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    I noticed something a while ago I think I reported it at the time but I might be wrong (I’m getting old and forgetful 😆) so bear with me.

    I think I might have noticed a situation where I accidentally made some performances In RM with the KPA Broswer Mode. In this case the performances saved automatically. however, when making a performance with the KPA set to Performance mode I had to physically store the performance. I wonder if this did happen (or is just my imagination).

    FarleyUK could you try making a performance with the KPA set to Browser Mode and see if you get this behaviour. Its maybe a long shot but it might help find the root of your problem.

    I'll try, but I NEVER use browse mode... I always stay in performance mode.

    FarleyUK do what you prefer to do, I just wanted to help. In the end, you're the one who's claiming that this happened before ("and once again"). So I'd assume that rolling back to a previous version will not necessarily change anything for you. When I said "watch a bit closer", I didn't mean that you should take care of what you do. What I was trying to say is that you watch a bit closer what happens, sorry if that came across wrongly. Because if you find more information, we might be able to help more.

    Fair enough, understood - I'll try rolling back, and then re-installing 7.5 beta again and see if the same thing happens.

    i think you should start to watch a bit closer to what you do before this apparently happens. i'm pretty certain that things do not just save themselves just like this. we're not seeing those things here.

    note, when you start Rig Manager it will sync the content of your Profiler. So, assuming that things change over night the pretty much only chance for this to happen is that those changes you did never made it to your Profiler. And this could well have to do with an issue related to the connection. I'm just thinking out loud here.

    With all due respect, I think I'd know if I saved it manually - and there were no changes made to the profiler that would have needed to be reflected in RM. It is also not 'apparently' happening, it IS happening. As stated, I did not save anything either via RM or the Kemper before this happened; this occured directly after the upgrade procedure.

    The upgrade workflow for me was:

    1. Turn on Kemper

    2. Load RM

    3. Update via RM

    I'm just going to downgrade and wait for the release, as the latest beta's have been far too buggy IMO.

    Upgraded to the 7.5 beta today, along with the new RM release, and once again, performanbces have been saved without me doing anything.

    I have a performance in slot 2 called GREENBACKS, and one in slot 3 called PLEXI. I was last in performance 3 on slot 1 when I turned the Kemper off yeesterday - I didn't save anything as no changes were made. I updated to the new 7.5 earlier, and once it rebooted, it has copied the name of performance 2 onto performance 3, and also the details from slots 2 to 5 of performance 2 into performance 3... as well as renaming slot one of performance 3!

    This is getting a bit crazy now, as there seems to be continous issues with how the new RM handles and saves performances (or doesn't). Here are a couple of screengrabs:

    As many of you know, I'm a big, big fan of TopJimi's Marshall stuff - specifically the Caswell AFD profiles. No matter how many other profiles I buy, I just can't find anything that sounds as good to me (including all the 'big name' packs).

    Over the weekend, I re-organised my Rig Manager library (which was fun.... would be great if we could import folder structures!) and thought I'd re-try the Pete's Profiles Wilder JCM stuff. When I combined an OwnHammer IR with the medium gain Wilder DI profile, it sounded amazing! I spent a good 45 mins just jamming around with it.

    If you're a fan of modded Marshall sounds, I'd highly recommend you check it out.

    Anyone else tried one of these...?…rt-irt-pulse-effect-pedal

    I've just got one, and placed it in front of the Kemper. Tried to set it so that when bypassed, the volume is the same as when engaged.... and IMO, it really makes a difference. Things just sound and feel that much more 'alive' now. Also tried it going into an interface and then a VST - feels much better than playing direct into the interface.

    Only trouble is, with the Kemper it's pretty noisy so have to have the global noisegate around 4.5 :(

    Hi all,

    Due to various reasons involving logistics, I’m looking to get a plugin or amp sim software for my PC when I cannot use the Kemper. However, one key feature is that it must be very responsive and have the same kind of ‘feel’ as the Kemper does.

    I’ve got the HX Stomp and IMO it doesn’t have a great ‘feel’ to it, so wouldn’t be interested in Helix Native. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Neural DSP plugins though, but they all seem to be ‘chugs-chugga-WWAAAAAAA’ stuff. I’d be using it for blues, classic rock and 80’s rock / metal mainly.

    Has anyone got any recommendations? I’m very new to all this!

    Hi all,

    Long story short, my Kemper is in my lounge connected to the laptop which is connected to my TV. Setting up to practice is a pain, as it means I either have to hog the TV or move everything somewhere else (including the audio interface etc.).

    What I’m trying to figure out is if there’s a way I can connect to the Kemper remotely. Say, for example, if I took the laptop and used a second interface in my office when the Mrs wants to watch to TV (as an example!), is there some way to connect to the Kemper without having to unplug everything, bring it with me etc.?

    It’s times like this that I really wish Kemper had a VST plugin or something....!

    Thanks all :)

    EDIT - stupidly, I’ve just realised it’s not going to be possible anyway, as the audio has to travel back from the Kemper obviously....!!! D’oh.

    I use a Stomp as my backup rig; but TBH, I really notice the difference in feel when playing it compared to the Kemper. It's a fantastic little unit - and Line 6 support and customer service is second to none - but I may well be selling it once the Neural Quad Cortex comes out.