller). Maybe with the FM3 you will get a full featured AXE III for $1K. with less processing power, less I/O and less foot switches to start with. It is not apples to apples, though.

    Right now, according to Reverb’s price guide, an average of used and new actual selling street prices, Kemper head street prices have dropped by 13%, from average $1.5K in 2017 to $1.3K. 2019. While AXE III head prices dropped by 35% from average $2.7K in 2018 to $2K. in 2019. During the same period Kemper rack version street prices dropped by 10% from average $1.55K in 2018 to $1.4K 4Q2019.

    Personally, I don’t think about resale value when I buy music gear, because I am not in the trading business, I prefer to enjoy gear that last as long as possible, like a great vintage guitar.

    The Kemper OS is older than new AXE III for sure, but not older in what it delivers. I appreciate that Kemper’s business model has not factored planned obsolescence by design and we enjoy the same ”older” unit with new features every year. I’ve lost the count of AXE iterations, a great device, too, but hope this time they keep this new version longer than the previous ones, it is a great unit for sure.

    Havent tested yet, I dunno if the the beyerdynamic 770 pro falls in this category. Same horrible sound

    turn off the KP, remove all cables connected to the Kemper, just plug your guitar, your 770pro and a MB Britt clean profile free. Turn on and test it. Does it still sound harsh? If you use studio monitors or FRFR does it sound harsh?

    I agree with you guys. FRFR, guitar speaker and Kemper Kone are different experiences.

    If I want to listen that 4x12 IR sound that I have FOH, my FRFR cabs translate that in a small form factor and in stereo if I want to. I am not willing to carry an actual 4x12 cab with 4 Kemper Kones.

    But in the other hand, for other applications, I’ve postponed, many times, the purchase of a 1x12 guitar cab, mainly because I was not sure what guitar speaker to order. It seems that Kemper Kone may help me with that dilema. I am eager to try it.

    Is there any list of the speaker imprints available?

    Ok so for some reason (I’m a 19 year old who plays at church on Sundays only right now) I thought the rack I bought was like an amp in that I could plug my guitar directly into it and get sound out. I didn’t realize I’d need a cab for it and since I don’t have a cab, I can’t use it. My church also doesn’t have a cab that I know of because none of the other guitarists at my church use Kemper. So I may have to respect my Kemper and buy an actual amp and dela with the heaviness of it unless I get a Fender Deluxe reverb that’s around 40 lbs, which I can deal with. I don’t know, haha. What’d I get myself into?

    Kemper is like an amp head with additional options. So, you’ve realized that Kemper does not have built-in speakers, that’s fine , however Kemper does not need a cab, necessarily. If you can connect directly to your church mixer or PA, you might be ready to go. You did not mention how is your church sound setup. For instance how your audience listens to your vocalist (if any)? how your vocalist monitors his own voice? what about the rest of the band?

    Let’s list all the original amps that were actually used by artists or producers and that were profiled with Kemper either commercially or available in RM.

    1. Paul Gilbert’s Lee Jackson amp. TopJimi.

    2. John Mayer’s Two Rock prototype signature. Tone Junkie.

    3. Gilmour’s HiWatt 100 1970. The Amp Factory

    4. JerryCantrell’s Bogner Snorkler - SuckerFreeGear

    5. Slayer’s Diezel VH4 BlueFace - Pete’s Profiles

    6. Angel Vivaldi Pack - STLtones

    7. HowardBenson - STLtones

    8. Michael Wagener Kemper Rig Pack (ADA MP1 - WhiteLion, Extreme, SkidRow)

    Are there any other?

    From another thread, I understand that "Clean Sense is actually BOTH an input gain control AND a master balance control between clean and distorted profiles". The OP mentioned that he is hearing the hiss, only when the loop mono is in front of the stack section, even with nothing attached to the Kemper, so I am not sure if INPUT sense parameters could help him here.

    Anyway, read this two threads for more information about Clean and Distortion sense.

    It all start with the input so...

    Making sense of clean sense (audio clips added)

    But, before changing KP settings all around, with all parameters default, try the basic loop setup of the tutorial below with just one pedal, headphones, nothing connected to the inputs. Try different combinations of Kemper's loop mono volume, mix and noise gate with the volume and gain of your pedal, trying to detect the inflection point when the hiss starts. Check that there is no other parameter impacting SEND/RETURN volume as well.

    If you want to use pedals in your rigs, you don’t need to change anything in the input settings. I would suggest, keep it simple first, connect the guitar to the Kemper front input, return Input settings to default values, then try this Loop Mono tutorial with just one pedal (try a simple overdrive first). If after the tutorial you still hear the pop, contact Kemper support.

    I do have fuzz, overdrive and distortion pedals some in front of the KP and some in slot B with a Loop mono stomp. I use them mainly in performance mode with clean amps/gain edge of breakup.
    I don’t have any hiss.
    I have the volume of the loop mono at -2.5db to match the volume level of the raw profile. Mix around 70%. I did not tweak clean sense (default). check your loop mono volume, I‘ve noticed that increasing the loop volume at some level, I can hear a hiss, I don’t know if this could help you.

    Yeah, exactly. Ground lifts and DI Hum killers are very useful solutions to have at hand. In this case they won't make any difference, based on the source of this noise.

    About EMF, EMI, RF,potential airborne sources and the relation with the pickups. I don't have an EMF meter, but I did a basic test, no guitar at all: Kemper + Headphones + high quality cables (Mogami shielded gold contacts). I did ground the static noise by touching the connector (not the contact tip). Same result: during daylight no noise, at night the noise was back and I had to increase the noise gate around 3.0 to get rid of it.

    So, as we all mentioned above, the source might be noise injected from poor power source. In fact, I see what you described, all over this place: dimmer illuminated pop art pieces, some neon lights, ceiling air fans, and cold beer in a refrigerator in the bar close to the stage. Nice and cozy place, but an electrical haunted stage. The owner needs to check this, for sure.

    I will test a power conditioner, soon. Meanwhile, my workaround is drink some beers and add a bit of KP global noise gate!! Noise gone.

    Depends what you're connecting to - sometimes a DI box between your KPA and the P.A. can help, since it separates the KPA from the rest of the setup. It's a bit overkill (DI is supposed to make an unsymmetric signal symmetric, while the KPA already delivers symmetric output), but the galvanic separation can definitely help on any ground noise issues.

    Do you mean something like this?

    - Behringer MicroHD HD400 Hum Destroyer

    - Ebtech HE-2 HumEliminator

    Does it color the sound?

    Thank you guys for all your suggestions.

    I followed your advice, except Wheresthedug’s “noise killer” 8o

    1) I am not sure if KP Ground lifts would help in this case. Remember that during my early tests, the noise appears, even with nothing connected to the KPA but the guitar and headphones. I do have a KPA Head, by the way.

    Anyway, since Live I use all the outputs, just in case, based in your advice, now I have all GROUND LIFT buttons pressed, except DIRECT OUTPUT. From the manual (pages 71 and 224): “At least one GROUND LIFT button must be off at any time (which means ”grounded”). Often you get best results if the DIRECT OUTPUT is the one connection with no ground lift.“ :thumbup: Hope this prevents further potencial issues.

    2) I’ve made additional tests today. I believe this venue has some issues. Daylight sound check, no noise at all. 7/8PM the noise appears but with less intensity than previous day.

    The noise disappears using the Global Noise Gate at 0.1 (at least today):thumbup:

    My KP gig setup is usually very silent, but, in a new stage I am hearing electrical noise.

    Maybe the venue's AC supply is poor, the outlets are not earthed well, the lights, etc..

    Only when the guitar volume is down the noise is gone.

    Just in case, I've tried isolating the usual suspects from my gear, by keeping it simple, just guitar/kemper/headphones; zero gain profiles (Kemper factory rigs); different shielded guitars (no single coils), different high-end shielded guitar cables. I've tried RFI and EMI filtering like Furman power strips, but the noise is still there.

    - Could you share some tips to deal with "noisy" stages or bad electric conditions and Kemper?

    - What device would you recommend to kill any electric static noise, ground loops, AC noise/hum, electric magnetic interference, etc. in a single box?

    Happy new year!. Finding a very good PinkFloyd tone, is very subjective and personal taste.

    It depends, what specific song do you want to achieve? what era? what about the guitars, pickups, or the speakers you are using? Anyway, you have several options:

    1. Commercial Profiler support.

    I am sure the profiler who made the rigs you purchased, thinks that those are "very good ones" fo his ears. I guess you always can count on a good Profesional Profiler to help you tweaking his profiles with your own gear.

    2. Tweaking the cab section and EQ.
    I would suggest change the cab section and IRs of the profiles and check if that gives you what you are looking for. You can use EQ, too.

    3., the largest Gilmour tone reference on the net.

    You can try to replicate those amps (HiWatt, Fender Bassman...), and pedals (BigMuff, Echorec, ProCo Rat, etc.) using KP stomps and profiles, or you can buy some pedals and use them with the KP.

    4. Rig Manager keyword: "Pink Floyd" or "Gilmour"

    5. Google "Pink Floyd with Kemper", you will find tons of content, like:

    a) Kemper forum threads. Many covering this subject

    b) Kemper Profiles, Performances and Presets, free or commercial from Maurizio70, Rigbusters, Fremen among others. Some of these guys played Pink Floyd covers professionally, so if it works for them, maybe it works for you.

    Free: http://www.maurizio70guitarist…s-cover/pink-floyd-cover/


    c) Kemper Videos. Pick whatever sounds good to you. Some you tubers share the details of the settings

    Hope you can find the tone you are looking for. Don't forget to share what finally worked!!