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    I'd love a page or section in the forum devoted to Effects Presets with people posting them in text and then you could just twiddle the knobs yourself to get to see what others are doing without having to use any interface with the Kemper. I especially would find this useful with the new verbs. I hate having to mess with copying stuff or usb sticks because I do not have a home pc but would love to see what people are coming up with as to effects. Is there a reader out there that can take a kipr file and tell you what the delay or verb settings within that file are? I have the Rev Surf etc all in kipr format but would like to read the text settings for tweaking ideas.

    This is a great option, but I wonder if there is a place where you can get effects preset parameters so you can manually enter them? I don't always want to clunk up my presets as I have a lot of frequently used ones in high alphabetical placement but I'd like to try the new kemper effects presets (like entering Cave or Surf from 5.7 verbs etc one at a time rather than restoring presets) or see what others are doing. Something that just lists the parameters in text.

    I've gone with Neodymium lightweight speakers in a DVMark 2X12 cab voiced for guitar. I use a Crown XLS 1502 for power for my unpowered Kemper and it rocks in stereo or the beastly mono bridge mode for which I have a special Speakon altered just for that mode-it takes a lot of SS power to do what a 40 watt tube combo can do. No part of my rig weighs over 27lb and most parts are under 10 lbs. I use my venerable and affordable Berhinger Ultrastack for FRFR rehearsal since it is so heavy I never want to move it again. It is cool to have something with FRFR so you can test out your cabs.