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    At those who also had an issue with syncing performances between the Kemper and Rig Manager:

    I had created a new performance in Rig Mgr. Whenever I loaded this performance in the Kemper, the Kemper crashed. I suspect that it was this performance, which created the sync issue between the Kemper and Rig Manager. I have now deleted this (corrupt) performance on the Kemper and Kemper and Rig Manager now run smoothly.

    Ok, today I tried multiple times to create a new performance filling each of the five slots with the same rig (Michael Britt Taylor K4 3). First, it would not allow me to save it local or to the Kemper using the orange buttons at the bottom of the main screen. Then, most or all of the slots were reverting to crunch when I changed slots. Then, it started crashing and giving me an error message when I tried to drag and drop the rig onto new slots in a new performance. I shut down and rebooted a couple of times. Will submit to support but attaching the error pic here for reference.

    I have the same issue and error message and have also reported to support.

    I have the same issue. I think my problem with this started when I created a new profile in the new Beta Rig Manager. This new profile somehow always let a a crash of my Kemper, so that I ultimately deleted this new rig. Now, the Kemper hangs trying to sync the performances. I have already uninstalled Rig Manager and reinstall, but the sync problem persists.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I have already send an email to Support.

    Ahhhh. I had issues with this lately as well, in the sence that I could not load rigs in browser mode via RM from the local library and store (replace) changes. I could, however, access rigs from RM that were stored on the Kemper and replace them. Therefore, I dealt with this by copying the rig onto the Kemper, made changes there and then copied back to the local library where I keep my profiles.

    From Burhard's comment above it doesn't sound like this limitation is about to go away soon, even though with the soon-to-be-upgraded Editor, users are likely to use RM even more to load and tweak profiles. Is there a smarter way to deal with this limitation? Is it better to keep profiles on the Kemper than on the local library?

    Hi, I am a relatively new user and love my Kemper and couldn't be happier with the tones, but in terms of ease of use I have the following problem:

    I used to own a Line 6 Spider V amp, which came along an online database of rigs/sounds many of which were targeting to replicate sounds used in popular songs. You could e.g. type in Sultans of Swing and something like 40 rigs would appear on the list. Each were rated by users and with a quick play through it was quite fast to identify the best rig to use as a starting point to cover sounds.

    When I type in a song name (or band/artist) in Rig Manager, I often get no results at all. Rig Manager appears to be essentially an amp exchange, but since I love to cover songs it is quite cumbersome to get to a a good rig. I have previously bought rigs/performances tailored to cover songs (Pink Floyd in particular), but the offering seems very limited (and also comes at a cost).

    Am I missing something and do you have a suggestion for me (incl. directing me to previous threads on this topic)?

    If not, why has this sort of rig exchange for cover songs / signature sounds not developed?

    From my point of view, this would be a very useful and important feature.

    Many thanks, Pito