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    What I wanted to add: I am still quite excited about this unit. I had a web chat with Steven from Ndsp, some time ago. He answered that the QC would (quote:) "definitely be able to do that on the same, if not better level" to my question if I could expect the QC to reproduce my tube amps like my Kempers. He did not say anything in detail other than to somehow "promise" that. Well, I really can't wait to hear first real working units and not those crappy first sound samples from winter namm.

    Yeah, and not just chuggachuggawaaaah stuff either.

    OK, just recorded a rough take on another song, and tried to get the levels of each instrument and vocals right before mixdown. Then using LANDR to create a master mix version - but I've no idea which is better!

    Would you guys suggest verion 1 or 2?

    VERSION 1:

    VERSION 2:

    Longer path involving more A/D and D/A conversions?

    The lower the quality of your interface, the more-apparent this difference will be. Spend over $1000 US and you'll likely be able to send the signal through the A/D and D/A stages a dozen times consecutively before you notice anything. Spend $200 or less and a difference might be noticed after only a few, or even one trip. I'm generalising of course; there are exceptions in both price ranges.

    This is assuming that you haven't inadvertently applied some sort of plugin processing that's degraded the signal.

    Don't think it's that - using a Focusrite 18i8 2nd Gen interface, and no plugins on the track.

    Have been using the Kemper via SPDIF at 96kHz, but also tried 44.1 and 48.

    Trying to record some more tunes, and I've noticed the recorded sounds are more compressed and gainy than the sounds I'm getting via the monitors; any idea why that might be?

    Hi all,

    I’ve recorded my first ever track - all guitars are via the Kemper and Studio One. Quite a steep learning curve, but happy with the end result!

    Will be uploading more this week as well, as I’ve got a week off work. Constructive feedback is welcome :)

    Hi guys,

    Bare with me on this, it's the first time I've tried recording...!

    I've got a Focusrite 6i6 2nd Gen interface, and am running Studio one v5. I have the Kemper connected via SPDIF to the interface, and the audio settings configured accordingly within Studio one. I wanted to try re-amping, so have the left channel on one strip and the right channel on another. SPDIF output set to Studio Git.

    However... the Kemper sounds pretty bad when trying to record this way. The only way I can describe it is fizzy and compressed; it sounds much more open and 'responsive' if I connect the headphones directly to the Kemper itself!

    Is this likely just the interface colouring the sound? Are there any settings I need to ensure I've set within Studio One or the Focusrite software?

    Plugins (Neural and Helix Native) sound fantastic - but I really want to use the Kemper for recording as well. I'll attempt the whole reamping stuff once I've got the sound sorted...

    Any guidance would be massively appreciated - thanks in advance!

    I'm really excited for the QC - I'm in the second wave of pre-orders. My concern is similar to the plugins though, and as dmatthews mentions above - all demos are all CHUGGCHUGGAWAAAAAAAHHHHH. Completely loses nuances in demos, and it just seems a competition to show how heavy it can sound.

    I noticed something a while ago I think I reported it at the time but I might be wrong (I’m getting old and forgetful 😆) so bear with me.

    I think I might have noticed a situation where I accidentally made some performances In RM with the KPA Broswer Mode. In this case the performances saved automatically. however, when making a performance with the KPA set to Performance mode I had to physically store the performance. I wonder if this did happen (or is just my imagination).

    FarleyUK could you try making a performance with the KPA set to Browser Mode and see if you get this behaviour. Its maybe a long shot but it might help find the root of your problem.

    I'll try, but I NEVER use browse mode... I always stay in performance mode.