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    Thank you gents! Per I always love hearing it sounds like this or that when the band mentioned (BOC) was not even in my consciousness when I wrote it. But Opeth was probably influenced by BOC so there you go! Lol

    Listen to T H E W A I T I N G by Nate Bauer on #SoundCloud

    This is a powerful song for me due to subject matter. (Deals with the last couple years of my mom's life in a nursing home)I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Heavily inspired by Opeth. Mixed and mastered by Gary Long at Nomad Studio, Argyle, TX. Drums by Robin Stone. I'm my worst critic but I actually like this one. Thank you all for checking it out!!

    Per I really appreciate that perspective on it. Thank you Per. I'm 50. I've been playing and singing most of my life. It's only more recently that I am more aware of my voice because of recording. And I still write songs hearing someone elses voice in my head....people that I could only dream of sounding like. Lol. So when I lay down vocals there is always this moment of disappointment when I realize it doesn't sound like Ray sounds like me. I just need to accept that....I'm getting there😉

    Listen to BRED TO KILL by Nate Bauer on #SoundCloud

    One of my proudest moments in song writing. Complete remix and remaster by Gary Long. Drums by Robin Stone. This song is 100% Bert Meulendijk Friedman BE profiles played with my Kiesel CS3. Thank you for checking it out!🤘🤘

    MuddySludge Yessir, this will be on the EP

    BayouTexan That is correct. I send all tracks via WAV file to Gary. He uploads them onto Protools. He creates a mix which includes adding whatever vocal or guitar effects he or I want to try. He spends a lot of time on drums, blending triggers if needed and working on EQ and panning of course. I listen to the mix and make requests. Gary is willing to do as many mixes as possible to make me happy. Often 2-3 mixes and we have it nailed. He then masters it using his massive collection of high end outboard gear. This is all done in his professional studio using very high quality monitoring. And it is done at a cost that I believe is very fair!

    Hope everyone is well today! I finally got the singer in my band to sing on one of my originals and she did great. Again featuring Robin Stone on drums (@robin_stone_drums) and mixing and mastering by Gary Long at Nomad Studio ([email protected]). This is way more "pop" than I have done before and it was a fun one to do! Enjoy!

    Listen to L I F E L I N E by Nate Bauer on #SoundCloud

    BayouTexan Gary would tell me he sprinkled fairy dust on it but I believe it's just a matter of EQ, panning, various pluggins, some side chaining of various tracks, etc. He spends a lot of time on drums. He prefers as natural sound as possible but inevitably has to blend some triggers with the acoustic drums.

    My man Gary Long was not happy with his previous mix so he sent me this today. Much bigger, fatter low end. He does great work!!

    Much appreciate you taking the time to listen and for the comments! I listen to a lot of Black Sabbath but have never consciously tried to emmulate Ozzy....Iommi, yes. Unfortunately my voice is definitely suited for that style. Lol

    Still waiting for someone to say, "damn that reminds me of Ray Gillen!" Haaaaaa!