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    I don't want to jinx anything, but I spent the last couple of days using purely RM3 and the editor to create several new performances, and alter existing ones. Had first rehearsal since then last night, and everything ran smoothly - no missing rigs or performances, no drop outs etc.

    Very pleased!

    Maybe I should start using the Performance mode too...

    How do you guys set up your performances? 1 amp in 5 iterations (like clean, crunch, rythm, solo)? Or do you mix different amps in the same performance? Obviouls, the possibilities are endless, but I was just wondering how you guys use the performance mode. I think I'd rather do 1 performance for 1 amp. I dunno, maybe to have some consistency sound wise through a song?

    It entirely depends on the song :)

    For me, my main workhorse performances are ones based around Marshalls with V30s, Marshalls with Greenbacks, and Plexis. In each of these performances, I have 5 different amps, and I can pick and choose as I feel like.

    However, for certain songs - such as I Want to Break Free by Queen - I have 4 patches in that performance. Patch 1 is a swell to try and re-create the synth intro, patch 2 is a vox with low gain for the intro keys and guitar verses, patch 3 is more gain for when the guitar kicks in a bit more, and patch 4 is for the solo (with that odd filter effect). Works a treat!

    Hi all,

    I'm running the Kemper non-powered head via 2 RedSound RS-LG12 FrFr cabs. I've typically been using a high cut at around 7KHz, but I've been hearing lots of differing opinions on what this should ideally be set to. I'm aware that 'normal' guitar cabs and speakers don't have much above 5KHz, but of course the Kemper is profiling a mic'd cab.... whcih will add some of this range back in.

    What hi cuts are people using?

    And likewise, to get rid of some of the 'fizz', I tend to use a studio EQ after the cab, and raise the mid level to +12. I keep the Q in the middle, and then sweep the frequency range until I get to a nasty whistling sound (usually around 3.3KHz), and then cut that by -2.5. Again, is that a standard approach? Anyone do anything different?

    There's only 3 of us in the band, and I'm aiming for a sound that stands out and doesn't get lost - but at the same time doesn't sound like fingers on a blackboard with horrible highs in it etc.

    (If it helps, I use Les Pauls with Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell pups in, typically using TopJimi Caswell profiles).

    Thanks all!

    I think this comes back to my suggestion a while ago that Kemper should at least release a 'how to' guide on things like performance mode, especially with RM3, as it's very obvious we're all using the system in a way they either didn't expect or hadn't planned for.

    I've stolen this from another member on this forum. Recommendation on dealing with Fletcher-Munson.

    Don't recall the name ATM:


    I always just do low and hi cut at around 100Hz and 7Khz, and then do a sweep and notch the EQ to reduce the harsh sounds. Typically I set -2.5dB at around 3.4KHz.

    Which is sort of the point of a beta and getting feedback, isn't it? Although I do agree with you that it would be appropriate for when it is ready for release.

    No - the user workflow should have been decided upon during the development, as that feeds into the functionality. They obviously have a certain method and workflow in mind, but have yet to tell us what this is.

    If they did this, at least we’d know how we’re ‘meant’ to use the software.

    I’d argue a beta is used to get feedback on the software after the functions and workflows have been decided upon. This is more like an alpha at this stage.

    Yep, still have issues with lock here too. Here's what I'm doing:

    1. Profiler is in PERFORMANCE mode

    2. Select an existing performance slot, and a patch in that performance

    3. Ensure the delay and reverb are NOT locked

    4. Go to a rig in the rigs section, and double click it. This loads it into that performance slot

    5. LOCK the delay and reverb slots

    6. Go back to the performance window in RM, select another slot in that performance.... the delay and reverb show as locked, but they are now the parameters of the newly selected performance slot. So that's not functioning as I'd expect it to.

    7. I then saved the delay and reverb blocks I originally locked to the 'My Profiler' section in RM

    8. Select one of the performance slots and drag the saved delay and reverb blocks into it. Again, lock these blocks

    9. Navigate to another performance slot..... and lo and behold, the locked blocks do not take effect

    Another ticket raised....

    I keep swapping between 10's and 11's. I also use those new D'Addarrio XT strings, which are awesome. Currently using 11's, guitars tuned to Eb. I also use the 'top wrap' method on the bridge, making the 11's feel more like 10's for bends etc. (both guitars are Les Pauls).

    Just updated to this version..... and the effect block lock function still does not work.

    I loaded a performance slot in RM. Then, I navigated to a rig in my library and locked the DELAY and REVERB blocks. Went back to the performance slots, selected another performance slot and the DELAY and REVERB blocks were the ones on that slot, NOT the ones I locked from the rig.

    I get the feeling that it would be very useful to everyone if Kemper could just create a video on their suggested workflow around performances with the betas. It seems people are having no end of issues, so would be good to get some clarity on exactly how Kemper envisage this function working in the editor.