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    Anyone else able to provide some ideas on this...?

    Just setup performance mode so that in one performance slot I have 5 different amps, and used the EXP pedal to control volume set pre-stack - but to me, that doesn't sound as good as increasing the gain. Ideally I don't want to have to have two patch slots for one amp (main sound and solo sound).

    Hi all,

    I'm having issues tightening my new Kemper Mission EXP pedal. It seems that the hex / Allen key hole on the rocker is between 2.5 and 3mm.... And of course no Allen key seems that size!

    Anyone have another way to tighten it? It's very loose!

    Hi all,

    Bit of a strange question; I've now got three EXP pedals along with the Kemper remote, and I'm trying to work out the best way to setup the rigs in performance mode to meet my 'ideal' requirements:

    - Delay mix is adjustable with an EXP pedal
    - Solo boost can be used ideally with an EXP pedal to increase gain and raise rig volume 2dB
    - Gain mix can be adjusted so i don't need to use 5 slots per performance for different gain levels on a rig

    Currently, I use 1 pedal as a dedicated WAH, and one for the morph of delay mix. I use stomps 1 - 5 as different gain levels of the same rig, with 5 being the solo boost snapshot.

    However, I would love to be able to have all my 'main' rigs in one performance bank (i.e. JCM800 in 1, Plexi in 2, HBE in 3 etc.) and be able to adjust the gain on the fly, as well as delay. The issue I've found using the delay (or any morph parameter) is that with the current way I'm using it, when you jump back from the solo to the slot you were in for your rhythym sound, the morph value resets.

    Any ideas on how to set it all up? Can I use the same footswitch for two 'states' of a rig (i.e. main and solo)?

    Hi mate,

    Couple of questions - why are you wanting to reduce mids? Is it too cutting when you're practising, or is it the style of music etc.?

    By cutting mids, you're going to find it harder to cut through in the mix - I know I often find my guitar on it's own to be quite piercing, but in the mix, the mids help it cut through.

    It's also going to depend on the amp you're using as well - for example, Marshall's are known for their natural mid-range honk. However, I would suggest if you need to apply EQ, use a studio EQ block in the X slot after the stack section.

    Hi all,

    Currently, I use a performance slot for each 'amp', with switches 1 - 5 increasing in gain and switch 5 being my lead tone (with higher delay, more gain, and a volume boost).

    However, I just picked up a Mission EXP pedal and I'm hearing people talk about using that for leads. I wondered if it's possible to have the pedal control the gain, and set it so that toe down increases the delay, rig volume AND gain just at that position?

    I wouldn't want the volume or delay to increase as I move towards toe-down, just the gain.

    I also have a separate pedal I was using to morph the delay mix, but I'm assuming that you cannot use 2 morph pedals for different settings?

    Great to hear you had a good gig mate - I bought Kemper about 3 weeks after they came out - and in that time sound engineers have changed from 'what the f*ck is that thing and why do you need XLRs for an amp?' to 'oh great a Kemper - you've just made my life a million times easier!

    Where abouts in blighty are you?

    Cheers mate - I just play bars and pubs so we don't get the luxury of sound engineers, only me :)

    I'm down south in Bucks.

    Hi all,

    I'm used to using Reaper and the isotope Ozone Insight plugin to volume level patches on the AX8 using the LUFS meter, and I'd like to do it on the Kemper.

    If I connect via spdif, set spdif volume to max and aim for about -15 LUFS, should that work in theory...? Or am I missing something?

    Apologies, I'm quite new to the digital realm!

    I'm using a morph pedal to set the delay mix across both rigs in a performance, through various performances.

    Is it possible to keep the value of the morph pedal's position between rigs / performances when I change? Currently, when I change rig or performance, the minimum value for the morph parameter is loaded, and I'd love for the current morph pedal position value to be loaded instead.



    I have a performance using 4 slots. For the first slot, I need a volume swell, so set the rig to use the dedicated wah as the volume pedal. This works fine, but has the undesired effect of then causing all the other slots to use it - and I just need it for the first slot.

    Is there a way to assign the volume pedal to ONLY the first slot's rig...?

    Hi guys,

    New owner here, getting to grips with the unit - love it so far!

    However, a little confused about snapshots and performance mode.... I want to create a performance per song, with them typically increasing in gain or fx as they go up the slots with slot 5 being solo with wet delay etc.

    Can I just create multiple snapshots of a rig with different settings and use this in each slot? And then can I edit the snapshot direct in performance mode if needed?

    How is everyone using snapshots and performance mode live?

    Hi all,

    I'm mainly using DI profiles with IRs on my Kemper, and instead of taking up the X module with an EQ to apply a hi and low cut, I'd like to be able to do it to the IR directly.

    Does anyone know of a standalone piece of software that will do this? And ideally, apply the cuts to a load of IRs at once?

    To expand on this.... is it possible to somehow download a file of the amp and cab tags, and edit them directly (either via Excel or CSV etc.), and then re-upload them to the Kemper? Just thinking that would be much faster than going into each rig in Rig manager and altering the tags.

    Thanks guys - yeah, I used the software to convert and import the IRs via USB stick, I was just wondering about managing them within the Kemper.


    Morning all!

    New Kemper user here, a convert from the Helix and AX8. Loving it so far, but I have a question around using impulse responses... Specifically, how they can be managed.

    I have a load of ownhammer IRS that I use on DI profiles, and I've imported them fine - but I cannot see any way to actually manage them.

    How do I delete them, or rename them? And what's the limit on IRs that can be saved in the Kemper?

    Thanks all!

    I'm in the same boat mate - had my Kemper 2 days and trying to figure out some amp and can names. I'm just grateful we can edit the tags for them so I can insert the 'correct' names and make it easier for my addled brain.