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    Michael_dk You just made my Yes, Opeth is hands down my favorite band of the last 5-6 years and more than any other band has influenced my writing style. I don't have the technical ability to sound exactly like them, nor do I want to, but what I learned from Opeth is writing with contrast and dynamics. And that there are no rules! Thank you so much for checking it out. If you like this one you might like is my EPK with the whole unreleased album.

    Thanks for posting this Buddy and more importantly thanks for laying down that hefty low end!

    deadman42 I am 1000 miles from Gary's studio in Argyle TX so modern technology has been a blessing!! Buddy and Gary go way back so it was awesome that he could drive up to the studio and do it old school.

    Anyone like myself who wants to take your music to the next it!! There are experienced guys like Gary Long who are available at a reasonable rate. Matt Thompson is the drummer for King Diamond but when he is not on the road or in the studio, he is a working musician trying to make a living. His rates are reasonable as well. Take the next step🤘🤘

    deadman42 Thanks brother! I agree...Androo has totally changed everything for me. I send him a version of the song with me very roughly singing the melody but he has complete freedom to make it his own. He generally records 5-10 tracks per song. A tremendous amount of harmony parts and layering. It's unbelievable to hear just his vocal tracks. And zero autotune!! Check out the album Intelligent Design by his band Shaolin Death Squad. Insane!! Matt from King Diamond is also in that band. They are close friends.

    Per Thanks. One thing I've learned from years of songwriting and listening to bands like Opeth (my favorite band) is dynamics. When to floor it and when to let something breathe. That particular bridge section has 3 different guitar parts and bass already and then we needed to bring Androo's throat singing into the mix. Not only that but you always take into account the next section which in this case happens to be a very intense chorus. So, that bridge has to be a notch lower in intensity to create a build up to the chorus, which it does. Thanks for checking it out.

    The second track from my upcoming album/project featuring King Diamond drummer Matt Thompson, Michael Harris lead guitar, Androo O'hearn vocals and myself on guitar, bass and keys. The bridge section has some crazy tribal throat singing (Kargyraa) by Androo.

    As always, mixed and mastered by Gary Long at Nomad Studio. And featuring my trusty Bert Meulendijk Friedman BE profiles 🤘🤘

    Thanks for checking it out!!

    waraba Thank you so much. I cannot describe how amazing it feels to hear my songs without my voice on them!! lol Yes, surrounding yourself with top notch musicians certainly changes everything and it has been a joy!

    The opening track from my soon to be released "Crucial Velocity" project album featuring King Diamond drummer Matt Thompson, guitar legend Michael Harris, Androo O'Hearn (Shaolin Death Squad) vocals and myself on guitar and bass. All Bert M Friedman profiles once again.....are you seeing a pattern???? lol

    I wrote this song after attending a weekend medical class where I dissected a human cadaver. It was a surreal and life changing experience and I think this song captures the event quite well. A thank you letter of sorts to the female cadaver I affectionately named "Lilium" (the flower of death).


    Thank you gentlemen! I'm proud of this album. A tremendous amount of time went into this. MuddySludge hasn't layed down this big of a bottom end since his wild touring days in the 80's....;);)

    Hey fellow Kemperites! Finally finished my new album. Not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it yet but, here is a song featuring our very own MuddySludge on Bass fiddle. This cat can hold down a bottom end with the best of them!!

    The entire album features King Diamond drummer Matt Thompson, vocals by Androo O'Hearn (Shaolin Death Squad), solos by guitar legend Michael Harris and myself on guitar, bass and keys.

    Gary Long mixed and mastered the album. If any of you have music that you want to take to the next level, I cannot express enough my endorsement of Gary Long. Message me if you want more info.

    Hope you like this one and thank you so much for taking the time to listen!

    I should add....I used the same Bert Meulendijk Friedman BE profiles that I have used for years. Love them!

    Good lord that is a beautiful bass sound and incredible song as well!! I'm thinking that bass needs to make an appearance on one of my songs. Soon.

    Mats_Nermark Thank you so much. I'm 51 years old so obviously I've heard and appreciated some Styx over the years but have never been a "fan". It's really cool hearing people's impressions when that impression is not even on my radar while writing the song. Just goes to show how so many influences become a subconscious part of you and naturally come out. On the flipside, I once wrote a song purposely trying to sound like Queensryche and it ended up sounding like ZZTop....LMAO