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    So to summarize 115 pages of comments and many other editor threads over the years. What we know for sure:

    When the editor arrives, the net time it will save us and the convenience it will provide in our lives will be vastly exceeded by the hours we spent thinking, hoping, discussing, and arguing about it before it is actually released.

    That's assuming it has the functionality we're expecting....

    Almost every time I scroll up and down performances on the head, it skips ahead two. For example, on performance five, I press the scroll down button and it goes to three.

    Happened since the first 7 beta.

    I did have to look at the Kemper video on where to find the bloody midi settings per slot... but basically:

    1. Set Kemper to use OMNI channel, set Whammy to use OMNI channel

    2. Set Kemper Midi Out to Midi In on Whammy, set the Midi Device A as the Whammy via Midi Out

    3. In a performance slot, pressed the button for edit -> Slot Settings -> Midi (I think!) and then selected the Midi device as Whammy, Program change to be whatever it needed to be form the Whammy manual (think it was PC 78 to enable the droptune 1 semitone)

    4. For EVERY other non-Whammy patch, set it so that the midi command was the one that bypassed the droptune on the whammy (something like PC60 I think)

    That enabled the whammy to change based on the performance slot :)

    I'm assuming having the whammy in front of the amp is the best place...?

    Had the Whammy DT delivered, and got it setup and running with MIDI changes in 10 mins - works a treat! I *think* it's slightly better than the transpose feature; have it in front of the Kemper instead of in the loop, in true bypass mode.

    Could you not just reduce the level of the main XLR outputs by 6db and leave it there rather than try to boost the other out to match?

    Good thinking - I could do, but then it reduces the headroom to increase the volume. Just conscious I was almost at the top end of the range last night, and it was still not quite loud enough.

    I'm now thinking it might just be easier to have both cabs for both bands.... they're backline (and the stereo FX won't be as pronounced in the dual guitar band as they'll both be behind me - as opposed to one either side of the drummer in my other band), but that might save some hassle...!

    Thanks both. OK, that would explain things; so basically, whichever cable I use from the Monitor Out (be it TS or TRS) doesn't matter; it's still going to be quieter than the Main XLR outs. Hmmm.

    Looks like Direct Out is the same:

    XLR outputs: +10dB
    balanced; max output level 22dBu.

    TS outputs: ¼ inch +4dB
    unbalanced with ground lift. Max output level 22dBu.

    Monitor Out:
    unbalanced, with ground lift. Max output level 16dBu.

    Direct Output/Send: ¼
    inch TS unbalanced, with ground lift. Max output level +16dBu. Low impedance

    Think I'll have to go back to using the LEFT XLR out into the speaker, and just have one set of patches for this band where the delays and mod FX are all mono, and another set for the other band with everything in stereo (so I can use the dual XLR outs). At least then I won't have to change the Main Outs between mono and stereo all the time.

    A balanced sognal is 6db louder than an unbalanced one. However, I’m not convinced that a TS to XLR cable or adapter like Paul suggested actually creates a balanced signal. I could be wrong though.

    if that’s the case, then the TRS to XLR should have been as loud as the main outs via XLR, surely...? If it’s 6dB louder than unbalanced, then the TS to XLR I just ordered would be even quieter.

    Hi all,

    I usually run XLR outs from the main out to a couple or a single of RedSound LG12 cabs. However, some of the guys here mentioned I could use the monitor out and set the output for that to be Master Mono to save having to swap from stereo to mono output on the main outs when I change between my two bands.

    Tonight I tried it for the first time using a TRS to XLR cable. The cab was set to 8 on the volume as usual - but I had to set the monitor output level to -6dB before it got anywhere near decent volume with the band.

    Last time, when using main out and XLR, I could use -20dB with no issue. The only other difference is I’m on 7.1.3 public now, as opposed to 6.0.0 like a couple of weeks ago. All performances are levelled previously.

    Anyone have any ideas? Is it a know thing if using monitor output, or a TRS to XLR cable?

    Generally I stick to 1 or 3 semitones transpose, but do have one section shifted down 3. This is just some straight chords and it seems alright.

    Smooth chords improves the shifted sound, but seems to add a little more latency. I love the all in one solution of the Kemper and I use this now, but the Digi pedal just shades it in terms of feel for me. Would great if there was a further improvement for this in the future.

    I was thinking of the Digitech pedal, but I find it great how I can have a slot in performance mode for each song that has the transpose set automatically, and I don't have to change an external pedal to do this.

    Wondering if it's worth tuning to Eb, and then using the transpose up a semi-tone for standard. I'm new to the band, so guess it depends on how many songs are in standard vs. how many are in Eb...!

    EDIT: Seems the Whammy DT has midi as well.... am I right in thinking I can automatically set the transpose level on the Whammy DT based on the performance slot I select..??

    Hi all,

    A band I'm in play No One Knows, by QOTSA - and it's meant to be tuned to C. The guitars I use are in E standard tuning, so was planning to use the transpose function to get around this.... but it sounds flubby and loose. Is there a trick to tightening it up a bit?