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    I get that.

    Estimates certainly not helped in the past.

    Appreciate that things don't always go to plan & like many prefer a product that is reliable.

    So, fine. We don't know when the editor will appear but it will. And it will work.

    Fair enough.

    Omnisphere is on my "to buy" list ;)

    Sadly though, my cash level is quite low at the moment because of buying the Kemper. But I hope I'll be able to get it within the next months.

    It really sounds great.

    - it is. One of those purchases that genuinely keeps giving (not unlike a KPA) but the recent hardware integration is an absolute blast - works really well. It's a lot cash for a virtual but its one hell of a virtual.

    And pertinently I am using my Virus Indigo II as a controller for it.

    Out of curiosity, how do you have it routed? Do you run a stereo set up?

    I ask because I also have an RC 300 that I would like to incorporate into my set up. I am running stereo, one side is the powered Kempe amp, the other side is a line out to another amplifier. I’m trying to find the best way to run the looper so that I can still use the panorama feature in rigs to create a stereo effect on each of the individual channels of the RC 300.

    Stereo in - stereo out - but my In is from a mixer fed by my KPA plus an AX-8. Works great like that - RC300 is pretty flexible and still seems to be the best option available (and I keep looking...)

    Never been a fan of Mixcontrol but its a necessary to control an otherwise very good audio interface.

    I have an AX8 - no usb audio there either but thats OK - avoids some Windows grief when several "sound cards" present as options. That said most recent AX8 FW has started muting my 18i20.

    It's not a perfect world.

    I kind of like having dedicated audio interface but maybe that's just me...

    I don't see anything to suggest trolling here?

    I have 18i20 and the software is not the most intuitive - it's all there but it's easy to miss something and it's had me scratching my head more than once. I only use the analogue outs into my 18i20 though.

    Persist there is an answer.

    Its a ground loop for sure and its not the more typical hum as its fluctuating HF noise similar to that which gets picked up as you approach a PC, monitor etc.

    And that is an interesting approach - essentially breaking the ground loop after the simple splitter?

    Just to put this into context tho - I am using hi gain amps with stuff like the treble booster in front - really a worst case scenario to amplify any background noise and its not like the noise gate couldn't help on the KPA. Like to avoid gates - even a really good one has a rather pronounced effect on the sound. When I think back to how things were when I used an EHX treble boost into a Muff Pi there was more noise than signal!!!!

    Have you tried toggling the Ground-lift switches on the rear of the unit in and out?

    They relate directly to the outputs, not inputs, but hey, it couldn't hurt, right?

    I hadn't tried that - was thinking too much about this presenting at the inputs and surprise (well sort of...) ground lift on the outputs drastically improves the issue - can still hear it buts its barely audible to a point I can probably live with it.
    Good call - thank you.

    Just out of curiosity could you try to unplug the powered down device (Kemper or AX8) from the wall and see if you still hear the noise?

    Even with the device is powered off, there is still a connection (and therefore reference) to ground. If you unplug it, that ground will be referenced - through the DPDT switch - to the other device.

    Good plan - and as soon as I pull the mains cord out of either device the noise disappears. So its mains supply borne...
    Wonder if there's a better strategy to consider here?

    what I have just noticed was that even with KPA powered down but with a commoned input to the KPA and AX8 the noise is still present at the output of the AX8. This and vice-versa i.e. with KPA on and AX8 off noise at KPA outputs). So it certainly isn't developing on the KPA but is created when the AX8 is linked to the KPA. A rather typical digital noise loop.
    Am now wondering whether there is another way to block this but I guess isolating either input will work anyway.

    Thanks for the very helpful answers. I did rather think that an isolating transformer was likely the only way out of this and the Radial Tonebone looks to be most cost effective option. Still have slight concern about so called "tonesuck" but I guess if I buy one from the Amazon monster I can send it back if I detect any which does seem a little unlikely based on the comments here. It is clearly designed for this purpose and hopefully impedance matching or any passive attenuation aren't going to be evident.

    Not at all sure why the KPA is more susceptible than the Fractal or Helix - as you say may be something built in to those devices.

    As an aside I am impressed with the KPA. Haven't dare launch yet another comparison thread (tho suspect here there is less chance of starting a forum riot - kinda easy on Fractals place...!) but the profiled amps feel and sound a good deal more real than the other 2 competitors and I rather like the way the fx have been implemented. The interface (simulated amp) is OK but still feel the Helix suits me better.

    Thanks again for the replies.

    Thanks for the reply.
    Er, no. Its a very simple passive dpdt footswitch. Simple - cheap.
    So something like the Lehle switch is going to have isolating transformers presumably? That would probably make the difference....
    Presumably something like that isn't going to affect the sound output in any way?

    Wonder why it is the front end to the KPA is quite so sensitive when an AX8 or Helix doesn't do this?

    I typically like to use a 2 way A+B or A or B splitter box directly after my guitar to feed to the Kemper and an AX8 ( - I am fortunate to have a KPA, an AX8 & a Helix and rate the KPA as top amp sim by a good way but there's stuff I like about the other 2 also)
    Anyway, with the simple passive A/B in front I get a load of digital noise, and unrelated to the actual signal, becoming audible particularly with hi gain presets that ordinarily (i.e. with a direct input and no A/B) remain much quieter.
    Yes sure I can utilise the noise gate to gate it out but that's not quite the same and I would rather not fix a problem that may be avoidable altogether.
    Same A/B box to the AX8 and the Helix does not (perceptively) increase the noise floor on either of these other devices.
    Is the front panel input highly sensitive?
    Any ideas how I could avoid this?


    I link directly into a good quality hifi and the results are (to my ears) excellent. Whereas I can imagine that less expensive hifi's are designed to colour / enhance the sound output, higher end stuff is designed to be flat. I have tested my home rig with a frequency analyser and that is definitely the case. The only colouration comes from the room acoustics which is going to apply whatever amplification you put in it.
    The sensitivity of the speakers is the biggest issue here - hifi speakers tend to to be highly responsive (same as monitors) but tolerate high power transients poorly (as already suggested and acknowledged) but if you can keep the output low avoiding clipping spikes they will probably survive well and sound as good as any dedicated FRFR system within these limitations.
    Ultimately if it sounds good then do it.