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    They might have had the NDSP or Fractal guys write it....

    ok .... I've been looking for a decent slash profiler for years with no luck what so ever then yesterday I purchased this Pack and let me tell you this is by far the most f***ing amazing thing I' ve ever tried on my Kemper !! thank you Top Jimi this is the best xmas gift I could expect to receive this year!!

    (ps: try the tj slash 04 velvet with sweet child o mine ....absolutely amazing )

    Sollazzon I have the Caswell as well , I ll be honest I didn't personally love that but this one for me is a whole new game , I d give it a go if I was you

    See, I feel the opposite; the Caswell AFD is a lot more 'Slash' than this pack, IMO. Not saying it's a bad pack at all - far from it - but for me, the Caswell is much better.

    Cannot WAIT to try these - love the Caswell AFD pack (that's my go-to sound for all patches); nobody has been able to get the Illusion era tone, so will be interesting to see how these fare...

    Just purchased them - cheers Jimi!

    'Short delay' has been announced, with no new date.

    I have to say, communication from Neural has been utter crap. Certainly left a very sour taste in my mouth.

    Nope, and to be fair I'm not basing my review on any criticism of the unit's sound or even that it might work great and even be preferable for many users. In fact, if one was starting completely from scratch and has no plans to bring in things from other presets, they might find the Quad's workflow preferable; setting up something from nothing is probably FASTER on the Quad. This is especially true if an audio gap between presets isn't something they have to worry about. Guys that want to do a ton of parallel processing (which I don't) might require the Quad to make it happen. But that freedom has costs in efficiency, which I explained. The Quad, in terms of organization is pretty much the Helix, which I owned, played for 60 hours, and returned, less because of it's inferior sound (the not bad at all) but because the headache of staying organized for which I couldn't find a suitable work-around. My comparison between the Helix and Kemper was also before Kemper added the Editor, but even then I found it easier to stay organized. I would use this analogy. The Helix is like sweeping a huge gymnasium with a wide push broom; the kemper like using a standard broom in 14x14 foot room. Even with a much smaller broom, it takes a fraction of the time to finish sweeping, because there's less to keep clean. Now with the KPA editor, it's like having both brooms available for sweeping that small room, if you actually want both. But there's nor reason to worry about keeping a gymnasium clean unless you actually have a use for a gymnasium.

    I'm just confused how you can state all of this as 'fact', when the device isn't even out yet.

    You're basing this all on guesses and assumptions from marketing videos (of which there have been very few). I'd hold off until the device is (eventually) out.

    (And I speak as someone who is potentially replacing the Kemper with the QC, if it performs as well or better for my situation. Just waiting for Neural to pull their fingers out...).

    Have you already got the QC then...?

    Neural does great VSTs and it would be cool to be able to use them live with dedicated hardware. My one question on this is, how does it FEEL? What puts the Kemper head and shoulders over everything else I've ever played on is the feeling of playing it. The Helix feels dead by comparison.

    Fully agree. This is the main thing for me as well.

    Neural have recently stated that a lot of the amps and FX will not be ready at launch, as well as the editor, hybrid mode etc.

    Slightly disappointing, but still looking forward to getting it.

    Personally, I'm a massive TJ advocate. I use pretty much his profiles exclusively when gigging (remember gigs? Yeah, me too....), and still have a studio EQ in my chain to remove anything under about 100Hz, and anything over around 8kHz.

    You may want to try the Caswell AFD profiles as well..... they're fantastic!

    i wonder if there will be a pc editor and what will it look like and what amp parameters there will be

    yes, there will be.

    And a tablet and phone editor, as the device has Bluetooth.

    Not sure why everyone is freaking out about having to edit it on the switches at a gig.... you just use the dedicated app.

    That’s what I’ll be doing, anyway.

    I keep running this movie in my head of setting up and playing in a scummy bar. Then I go to the bathroom, come back, stomp on the buttons, then bend down and turn them to change a parameter.

    Eeeewww... yuk.

    .... or you could use the editor on your phone / tablet?

    Reports on other sites say Neural is shipping product to pre-purchasers for free. On the subject of paying for updates - the deal seems to be that those who have Neural DSP models in plugin format will be able to import them onto the new hardware and those who don't own them will not have them included.

    Seems they are trying to straddle the two worlds - the old one of loyal customers who have bought their software for $$$ and the new one of purchasers of the hardware who rightly expect them to shovel in everything they have by way of models and cabs etc. Given that the software models will remain on sale and will no doubt be augmented by others in time, it seems like a two tier world and "paying for updates/expansions" seems like a fair criticism of this system in a market where estabished competitors like Line 6 and Fractal give everything they have to purchasers of their hardware.

    Not quite....

    They have stated that - similar to Helix, Fractal etc. - ALL amps, cabs etc. in the device will be available for EVERYONE. For FREE. Forever. As well as future updates.

    In the future, you will be able to 'import' any Neural plugin amps you own into the device; however, you would need to have owned these previously. They are also suggesting plugins will be discounted for all QC owners as well. This makes sense to me.

    However, they will not be giving the plugins away for free on the QC; they're two seperate lines of business, similar to Helix and Native.

    Had a rather confusing response from Neural:

    "Our store works in Euros. Anyway, you could see a different currency that's depending on your geo-localization.

    We will contact you a couple of weeks before your shipment.

    Tier 1 and 2 feature exclusive perks by Neural DSP. Also, you will receive your Quad Cortex unit before than the other retailers.

    [Regarding the retail price in GBP] The price should be the same always. So, if you want to check the price in different currencies, feel free to use an external converter."

    No idea what the perks are, and if I'm in the UK - why do I see dollars according to the above? Not quite sure what I'm supposed to do with the currency converter they mention; there's already a huge difference when converting the value from Euros to GBP or dollars to GBP.

    Can't wait to get the unit as I think it looks amazing and has superb potential - but not overkeen on the potential flustercluck the launch will be.

    Must've backtracked from an early demo I watched (Might've been NAMM), or the interviewer had it wrong? Deffo saw it online though (so it must be true!) :)

    Well, let's put it this way - it had better not be true or I think they're going to have shot themselves in the foot!

    Don't they charge for additional amp models too? For that reson, if I was in, I'd be out!

    Nope, not that I've heard. All updates are free, similar to Helix.

    They did mention that there will also be a free update in the future to load in any of the Neural plugins you have.

    Mine is due to arrive in November.... but Neural have been shocking in the communications.

    I'm in the UK, and have been charged in Euro's for the deposit.... but the balance is payable in euros or dollars. How does that work? Can I decide which currency to pay in?

    Plus, it seems like we get it the same time as retailers..... so why would I purchase direct? What benefit have I gained from pre-ordering? We were supposed to get it a month or so early.

    The Facebook groups are not especially happy places right now!