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    Hi all,

    Just curious what everyone is setting as a hi-cut value (if you use one)? I used to cut anything above 7kHz, but have now increased it to 8kHz. Wondered if that was 'normal'...?

    I use the morph feature. I always have a studio EQ in the X slot, and simply boost the output of that while reducing some treble and bass in the EQ. I sometimes increase the amp gain slightly too.

    i wouldn’t expect the 8 ohm output to do any damage to a 4ohm cab. The danger is more likely to be that the Kemper only supplies a 4ohm load so the Red Sound amp may get damaged. Check with Red Sound. The other option would be to chain two Kones in series which would give you and 9 ohm load.

    That was from RedSound directly, via the supplier.

    For anyone else looking to replace their speaker in a RedSound cab - just got this from the UK distributor:

    Sorry, looks like a no go for the Kone. All the physical parameters are probably okay, main problem is that the output of the Red Sound is 8 ohms, and the Kone is a 4 ohm speaker, which would not only give a bad sound, but in all likelihood would damage the Kone.

    Apologies if this has been asked already:

    Can you fit the Kone into a powered speaker cab? I'm currently using 2 RedSound LG12 powered cabs in stereo, and it would be great if I can swap the speakers to Kones.

    I'm tempted to get the 'All Profiles' pack, but I'm very very cautious; I've been burnt before on many profiles, where they sound nothing like the demos. I'd only be interested in about 6 amps - but at that price, it's the same as ALL the profiles. However, I'm just quite dubious about the quality after recently wasting $40 on some profiles that were pretty rubbish...!

    I know it's cheeky to ask, but are there any discount codes or anything that are live...? Or are there any demos of these on Rig Exchange?

    I had the same thing on 7.19; I'd hoped it was fixed in this release :(

    Just had the Mimiq arrive, and I think my previous unit must have been a duff one - this one is much better!

    Tried it both in a stereo loop (Direct out via TS cable into MONO in on Mimiq, loop is set in the MOD slot as have an EQ in the X slot) and between the output of the kemper and input on a stereo device, and it's much better in the loop I think.

    I'm impressed!

    One thing I don't get - if you run two cabs and have the Mimiq in the X slot as stereo, I'm assuming you still use stereo delay etc. with the stereo setting above 100%...?

    I had this happen a few times, but in different performances - and I have no idea why. I can't seem to replicate it either, but it seemed to store the last performance I created and saved on the previous performance I created and saved.

    Very frustrating.

    They really do need to give us a guide on suggested / expected workflow, or we're all shooting in the dark.

    I did exactly the same, but then I got a second Kemper, and bought it again. Works great, all the issues (like in my case, the left side sounded duller than the right) were gone.

    I'm tempted to try it again as well.... however, I found that it added a fair bit of shrillness to the signal :(

    Out of interest, how do you have it configured? I run in stereo anyway, so had it as the 2 1/4" outs on the Kemper to the Inputs on the Mimiq, and then the two Mimiq outs to two RedSound cabs (via TRS jacks).

    Just encountered another issue.....

    The last performance I created just over-wrote the previous performance; names and rigs etc. To get around this, I tried to re-create the new performance again by locking the EQ in the X slot and selecting a rig in Rig display mode. I saved the performance, but then the amp seemed to be the one present in the other previous performance slot.


    I have the same problem. Also RM will save a rig (Seemingly Random) to a completely different performance. I caught it last night. Where on the bottom corner of the window will say save to performance slot #6 (which #6 is the one I was working on) would sometimes say Save to Performance Slot #1

    Oh sh*t, I'll have to check that. Got a gig on Saturday so can't afford this to mess the performances up.

    I created a new performance last night using 3 slots in the performance. I saved several times to the Kemper, but when I accessed it today, the third slot is blank - and slots 1 and 2 don't have a lot of the changes I made to them prior to the save.

    Also - there seems to be a bug around enabling a performance slot. When you click an empty slot, you cannot click the icon to enable it. You have to navigate to another performance and then back before it can be enabled.

    The same thing happens with re-naming as well - you seem to have to navigate and load another performance and then come back before you can re-name it.