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    If ever you find yourself looking to recover files not backed up there is a free software called recuva.

    Tried recuva right after it happened but most of the data was corrupted. I'm sure there was some sort of solution were I to have been further along (not that six months wasn't far enough. LOL). I had a few hand written notebook pages with song titles and some basic notes along the way so it was just a month of remembering how the parts went and re-recording with the help of a couple of friends who contributed, but it still sucked.

    Well, the editor looks exactly like what I saw at namm last january. Rad. Glad it's finally available. I never used RM very much but the editor section has me giddy for all the reasons everyone else already said.

    I'll chime in on the Win/Mac sub-convo happening: I am not inherently opposed to Windows, but when W10 came out I did update it, and all hell broke loose. It did a forced (meaning I could not stop it nor did I give permission) update in the middle of a home recording session. It crashed and took out the hard drive data with it. Six months worth of work down the toilet (I did take the HD to a recovery outfit. $1300 to recover with no guarantees). Probably a fluke, I recognize it as such, but it still sucked REAL bad. I run an iMac now and haven't had a single problem. (to be fair and unbiased, I did have the MB fail on an older MBP, but it was a generation known to have the problem)/ I now backup every session to both external drive as well as cloud storage just in case.

    Well then. I was kinda bummed to not see a new thread with all the folks that got the editor before I did but alas, my hiatus has yielded nothing of the sort. LOL. Oh well.

    This is reminiscent of Eventide and the android app for the H9. People were losing their damn minds, accusing the Eventide folks of intentionally dismissing the android users and other wildly heinous actions. Someone from Eventide finally put it on the table and said "fine, you think you could do it? We'll PAY YOU. Hire on and develop it with/for us".

    What came of it? Crickets.

    It was a good three years between the desktop release and the android version, all the while the response was "we're working on it", which they were. It was a huge pain in the ass for them, but they got it done in a timeframe the company could support. Imagine how that went for three years, having a fully functional, operating version for Mac, Windows, AND I.os but no android. People screamed about how it couldn't be that hard to write the code and such since the platform was already there. But it was.

    I want the editor just like anyone else. I was super excited to get my hands on it after seeing it in action last January but I'm not gonna lose my marbles over it not being ready.

    When they released it all former owners had to / still have to pay if they'd like to have the upgrade. Not so for the editor.

    Thinkin' it's time for another couple of months hiatus from this forum. It was funny at first but some of you guys are way too eager to nitpick and just argue for the sake of arguing.

    Aaaannnnnnd while I'm at it......

    The KPA operates fine without the editor.

    It did, nor does not now come with one.

    One was never promised nor offered in the marketing of the device.

    They don't owe us an editor.

    We are not entitled to one.

    As much as I would like to have it available, I'm just not going to get bent out of shape over it. I sure did shell out my hard earned dollars for my KPA, and it does exactly what I bought it to do. It also does everything it's advertised to do.

    And to further reinforce my car references, here's another analogy:

    Ferrari: we've decided we're going to engineer a supercharger for our production cars. Not sure when it'll be done, but we're working on it."

    Ferrari owners: "well, if it's not available immediately, without a single issue, for free, then I'm going to sell my car and buy a Porsche"

    Mazda was one of the last car companies to offer Android Auto in their cars. All they ever said was "we're going to have it eventually". A year and a half later there it was. Plenty of people whined about it because "every other car manufacturer has it". Meh. They put it out when they had it ready. Incidentally, I had a hacked version of it in my 2016 mazda and it was unstable as f**k.

    I'm going to just sit back and chuckle if the folks at Kemper say "welp, you cried about it too much. We're tired of hearing it. The editor is shelved. We'll get back to it when we have nothing better to do".

    I think he's looking at having them removed from Rig Exchange.

    Kinda defeats the purpose of RE, it's like going to the library and having the books you don't like removed (not that I don't totally relate to what you want to do).

    With that said, you *should* be able to whittle down your "local" folder to just the ones you like.

    I got to see and dabble with the editor at NAMM. It's very, very cool and I definitely see folks liking it way more than they expect. I won't go on a tirade to try and validate it, folks are going to stand by their opinions regardless until it's out.

    Nope, it's not going to do much for the plug-n-play types. It's the ones who want/need/prefer building a rig from the ground up that will be singing the highest praises. It's a lot more natural, almost akin to putting together a rig with tangible hardware.

    TBH, unless there was a stability issue I can't fathom what the holdup might be. It was functional nine months ago. Literally saw it in action with my own eyes. If it's not ready it's not ready. It's not my name on the box so I don't get to make those calls.

    While I ap and identify with your love of high-octane fun, this is not a suitable analogy. In the event where one pleads their case to Christoph and says "Hey, I love Kemper but I can't afford one. Please make a cheaper one"..

    ..Where Nissan would direct you to another Nissan product, Christoph would either say "no" or suggest moving onto L6, Fractal or Atomic. There is no Kemper alternative within the Kemper family.

    Add any background sound at all, TV, neighbor mowing the yard, patrons in a bar (you get the idea) and they'd sound exactly the same. I'm not sure the only reason I heard a difference at all was because there was a visual cue isn't the case.

    Well, it is in fact called the Kemper Profiling Amplifier. It's pretty much the technology the device was engineered on, and brought to the market to do.

    All sarcasm and snark aside, I see your point. What you're asking for is basically a device that only loads profiles. I don't know that the profiling section is what makes the device cost what it does. It's the immense processing that allows it to maintain the audio integrity and sound and react the way it does, and that processor is the golden egg of the device (more accurately the process by which it accomplishes that, not necessarily the chipset itself).

    Think of it like this: The Nissan GTR is an incredible vehicle. All wheel drive, twin turbo...and so on. I have seen a couple of them in excess of 2,000 horsepower. I bring my case to Nissan and say "hey, I can't afford a GTR. How about you guys make a cheap version". Their response is the 370Z. Sporty, fun to drive, NOT all wheel drive twin turbo, NOT a GTR.

    The KPA was designed to occupy a specific place in the music gear market, and it does it remarkably. As good as the Kemper effects have gotten I could see them doing an effects only device but I just don't see them being remotely interested in a stripped down KPA.

    The Truth monitors are way above their class (they sound better than they should).

    I picked up a set of Event TR8 monitors a while back, well kept for $200. If I recall they were $700ish new (making finding them pre-owned a great deal). They sound pretty damn amazing.

    Andy is one of the good guys. Been watching him play in my back yard for 20+ years, way back to Blue Cat Blues (and before). The night Steve Vai handed off his guitar to Andy out in the crowd (AT was a spectator!) and giving him the reigns for a bit was second only to getting to see Vai and Satch sit on barstools next to each other and just jam together for half an hour. I've always had enormous respect for Andy.

    Certainly give it a go. I distinctly recall the day I got mine. I was at guitar center picking up my 2nd Digitech 2101LE (a legend in its own) and the salesperson said "have you heard the BBE Maximizer on this? it sounds amazing". No, I had not, but the instant the dude clicked the "active" button I was blown away and bought it on the spot. There was a certain sizzle to the sound that I loved (me and everyone else back then). But as dramatic as the effect was it didn't translate well in the real world and we all learned that ultimately it did the opposite of what we wanted and it thinned out the sound. I guess you could say it sounded great but there was no way to actually capture that sound on tape, no matter mic nor placement nor black magic could get it to translate properly. A fun piece for sure though.

    Ok, I'm a little short on time but if I recall it's like this: route a channel insert to the spdif out (KPA spdif in), KPA dry signal to main, wet to monitor and record the new reamped track to its own track on the daw via the monitor out (the specific routing would be up to you, ie; wet to main instead if you preferred). It basically puts the KPA in the effects loop of one channel but routes the output to another open track so you don't record over the dry signal track.

    That's the quick and dirty version, there may be another but that was the on-the-fly solution.