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    My signature guitar, the Legba. We literally started with a piece of potting foam and carved it to the shape I had in my head, then Brian set to work putting the woods together and carving the curves to bring out the real character of her. Claro walnut top and back, bloodwood layers and a black walnut center, walnut and bloodwood 7 piece neck, bloodwood fretboard, quilted maple inlay and headstock cover, EVO gold frets, Hipshot hardware, Dimarzio pickups and of course DR strings. Took two years to bring her to life and it's stunning to hear and to play. This was the prototype. The catalog version won't be quite as extravagant but still 100% handmade with several wood options. And though we haven't officially decided, we have agreed to also offer a six string version.

    I spent a good four hours straight with this last night. Clean sounds it's a great effect, rock and heavy rhythm sounds it's nearly a must-have. For my lead tone it's going to be used like a stomp box. It just made the lead and solo parts sound almost too...I don't know....non-specific for lack of a better way to put it. I found it hard to give a lead part that up front and spotlighted feel with DT on, but it was super cool for effect. And again, my heavy rhythm tone will likely never have it turned off ever again.

    If you'd be interested I've got a Behringer FCB1010 with the UNO chip already in it (the custom chip that programs the unit specifically for the Kemper). $120 shipped to continental US and I'll even include a pair of midi cables long enough to use it live. In some ways it's even easier to use than the kemper remote, not to mention it's got two expression pedals built in so you're not out an extra $300 on top of the price of the remote.

    I may have posted this a couple of years ago, but it would be pretty darn awesome if we could get a sweeping, panable delay. Either auto pan or sweepable via CC pedal.

    Just an update. The pedal seemed to recalibrate after a few pushes so I got fed up and nabbed a 10' trs cable just to test it out. It now functions as responsively as any stand alone whammy pedal I've ever owned, and because I use the same pedal for the wah, the wah effect also improved (and I didn't even know I needed it to until now. LOL)

    Oh, and to clarify I ran the new cable straight to pedal jack #1 on the KPA.

    Is the pedal taper coming on smoothly or with everything bunched up at one end? If it is bunching up (log taper behaviour) try changing between pedal Type 1 and Type 2 in the system menu.

    It was smooth all the way up, it just seemed to track slower than the pedal moved. Pedal 1/2 didn't change anything that I noticed

    Did you try connecting with a shorter cable directly to the Profiler instead of using the remote? That should do better. A short cable (30 cm) directly into my Stage works fine. I used to have same issues with my remote and my KPA head. I personally could not find a way to resolve this with the pedals connected to the remote. That way it was always slower... but maybe others made different experiences.

    No, but I use a toaster. I'd still need a 20' cable minimum.

    As I said, it seems to be solved. We'll see how long it lasts.

    Well, never mind. For the most part. No, not an ideal solution but a workable one regardless. Calibrated the pedal but didn't push it all the way down so the KPA "thinks" that max sweep comes faster than it does. It works just fine, provided the calibration stays the same from here.

    Hey folks, after three years I swapped the FCB1010 for the Kemper remote and for the most part I don't have any complaints.....with one exception.

    The pitch pedal (whammy pedal effect) is frustratingly slow to respond, like the pitch changes slower than the pedal moves. Makes it hard to play certain passages that are long standing parts of songs and was never an issue with the midi controlled CC pedal of the 1010. Is there a way to recalibrate the pedal? I know there a "calibrate" setting in the system manu but it doesn't do anything to address this quirk.

    Thanks for any info.

    Title says it all. The 1010 is easily the most cost effective way to control your KPA, and with the Uno chip in it there's no programing required. I just scored a great deal on a Kemper remote and some Mission CC pedals so I couldn't resist. The 1010 will come in the original box with the original manual, and I'll throw in a pair of nice and long midi cables since you'll need them regardless.

    $125 shipped to ConUS.

    If ever you find yourself looking to recover files not backed up there is a free software called recuva.

    Tried recuva right after it happened but most of the data was corrupted. I'm sure there was some sort of solution were I to have been further along (not that six months wasn't far enough. LOL). I had a few hand written notebook pages with song titles and some basic notes along the way so it was just a month of remembering how the parts went and re-recording with the help of a couple of friends who contributed, but it still sucked.

    Well, the editor looks exactly like what I saw at namm last january. Rad. Glad it's finally available. I never used RM very much but the editor section has me giddy for all the reasons everyone else already said.

    I'll chime in on the Win/Mac sub-convo happening: I am not inherently opposed to Windows, but when W10 came out I did update it, and all hell broke loose. It did a forced (meaning I could not stop it nor did I give permission) update in the middle of a home recording session. It crashed and took out the hard drive data with it. Six months worth of work down the toilet (I did take the HD to a recovery outfit. $1300 to recover with no guarantees). Probably a fluke, I recognize it as such, but it still sucked REAL bad. I run an iMac now and haven't had a single problem. (to be fair and unbiased, I did have the MB fail on an older MBP, but it was a generation known to have the problem)/ I now backup every session to both external drive as well as cloud storage just in case.

    Started off with the tab book for Ride The Lightning and a Guitar World magazine with an Eric Johnson lesson in it. That carried me for a few months, then I moved half way across the country and I realized there was a lot more to learn. Took a few lesson and didn't have a good teacher so back to self taught. I eventually worked with a guy who had gone to GIT (back then that was the unchallenged holy grail of guitar education) and that seed was planted. Not long after, I packed up and moved to LA and attended GIT myself. I learned more there in a comparatively short time than I would have in ten years elsewhere. Took the next couple of years to assimilate what I learned, then found one of the world's most deeply buried jazz virtuosos, Gary Brunner, and took a few lessons to broaden my influence. By that time I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do as a guitar player so I just jammed with everyone I could from all kinds of styles. Several more years go by and I had the absolute blessing to sit down and study a bit with the one guy who inspired me to pick the thing up to begin with, and easily my number one influence.

    Now I've got 181 unpublished, unreleased songs spanning 20 years of my life so the next "lesson" will be to sit down and learn how to objectively be my own producer and start filing the songs into groups that could end up on the same album together and put some of it out 8)

    Well then. I was kinda bummed to not see a new thread with all the folks that got the editor before I did but alas, my hiatus has yielded nothing of the sort. LOL. Oh well.

    This is reminiscent of Eventide and the android app for the H9. People were losing their damn minds, accusing the Eventide folks of intentionally dismissing the android users and other wildly heinous actions. Someone from Eventide finally put it on the table and said "fine, you think you could do it? We'll PAY YOU. Hire on and develop it with/for us".

    What came of it? Crickets.

    It was a good three years between the desktop release and the android version, all the while the response was "we're working on it", which they were. It was a huge pain in the ass for them, but they got it done in a timeframe the company could support. Imagine how that went for three years, having a fully functional, operating version for Mac, Windows, AND I.os but no android. People screamed about how it couldn't be that hard to write the code and such since the platform was already there. But it was.

    I want the editor just like anyone else. I was super excited to get my hands on it after seeing it in action last January but I'm not gonna lose my marbles over it not being ready.

    When they released it all former owners had to / still have to pay if they'd like to have the upgrade. Not so for the editor.

    Thinkin' it's time for another couple of months hiatus from this forum. It was funny at first but some of you guys are way too eager to nitpick and just argue for the sake of arguing.