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    I’m more interested in the dynamics and feels of playing on it. We’re at a point where all modellers sound fairly similar (especially when playing in public in bars - nobody cares!), so for me it’s more about how they respond and feel.

    Exactly - this is (one of) the main issues I've had and reported - Kemper seem to think it's my laptop not communicating with the Kemper...

    another option would be to contact support. what you report, we cannot replicate and it sounds like the communication in between your profiler and computer is simply not working correctly.

    Message sent. However, please be aware I'm going to be installing the latest stable release later, as I need to ensure everything is working correctly (which it did previously).

    Found another huge issue last night.

    After practicing at home - and not making any changes to performances etc., as I'd dialed them in earlier in the day and saved them - I went to rehearsal. Booted the Kemper up, and performance 1 had been duplicated over the performance I was on originally when I shut the Kemper off at home (performance slot 4).

    I've not been able to try and replicate this, but I'm going back to the release version. All these issues are just frustrating and making it more difficult instead of easier!

    Balls. Still getting issues:

    - When you right click and rig and preview in editor, all FX blocks show as empty.... even when they're not (in performance mode)

    - When using a second window to drag a rig to a performance, and you then navigate to another performance slot, the FX blocks do not update


    Found another issue...

    When you have 2 windows open (as you have to to bring rigs into a performance), the performance slot details (i.e. the FX chain) doesn't change when you navigate to other performance slots.

    I'm connected directly to the Kemper, no USB bus or adapters etc. involved.

    Ticket raised.

    Annoyingly, think I'm going to have to revert to the last stable release - finding lots of issues (which is to be expected, after all), but it's slowing down my workflow drastically. Just concerned that - last time I did this - I lost ALL rigs and performances, and the backup wouldn't load....

    Drag and Drop. I create another window and so have the ability to drag the profiles I want from the Kemper into a performance. Remember that you have to turn on the slot to see the profile after dragging it. Highlight, then Ctrl + Enter to activate a rig in your library.

    That's just.... wow. You shouldn't need to do this.

    I tried it last night, and it worked for a few minutes, and then I kept getting crashes and errors. RM3 also stopped letting me save the performance in the performance slot.

    I cannot wait until we get a stable release!

    For some reason, I cannot load a rig into a performance now. If I double click on a rig in my library, nothing happens. That means there isn't a way to load a rig into a performance, which is annoying to say the least.

    Also, saving a rig to the Kemper in RM3 doesn't seem to actually synchronise it. The count for rigs on the Kemper increases in RM3, but when you try and navigate to it in the Kemper itself, it's not there.

    Yep, the bloke is a monster. I'm going to a guitar clinic next year where he's one of the tutors (along with Paul Gilbert), and everyone has to jam with them both. I'm already crapping my pants.

    Pre-ordered. Very, very intriqued.... I'm slightly cautious due to all the obvious marketing hype, but it's not just about how it sounds - it's going to be about the dynamics and feel as well.

    Can't wait until November to try it!

    I use performance mode, one performance/song. I had hoped that with the Editor would come more reliability in copying slots between performances, but I'm afraid it's still either quite buggy or unintuitive.

    Is there some particular dance I have to do using "Store" at just the right time, or something?

    I do believe you need a Rabbi, a Priest, a chicken and a large, very sharp knife.