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    I just updated to OS7 and read the addendum, as mentioned above, that instructed to DELETE all presets, then reload them from the SYSTEM menu using the FACTORY PRESETS.

    PROBLEM 1: The FACTORY item is still not in the SYSTEM menu

    PROBLEM 2: The Addendum still has these bogus instructions in them, months later.

    PROBLEM 3: The Addendum does mention that you can import the entire set (or select elements), but does not mention how -- this is not good user documentation. I tried the usual (select all, look in the right-click context menu, searched around menus). Only after coming to this forum thread did I see that I could just drag them from the Preset Packs\Kemper Factory Content folder to the Preset Packs\My Profiler. DO NOT make assumptions like that in user documentation. If you don't know why, don't worry about it -- just hire some proper content people.

    Note to self: double-check all Kemper recommendations and makes sure all menu items actually exist before taking their recommendation for you to DELETE ALL presets.


    RE stands for RigExchange. Start the RigManager and you can download rigs from there.

    Ah, cool. Yes, I use RM already and am still going through the included Rig Packs.

    I see RE, but I thought was just a user swapping area. Dennis (above) seems to be talking about a market place where rigs are sold ("BUY rigs every week").

    I just checked a few RE rigs at random, double-clicking them, and they seemed to load into the KP temp area just fine (without asking for payment).

    I also wonder about this "so I indicate Les Paul or Gibson retc on every rig as I fine tune"

    "retc" Typo or another undefined acronym?

    Thanks to any pointers y'all!


    Thanks, good suggestion. Can you expand a bit on who/what "RE" is?

    Note that I'm not big on factory presets / rigs either really. I was only messing with them because I thought they would contain some rigs that showcased the new features on the newly released OS. Spoiler: they don't at all as far as I can tell, which is weird.

    Thanks, Chris

    I send the SPDIF to my DAW, so the main outputs are available as sends. Plus there are two pair of main outputs (XLR plus 1/4"), so if they're both active, there's that available for stereo send.

    I have those main outputs routed through a patch bay so I can re-configure them easily (send them to any outboard effects, then either send them to my DAW (digital interface) or return to the KA returns (Return + Alternative configured to stereo).

    I also run the Direct Out/Send + Monitor Output pair to the patch bay, so I can send them places as well, either the DAW (what I do) or back to the KPA returns (I don't generally do this, but I think you can), though the sends won't be stereo out of the KPA as far as I know (which is what I think you're asking for).

    This is all studio-centric, so might not be ideal for a live rig. Or it could work, I don't know.


    To answer my own question: there are a small number that imported, something under 20. so it's manageable.

    And most of those (if not all) ARE dups. but you can safely go through in Rig Manager and delete the ones with older dates. Be sure to check each to see if you have marked it as favorite so you can mark the new version. Review the sound between them -- I found no differences, but kept the new ones anyway.

    Back up your rigs before hand, just in case.


    I've been going through the new rigs one by one in Rig Manager and previewing them on the Profiler, keeping the ones I like and skipping those that already exist.

    But are the older / existing rigs updated? Should I just import them all?

    Note: I've avoided doing this because I've had bad duplication issues in the past, where I updated the 5.1 or 5.5 content (I forget which) and all of the sudden I had dups of butt-loads of rigs. That took a LONG TIME to clean up. However, I just did a test, uploading the first 3 rigs in the 5.7 content, only one of them with a new name, and there are no dups.


    FYI: I'm also having problems with the automatic update.

    But I can cancel out of the install (rather than press the Install Update button) when the first dialog comes up, and then use Rig Manager just fine, not getting the update, but not stuck in a loop. If you do press the Install Update button and it fails, then yeah, you're left without Rig Manager running. Hitting Cancel allows you to keep going with the Rig Manager you already have installed.

    I'm going to try the manual download mentioned above.

    Note: I am NOT going to select the INCLUDE PUBLIC RELEASE checkbox. I'm not installing personally NOT installing V 5.0.17134.228 of RM for the public beta, I'm just trying to update to the newest release version.


    Thanks Dennis, I appreciate the <ahem> civility.

    I did see a lot of threads talking about Rig Manager in respect to the version required for the public beta. Is that what you're talking about? Because I'm simply talking about the previous public RELEASE version. And I did search for topic about that, swimming among the much more active public beta threads (and the videos required to get it to install).

    So I'll go look again, now that you assure me that there's something there.

    Maybe it's just me, but my response would have been "Yeah, it's been reported -- you must have missed it -- here's a link".

    Edit: just a clue to show I'm not lazy, look at my post again. It took awhile to compose that, capture and include a screen shot -- I put forth that effort only after browsing the forums. Also, when I typed the title of the above post, the forum software gave a bunch more possible existing post selections, which I browsed, and there still wasn't anything that addressed my specific issue.

    Current Version v2.1.41

    Update Version v2.1.61

    OS: Windows 7

    When I run Rig Manager Current version, it comes up with an update dialog, listing the changes for the Update version, so I do the following:

    • Press the "Install Update" button on the above mentioned update dialog
    • Get a "Downloading Update" window with progress, which completes.

    But it then fails with the following dialog box:

    [Blocked Image:]

    The update seems to not be calling the Windows Updater correctly. I searched this forum and didn't find any other mentions. If this needs to be reported to a ticketing system, let me know and I'll do that (can someone remind me where that is?)

    Thanks much, Chris

    Selected filters in the rig-selection are simply not reapplied on reboot.

    Actually, I don't lose the filters. When I reboot, it is still set to FAVORITES, "Sorted By Name", and is sitting at the same RIG it was at on power off.

    The bug is that when I move from that RIG to the one before or after it, it goes to some far off seemingly-random RIG. not to the RIG that it should go to, sorted by name.

    After that (once it jumps to some weird place), the before and after works fine (goes from the RIG your at to the previous or next RIG, sorted by name).


    Browsing rigs works fine with you are in ALL RIGS mode.

    But I've had the following issue in LAST IMPORTED mode and now also when browsing in FAVORITES mode. Try this

    1. Change rig browsing mode to FAVORITES, with "Sorted by name"
    2. Browse to any rig — remember the name
    3. Shut down the Profiler (let it power all the way down)
    4. Turn on the Profiler (let it full load)
    5. You should be in the rig browsed to in step 2
    6. Press the left or right button (for previous or next rig).

    Did it go to the next rig, sorted by name? Probably not. To check, go back (do the opposite of what you did in step 6 — if you pressed the left arrow, now press the right arrow).

    It kind of makes browsing useless from day to day. If you don't pay attention, you jump to somewhere weird and may not remember where you were before.

    Is this a known issue?

    Or, is it just me?


    PS: I reported this when I first found it, when my Kemper was brand spanking new, when I noticed the behavior while browsing LAST IMPORTED; but I got absolutely NO response then. I hope I get something this time, especially since it seems to be more widespread than just happening in LAST IMPORTED browse mode.

    Hey there,

    I primarily use to my Kemper via S/PDIF into my audio interface.

    My interface settings have Clock Source set to Internal (it's not syncing to the Kemper), so that's not a problem for me at least.

    I see above "only use one cable" which makes no sense. You need only one to go from the Kemper to your interface, but if you have a 2nd cable going back the other direction, it shouldn't be a problem (both the Kemper and my audio interface have 2 RCA S/PDIF plugs, one for in, one for out).

    How about the Kemper clock rate? Your audio interface might not give you any signal if the clock rate isn't the same. I have both set to 96kHz (as well as my DAW). If you have one set to 96kHz, but the interface is set to / expecting something else such as 44.1kHz, that might be a problem. (Note: mine still gives me audio if I have those mismatched, but it's poor quality and has digital clicks / noise, but yours may actually just mute the signal on a mismatch.)

    How about the Kemper analog out to your interfaces analog inputs -- signal there?

    Also check to see if the problem isn't with the routing to the headphones. Take those off and bring up your DAW, create an audio track and arm it for recording. Do you get a reading on that track (LEDs going up or something)? Because that would mean that your system IS getting the Kemper digital signal, but you have an issue routing it to the headphone outputs.

    I have the S/PDIF, analog main outs, plus the auxiliary outs (configured to stereo) all running into my system and all working.

    Do you have another device with S/PDIF outputs? If so, does that device work?