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    I do not post a lot here, but read almost every thread in this forum. I am hoping that somebody has had the same requirement as I have. I could not find anything in the forum yet.

    I am using a Dante Audio Interface with analog and digitial in/outputs. Unfortunately my digital inputs are all AES/EBU, I have no SPDIF in/outs. So I searched for a possibility to connect the Kemper SPDIF output to my digital AES/EBU Input of my interface. What I have found out so far is, that the impedance of the two technologies is different and I will need to convert my signal.

    Researching the internet led me to the following setup which was also recommended by Thomann Germany:

    Kemper -> 1x pro snake BNC to RCA Cable 2,0m -> 1x Neutrik NADIT BNC-M -> 1x pro snake 29012 AES/EBU Cable 0,5 -> Audio Interface

    The Neutrik in the chain should convert the signal from 75Ohm SPDIF out to 110Ohm required for AES/EBU Input.

    Unfortunately my audio interface gets no signal at all (Hardware meter on interface does not detect a signal) The interface is set to external clock from AES/EBU.

    Has anybody ever tried such a setup? Is this electrically possible or do I need a real (other) converter which is very expensive? I thought that the only difference between SPDIF and AES/EBU is the impedance, but I am not really sure.

    I already opened a support ticket, but the support was telling me that they do not know how to connect SPDIF to AES/EBU.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


    I do have digital inputs so how would you wire the outputs/inputs to achieve my goal?

    I guess I have to remove the monitor output analog cable and replace it with a digital output?

    Is it possible to change output levels for digital outputs independent from the analog ones?

    I think it would make the most sense to use digital outputs for the wet stereo out and for the mono-stack sound, right?

    I am a Kemper user for about a year now and even though I am not posting a lot I read almost everything in the forum.

    What I did not find yet is part of my question about output routing for recording. I am using a powered Kemper with a Redsound LG12 Passive FRFR cab. I am recording through my audio interface to Cubase 10 and everything is working as expected. I use 4 analog inputs on my audio interface for the Kemper:

    1 Stereo Input using the Main Output via XLR with the setting Wet

    1 Input using the monitor output with the setting Stack Mono

    and 1 Input using the DI Output for Git Analog.

    Everything is working fine, but with this setting I cannot use the poweramp with the cab, since it would be way too loud for recording. I have to set the output level for monitor out to -10db - -15db to get a good input level in Cubase. However, since the output level for the monitor output is linked to the output level of the poweramp I cannot use the cab for recording, which I would really like.

    Is there any possible way of output routing (without losing the flexibility to record the Effects separately) where I could use my poweramp with the cab while recording?

    Yes I do, in fact I have learned to tweak it to my liking and it is perfect for me now...

    For shaping my live sound I control the settings (made on the RedSound) with headphone and my studio monitors, because the RedSound has not so much high end and I do not want my sound to be too harsh over the PA.

    I highly recommend this FRFR

    I am using the RedSound 1x12 passive cab and it sounds really good! I have been trying quite a few cabs and also guitar cabs from 1x12 to 4x12. I always preferred to "real" cab over a frfr solution until I tried the RedSound. It sounds kind of in between a cab and frfr with the advantage of being able to use the full studio profiles.

    I don't know if you can order one from the U.S though.

    Momentary option is the solution for me! Thank you all for your input.

    It is found under rig settings in the morph page like you already suggested. It does exactly what I was looking for... You press the button on the remote and leave it pressed. The sound changes to the morphed settings. After you release the button the sound changes back to the non morphed settings. That way it is easy to do a quick lead run and change back the sound to the rhythm part within one bar.

    Thanks again, this forum is really the best I have ever been a part of. :-)

    I will change the title of the thread to solved...

    Dear Kemper users!

    I use the morph function of my Kemper remote to switch between rhythm and lead sounds. This works perfect by switching the button to the morphed sound and switching the button again for going back to the non morphed sound.

    For some parts in a few songs I would need a quick switch between the two sounds, so it would be perfect to just hold down the button to morph and release the button on the remote to switch back. But this is not working, if I hold the button the sound stays on the morphed sound until I hit the button again.

    Is there any setting on the remote or Kemper to achieve what I am looking for?

    Finally I got my RedSound LG12 Passive Stack 1x12 Cab yesterday.

    The first impression: "It sounds GREAT!" Seems to be the perfect solution for me now with the powered Kemper.

    I never really liked the sound of "real" FRFR solution. To my ear it sounded harsh and a bit thin... I always liked the amp in the room sound... but with a cab I was not satisfied either, because I missed the high frequencies. It always sounded a bit muffled to me.

    The RedSound is in between FRFR and CAB, has lots of clarity without being too harsh. And now I can use the different cabs from all the amazing profiles out there... And it sounds good at any volume level!

    Still playing a bit with the eq settings on monitor out to get the perfect sound, but I am really close to what I want.

    Here is what I have tried so far:

    Powered Kemper with 1x12 Vox BC112 Cabinet, Marshall 1960A 4x12, Yamaha DXR10, Samson active nearfield monitors, RedSound LG12 passive 1x12

    For me the RedSound is the best joice if you like the feeling of a cab behind you with the clarity of FRFR. And since it sounds good on low volume it is perfect for practicing at bedroom volume.