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    V8guitar Lol....the band members humming the intro...yes, I have been there as well and the crazy thing is that it was a song I had played 100 times! I am 47 though so shit happens! Bummer on the power going out though, that would tend to throw me off for a bit.

    I love my Kemper but even after 2 years of steady live use, I occasionally screw up. I've left my wah engaged a few times and launched into the next song wondering why my sound was so thin. But this weekend was a bit more embarrassing. I generally use 5 profiles so rarely do I have to leave my main performance on the Kemper Remote. I do have one with some signature EVH and SRV profiles and another with only Jack and acoustic sound and mid distortion type profile. So the next song after Jack and Diane was American Girl (Petty). The rhythm profile sounded ok but it comes time for the lead which I have set to a beautiful Bert Meulendjik Friedman with some delay and I hit what I think is that profile while in full rock star stance, crowd in anticipation......and it is the acoustic Jack and Diane profile....I forgot to go back to my main performance page. I frantically try to get back to the correct page and by that time the first part of the solo is a disaster. I can laugh about it now! Moral to the story....make sure you are on the correct performance page before starting the next song!!!!

    Any similar experiences?

    waraba Thanks for the info. I had seen 3mm recommended in another article so I will get close to that. And you are so correct in your description of the P90! I bought this to have a slightly different sound for recording and the sound and versatility is far better than what I expected.

    Audiopilot Thanks. Yes, much prefer the slim 60's. Absolutely loving the P90's. Slight hum but not close to traditional single coil hum. Still trying to figure out optimal pickup height. Seems like I can get them very close to the strings compared to humbuckers and they still sound very good. If anyone has any advice on that, I'm listening!

    Thank you all for giving it a listen. Just monitor out and wide panned. Other than the intro I kept the L and R guitars very dry. I think that helps with separation so they dont blend into one. Whereas normally I will have one wet and one dry. And no center guitar other than lead. I usually have a center track as well. Going to have to do it this way more!

    deadman42 Funny thing with drums. I always struggle with how much is too much. Im a huge Lamb of God fan. The new album is great but the drums to me are way to up front! Its a trend in metal that I dint like. Im more of an 80's metal guy. I want to hear guitars! Lol

    Brought in a special guest for this one. He is 20 years younger. Different musical style. From a different home town. But we share unique perspectives on our home towns. Hope you enjoy it!

    Guitars are all Bert Meulendijk Friedman profiles and Im loving them in single coil mode on my Kiesel CS.

    waraba Man, that's a bummer that it wore that quickly! I do not plan to gig this but rather just record with it. Although, if it wears, I guess I'm ok with that. If it was a 4K Gibson, might not be happy!

    Sollazzon I believe the Tribute really is essentially a Studio and in fact it's called the Studio Tribute. The Classic Player Plus is just a bit of a step up. Your gold top looks amazing as it is!

    V8guitar Thanks for the heads up. One reason I'm such a big Kiesel fan is because I've played too many bad Gibsons so definitely not important! But, I specifically want P90's and I've always loved the look of a gold top. I am also considering the Gibson Classic Player series as this appears to be a slight step up from the Studio. Unfortunately not seeing any gold tops of this variety but I may be swayed to a different finish!

    Excellent tones all around. This is one of those groove songs that I find myself getting so much into the killer bass and drum groove that I don't pay as much attention to what is going on with some of the guitars. Very cool!

    NOT MINE.....I am looking to buy this Les Paul Studio 60's Tribute. I've never owned a LP but have played many. Any of you guys or gals have any experience with the Tributes? They are nitro finish and obviously a cheaper LP but I'm fine with that. Do they play well? Frets dressed properly? Will it feel and play more like an Epiphone? I am primarily buying because of the P90's. Thank you!