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    A very polarized conversation has stayed civil on the internet? Whoa. (lol)

    I`ll bring up Eventide again for two examples that pertain here. Regarding the editor for the H9, there were, as I mentioned before, people all bent out of shape over there being no android version of it. There was a Mac, iOS and Windows version that worked just fine, but some people were just compelled to get on a soapbox and cluck away about it, going so far as to Accuse Eventide of doing it on purpose. There were people on the forum that would come on and say along the lines of "if you don`t get us the android app I`m going to sell this thing and buy a strymon". Eventually Eventide admins came along and told those folks "haul your ass. Here`s a link to the for sale section". They don`t need every person who ever considered owing an H9 to buy one, nor are they expecting such.

    The second example with them is directly connected to C. Kemper. I was at NAMM two years ago and I had stopped by the Kemper booth after playing though a friends`device over the summer prior. There is a very specific tone I heard on an album and I wanted to be able to recreate it...ah that`s superfluous. I`ll get to it. I spoke with those guys for a long while about what it does and doesn`t do, and I told the man himself that I really love the way the KPA sounds but I had invested substantial effort into getting my stereo rig set up with the Eventide at the center of it. He says "the kemper effects loop can be set up in stereo. It`s not official, and it`s a workaround, but it can be done" (this was before they made an official stereo update). I waffled a little bit and mentioned my attachment to the Eventide harmonizer. He says "ours has a harmonizer, too". I reply, touting the legendary sound of eventide harmonizers and he says "Eventide sure does make wonderful sounds. Ours sounds good,too, but that`s not what you`re buying it for. You`re buying it for the same reason you got your Eventide. Because it does what it does better than anyone else".

    The point is that we buy these things for the way they sound. The KPA is a stunning champion in that regard. We measure a thing`s value on however many merits apply to it, and if the convenience of a fancy app to edit the device outweighs the quality of it`s sound for some people, fine. The KPA just isn`t for them. It doesn`t make them foolish or bull headed, it just makes them (very) differently motivated than I am.

    (incidentally, the only experience I have with the Fractal was at likely the biggest show of my career, performing with the guy in my avatar pic. It totally freaked out and wouldn`t load the proper presets and I ended up having to use the house rig. I got it done but it was a bruise on what should have been the ultimate gig of all time)

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback. There are several rigs I "like", but I bought the Kemper to dial in my own personal sound(s) and use it vs twiddling knobs and downloading new rigs more than I play it. I`ve owned a lot of amps in my day, played even more so I knew what I was after. It`s the equivalent of going out and buying five of my most ideal amps ever made and getting to bring all of them to every show, every session. Started weeding out the ones I know I`ll never use and the goal is to whittle it down to about ten rigs actually on board.

    Meh. Eventide got the same bunch of people who were all bent outta shape about not having an Android version of H9 Control. Yeah, it made things WAYYYYYYYYY easier, and I`m sure there were a handful of people who opted for another brand for it but in the end, the people who really wanted an H9 made it work because it is just superior to the competition in ways that matter to them. I would love a nice, rich editor for my KPA, especially now that I`m dialing in some very specific delay algorithms. But I`m not going to throw a tantrum about it. Trust me, I get it. We live in a world of convenience and we have been conditioned to expect it.

    FWIW, I`ve used the CTRLR editor for my grandmeisters. The platform is archaic but it works and I`ll certainly give it a whirl for the KPA.

    I love my Kemper. Like true love. It`s amazing. But there are a whole crapload of profiles that I am never, ever going to use on it. Since I`m about to start the process of setting it up to my personal performance needs I am considering removing all but a handful and just storing the extraneous ones on RM. I might end up with 12 rigs actually ON my device. A tenfold benefit alone in not having to scroll through fortyeleven profiles I don`t use if I were to ever need to in a hurry.

    Anyone else take this approach?

    Awesome, that makes it a very useful feature.

    As far as presets go, I`ve only had the thing for a few days now. I`m positive there is a way to do what I want, I just haven`t come across it yet. What I want is to have my clean tone, rock rhythm tone, heavy rhythm tone, and lead tone (with various stomps), plus my more experimental Buckethead-esque sounds in one place so that I can just tap a footswitch for each. I`m guessing I`d do it in performance mode. I`m sure once I get more familiar with the Kemper it`ll get more intuitive.

    Thanks. I`d seen that video and it doesn`t really tell me what I was looking for. Does the morph function only control one parameter? For instance, could it handle adding a bit of gain, mid, and volume to go from rhythm to lead tones?

    I`m thinking this is one of those times when the Kemper`s inability to store "presets" will expose it`s achilles heel. Don`t get me wrong, I love the thing, and if we can in fact have a true preset list please, please let me know!!

    I'm sure there is one, somewhere, hopefully I'm not just raping forum etiquette here.

    My understanding of MORPH is that it gives us the ability to use two setups of the same rig in 'basically' one pedal (preset, if you will). That will be very, very convenient if I am correct. If I am mistaken, can we entertain a conversation about what morph can do?

    Heya, Welcome! There are several threads on how to set up a whammy and hamonizer. Do you have a remote and/or a expression pedal?

    I do. I had an fcb1010 running both amps and the H9 simultaneously so I'm using it with the kpa now. I've ordered the Uno Kemper chip for it. Oddly enough, so far it's been easier to set up the midi than it has been to customize rigs/presets and organize them. I've only had it for a day and it's not like I won't figure it out. :)

    Did a little searching and didn`t turn up anything on the VL300. I had one a few years ago and it`s an amazing sounding amp, I only sold it because it was so freakishly loud. The clean channel on that amp is heavenly. I might know someone that has one and I`ll definitely scoop it up and profile it but I only see the guy once or twice a year so it could be a while. Anyone know of a good profile for it for the meantime?

    Hey folks! Since there is an introduction section, figured I`d use it.
    I first got the Kemper experience a few years ago jamming with my buddy Stig and I knew immediately I wanted one. I`d been playing through two H&K GM36s with an eventide H9 in stereo and while it was a sweet rig it was just soooo much to set up. Finally got my KPA today and I love it.

    What I need to do is spend the time and set up some personal sounds and get the pitch effects going (whammy and a couple of harmonizers) and figure out how to organize them close together. That`s first on the list.

    Looking to get profiles from a Carvin Legacy III as well. The gain channel is a fantastic rock tone and that amp has a glorious clean channel.

    I`ve had some really cool opportunities in the 28 years I`ve been playing and performed all over the United States in everything from fusion ensembles to Industrial metal bands. Working on my first solo album, a blend of Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck, and Buckethead might be a way to describe it. LOL. (I`m definitely not the shredder I used to be, and don`t really aspire to that style anymore, to be honest).

    So there it is. Hi and Hello from Texas, glad to be here.