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    lol. What a cluster* that was! It took years and never worked.

    Potentially half of that could be said about the Kemper editor....!

    Here's hoping it actually works when released. Can you imagine the wave of fury if it doesn't work, after all these delays? I think the internet would melt.

    All my previously saved performances were deleted during the 'Great-Rig-Manager-Downgrade-Then-Upgrade-Then-Downgrade-Due-to-Bugs-Then-Upgrade' of 2019. I've spent a good couple of hours bending down to the Kemper and trying to dial in every effect for every performance manually, from memory. Which is not easy when you have performance for things like Wanted Dead or Alive and I Want to Break Free.

    I cannot tell you how many times I thought "FFS, I really wish I had an editor for this.....".

    Anyone else get excited about the post announcement in the 'Announcements' forum.... only to then have all your hopes and dreams crushed when you see it's just a minor OS update...

    for what its worth i used to use the transpose and thought it was gash.

    I use it now in the rig button settings, and it seems to sound better in there.

    U just save the transpose as a full rig rather than in a stomp.

    Try it, see what u think !

    Yep, that's what I'm doing. Don't see the point in using a stomp slot for it.

    Check these numbers against any other topic on the forum. Over 2 THOUSAND replies here. You can argue about the content of each, but what you cant argue about are the numbers. This thread proves (to me) just how popular the idea of an Editor is. ^^ :thumbup:

    Just like Brexit....


    So to summarize 115 pages of comments and many other editor threads over the years. What we know for sure:

    When the editor arrives, the net time it will save us and the convenience it will provide in our lives will be vastly exceeded by the hours we spent thinking, hoping, discussing, and arguing about it before it is actually released.

    That's assuming it has the functionality we're expecting....

    Almost every time I scroll up and down performances on the head, it skips ahead two. For example, on performance five, I press the scroll down button and it goes to three.

    Happened since the first 7 beta.

    I did have to look at the Kemper video on where to find the bloody midi settings per slot... but basically:

    1. Set Kemper to use OMNI channel, set Whammy to use OMNI channel

    2. Set Kemper Midi Out to Midi In on Whammy, set the Midi Device A as the Whammy via Midi Out

    3. In a performance slot, pressed the button for edit -> Slot Settings -> Midi (I think!) and then selected the Midi device as Whammy, Program change to be whatever it needed to be form the Whammy manual (think it was PC 78 to enable the droptune 1 semitone)

    4. For EVERY other non-Whammy patch, set it so that the midi command was the one that bypassed the droptune on the whammy (something like PC60 I think)

    That enabled the whammy to change based on the performance slot :)

    I'm assuming having the whammy in front of the amp is the best place...?

    Had the Whammy DT delivered, and got it setup and running with MIDI changes in 10 mins - works a treat! I *think* it's slightly better than the transpose feature; have it in front of the Kemper instead of in the loop, in true bypass mode.

    Could you not just reduce the level of the main XLR outputs by 6db and leave it there rather than try to boost the other out to match?

    Good thinking - I could do, but then it reduces the headroom to increase the volume. Just conscious I was almost at the top end of the range last night, and it was still not quite loud enough.

    I'm now thinking it might just be easier to have both cabs for both bands.... they're backline (and the stereo FX won't be as pronounced in the dual guitar band as they'll both be behind me - as opposed to one either side of the drummer in my other band), but that might save some hassle...!