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    Kemper people - if you're going to NAMM let's get together. I'll be there tomorrow thru Sunday. There are several acceptable beer sites in and around the convention center.

    Text me: 985-956-0601

    I'm John!

    I'll be out there friday through sunday. I'll give you a shout after I've made the rounds :)

    I used MusicPro and they really came through like a champ a few years ago when my house was burglarized. Around here the homeowner's deductible is 1% of the home value putting mine at the time at $1800. My musicpro deductible was $100. I have a different policy now but I wouldn't hesitate to go through them again.

    - 34 songs is a big one. At my output rate that’d be 5 years work at least :)

    Thanks, it's a good 8 years worth of material I've been writing on the side as solo material between writing for the various bands I've been in. I'll make a separate thread for it once it's far enough along to start releasing some of it but I think you guys will dig it. A big focus for my trip to namm this year is to sit down and talk to the guy who has offered to help produce it all (believe me, I need the help!) and see how we can make that happen in a timely manner. I won't divulge who it is until we have an official agreement, but here's a hint: He was in Frank Zappa's band :)

    I need to pioneer a new internet shorthand marker. I`m going to start putting [tic] after sentences that are intended with Tongue In Cheek. Just having a little bit of fun up there, didn`t mean for anyone to take it quite so seriously.

    And I would have to politely decline an invitation to beta test for them. As I have only one device and I`m at right about the half way point in a 34 song, six EP marathon project I could not afford to have any unforeseen bugs . I need it to be as reliable as the sunrise and I`m happy to wait for the fully tested versions :)

    Good grief some of the things you guys will argue about. LOL.

    NAMM is two weeks away. I've seen the Kemper booth many time and it's always packed, always a good buzz regarding them. I'll have mine there doing a few demos for Wathen Audiophile and if no one beats me to it I'll post whatever news the folks at Kemper might have the minute I get it :-)

    (and yeah, I'll have my handy dandy thumb drive on me just in case there is a tasty show-only update)

    I'll be there. Anyone else going definitely feel free to give a shout. Let's at least give each other the finger as we walk past each other :-D

    I won't swear it's the KPA, but I can agree on anecdotal evidence. I've been using 1.14mm jazz III picks forever and I nabbed a few 3mm dawman jazz IIIs recently and I can definitely hear a difference. The old ones are definitely darker, "chunkier", if you will. I have literally scoffed at custom pick companies claiming their picks sound different in the past because I honestly never noticed a whisp of difference. Not anymore.

    I've seen him plug straight into a Marshall with absolutely no effects at all and sound like the gates of heaven opened up just for him. LOL. I just can't seem to mimic that particular edge and bite in his tone. Then again I don't play a strat through a marshall, either. On goes the quest :-D

    Yeah, yeah, I know. It´s the whole combo of parts connected, from amp to the player. I´m quite aware LOL. Just looking around for a tone that´s close to his on the Guitar Shop recordings. I don´t play a strat, and I use a pick so I know it´s going to be close at best but anyone able to point me towards that sound?

    Obviously not a gear related thread, but I'm not the newest guy on the block, either. LOL. Just seeing if any of you are heading to NAMM next month. I'll be out there floating between the Hipshot and DR booths friday and saturday. It'd be cool to put a face with a name if anyone from here will also be there

    Thanks for the link. That's what I always do in 7, and then temporarily turn it on when I feel like doing updates and dealing with any resulting chaos. We tried that trick at work (I'm a software dev) when 10 first came out and it didn't succeed, but I can't remember why. That was a while back, and I've slept since then. Maybe they've relaxed things a bit (hopefully!).

    Have a Surface Pro running 10 as part of my testing rig for work, think I'll try that and see if anything bizarre comes of it. I mean, you know, not that anything bizarre could happen with a Microsoft product...

    Doesn't work at all on the tablet I use for tuning my car (the tune software is only available for Windows or I'd be using my Mac). I've had the update notification interrupt tuning sessions on the dyno. Not something one wants to have happen pushing 36psi of turbocharger boost pressure. I want to like windows still but I just can't.

    Oh don't get me started on MS and W10. Back when W10 was brand new I was a Windows kind of guy and felt it would be neat to give it a go. A forced update came in corrupted and bricked my hard drive, relieving me of a year's worth of album work. Cost me $1600 to have it recovered and that was after having a friend who actually IS a rocket scientist give it his best effort. May be an isolated incident but it made me a Mac user for life.

    I've fallen in love with the Dawman picks I got, but I'm admittedly considering jumping ship. There's a company right here in Texas called Iron Age that makes handmade picks (I use their killswitch in my Brian Moore. Their stuff is fantastic). They have a pick that's shaped exactly like my dawman but theirs is polished all sides, which I don't like. If they can make them for me with rough finished edges I'll be all over supporting a local business (not to mention getting them a bit faster!).

    I'd assume it's because cables tend to attenuate the highs, the longer your cable runs are, the more it happens. S/pdif has all of the high end intact, that can seem harsh in comparison.

    And that may well be the case, but it fully represents my take on tone all together. As far as I`m concerned the tone I have now is perfect. It`s exactly what I was looking for, therefore it would be foolish to try and make it ¨better¨. The analog outs give me perfection, fighting with the digital out to get them to match seems futile. I mean all of that entirely as a compliment to the device :)

    I used the FCB - it was a good cheaper alternative but the remote is better mainly becuase:

    I found the FCB can get confused especially if you hit 2 buttons at once accidentally

    The display is way better on the remote

    Fewer ccables, including power

    I would really love it if the FCB didn't need the damn power cable. I absolutely second that observation.

    I don't mind using two midi cables, I just run two different colors to keep track.

    Haven't had it act up on me yet, but its day may come :-D