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    This is a great versatile pack . I highly recommend. I tried his xtc pack and wasnt too impressed. I had some hesitation picking up the JJ pack because of my fist experience. Glad I took the chance. A little bit of tweaking for my setup but im quite pleased.

    Thanks! for $300 for the pair, its worth a shot. Currently, Im using two QSC K12's, which also serves as my PA. But, I wanted my Rig stand alone. I guess worst case scenario, I can use the EV's for the PA if I don't get along with them with the Kemper.

    Killer wahs ! Thanks.

    I did experience an issue. I imported one of the wahs into an existing performance. For some reason the delay I had within this performance has been disengaged. I cant figure out how to re-engage it? Does anyone know what may have happened? TIA