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    If using a powered Kemper, what would be the proper specs when shopping for a UPS?

    I have my eye on a CyberPower OR500LCDRM1U 500VA 300W UPS.

    $150 at Newegg.

    I’m wondering if this would be enough 🤔.

    I have not used the power amp of my Kemper yet, but plan on trying it out soon.

    My Marshall cab is an 8ohm cab.

    That means my KPA will be running 600watt RMS.

    I’m thinking that a bigger UPS will be needed.

    How many are using an Uninterrupted Power Supply as opposed to trusting a Surge Protector?

    I have read that the KPA will shut down from sags or spikes with its built in protection.

    From that I think that it makes more sense to go with an UPS.

    How many are out playing different venues and use nothing or a Surge Protector and have had no problems?

    Gathering information here before I invest, thanks.

    I have tried hooking up my Line 6 POD HD 500 to my Kemper to compare my old effects while crafting and tweaking new effect settings in the Kemper for future use without the Line 6.

    I have tried hooking it up through the effects loop and then into the main input of the Kemper. Both installations seem to sound about the same. The effects sound distorted from my Line 6 or way turbo charged.

    I turned down the output of the Line 6 but it did not help.

    The Line 6 effects don’t sound good using with the Kemper. Does anyone know what I might be missing, thanks?

    I am understanding this more now with your guys help.
    The manual, seems to explain some things in detail and others not so much.
    My problem was the Lock feature.
    I understand it’s use along with when it’s best to apply it now. Copy and Pasting Effects and Modules is proving to be a big help also.
    I plan to setup a few Performances for specific songs and a few basic with all needed rigs and most used effects for toggling on the fly.
    Rome was not built in a day. Slowly figuring out this beast, ha ha.
    Thanks, guys

    Hello, everyone.

    I'm new to Kemper and have been slowly figuring this beast out to meet my live needs. One thing that I have not been able to figure out is adding new effects to new performances.
    Say I set up a Performance and add the effects that I need for that particular performance.I have a Clean, Distorted, and Lead channels (RIgs) set in that Performance. I add the Effects that I'll need to share between these Rigs in this Performance. All is good. I Lock the Effects and Stomps.
    Next I create a new Performance. Some new Rigs with Clean, Distorted, and Lead presets. Now, I want to have new Effects and Stomps to be shared in this Performance as opposed to the Effects and Stomps that I used in the previous Performance. How do I add new Effects in these Stomps and Effects presets without changing the Effects that are locked in the previous Performance? This is my biggest hurdle right now with my KPA. Loving this unit so far. If someone can free me to move on from this, I would much appreciate it, thanks.