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    Just put an older OS file on a thumb drive formatted with the Kemper into you amp and you will be able to roll it back to a previous version. My band had a short notice rehearsal last night so I couldn't test any more on the 8.7.8 release. I flashed back to the version prior to 8.7.6 and my Power Rack ran perfectly for at least 4 hours. For me the issue raised it's ugly head on 8.7.6 and 8.7.8 didn't fix it for me either.



    I'm having the same issue with my Power Rack and emailed support yesterday. I upgraded on 4 July 22 to the 8.7.6. It was after that point that I first experienced this happening. I saw this week that 8.7.8 was released and in the Change Log is addressed "accidental loss of sound" so I upgraded. I still have the issue, in fact it's occurring more often.

    Which OS version is installed? ( I don't run betas)

    Currently 8.7.8

    While the issue is present:

    Is any expression pedal connected and what if you unplug that pedal?

    Yes, expression pedal was connected. I have not tested unplugging but will this afternoon.

    Can you still change Tempo via TAP button?

    I have not tested this but will this afternoon.

    What if you dial Input Source regardless which value it shows?

    I tried changing input settings (originally set to Front, which is what I use) but it had no effect.

    What if you reset all global settings via "Init Globals" in System Settings, while the issue is present?

    I have not done this as I was afraid I might lose settings, rigs, profiles, etc. If this is a safe action, I will test this afternoon as well.

    Gig planned for this Saturday, so I'm stressing a bit on this...

    Update -

    Peter from Kemper support got back to me and asked me to check a few things. One thing he asked was if the missing rigs reappeared if downgrading the OS back to a previous version. He also went on to say that if they did, then there may be a problem with the current OS (7.0.9). I downgraded to and all my rigs came back except for the one rig pack I installed after upgrading to 7.0.9, it is now missing. So at this point I'm waiting to hear back from support as to what to do.

    No. Rigs in Performance mode have their own memory locations. Deleting rigs in the browse pool has zero effect on rigs in performances

    I’ve actually done what you’ve suggested. The two are totally independent.

    From the manual “Rigs contained in Slots of Performances are stored in a dedicated memory area, so you can tweak them independently from their parent Rigs in your browse pool.”

    So this gives me a whole lotta hope. I would like to go into the Rigs Browse pool, blow what remains away, reload the Factory Content, load all the rigs I've purchased over the past year, and then start fresh (thankfully with my performances still intact). I'm not seeing under System where you can restore the Factory Content like you could in previous versions. In 7.0.9 I can't find it. Am I missing it somewhere? I emailed support regarding this issue 4 days ago but as of yet haven't heard anything back from them.

    Thank you for the advice. I build my performances in Rig Manager, however I no longer see many of my purchased Rigs in Rig Manager or on the Kemper itself. I've tried Initializing Globals (all it did was jack up my Output levels) and also tried holding in the Rig button while powering on to rebuild the database as the manual suggests. That was unsuccessful as well. Looks like I need to write Kemper. Thanks again!!

    Actually, Mick Farlow (Xitone) said he'll be bypassing the crossover on the F12-X200 in favor of the crossover in the Dayton PPA800DSP. With the Dayton you have 12 parametric EQ filters (6 on each side of the crossover) that help you really dial in a real nice and smooth curve for most decent driver pairs.

    As AZRipp mentioned, it also means the Xitones are dialed in for that driver and will not sound right at all with another driver unless you get in there and play with the amp DSP.

    It'll be interesting to know how this will be accomplished. I haven't physically seen the F12-200, but from the images it looks as though the crossover hard built into the driver with only 2 poles accessible for connections. Perhaps the cap that covers the HF driver and x-over is removable with access to modify the wiring.

    I'm waiting for the Kemper speaker. First I'll put one in my XiTone MBritt powered FRFR. If that is as good as I hope it will be, then I'll get two more and put them in my Avatar 2x12 with a SD Powerstage amp.

    Be careful with that. If you have the XiTone MBritt that utilizes the Dayton PPA800DSP plate amplifier, it utilizes a 2-way power amp (Low Pass/High Pass). The Celestion F12-X200 has a built in passive crossover that I believe cannot be modified. I suppose you could run one half of the power amp in full range, but you will lose allot of what the XiTone MBritt can provide (and power output). Just figured I would pass that on before you drop the $$ getting something for the XiTone that may not pan out how you hoped. Hopefully we can get Thiele Small parameters on the F12-X200 so that an appropriate cabinet can be designed.

    I thought the Thiele Small paramaters only mattered if you are porting the cab. For open or closed cab they should be irrelevant. Is that not the case?

    Actually, the Thiele Small parameters will tell you at a minimum how much air space volume you need in either a closed or open enclosure. In an open enclosure that is ported, those parameters will change depending on the port size desired for the "tuning" of the cabinet. Additionally, the parameters, through mathematical computation, will assist in designing the shape of the enclosure to optimize resonance. There are some great TS calculators available on the Internet. This isn't as critical in a traditional guitar cab as the speakers are designed differently. In a HiFi, PA, or FRFR cabinet, it maters considerably. As an experiment today, I'm going to run pink noise through my bands FOH mains to get an idea of their range/response. I'll be monitoring it with a miniDSP and REW. I mostly want to know how they compare to the cab I setup this same way, which BTW has been fantastic now that it's true tuned. In the end, I may try to tweak the channels I use so there a no significant peaks or valleys in my freq range.

    Not a good idea. Those Mission IOs have a 1" high frequency driver in them as well in addition to the 12" speaker. Plus there's some kind of crossover employed.

    I'd also be scared of screwing up a good thing by removing the speaker, but that's just me :D

    I would have to agree wholeheartedly! Speaker manufacturers go through a great deal of effort to design a cabinet around a driver. I'm going to assume Mission did the same thing. By changing the driver, unless you're so insanely lucky that the F12-200 has the exact same Thiele Small parameters, your outcome may be very disappointing. I don't know much about the Mission cabs, but if the 1" HF Driver is separate, as in "not" a coaxial driver design, you'll be dealing with either not utilizing it or figuring out a new cross-over solution. If it is separate, and you want to use it, you may end up with a very brittle cab. I wish Celestion would publish the Thiele Small parameters for this speaker. That way people would have at least something to go on if they would like to design a cab for themselves. Makes me wonder why they have not.

    If Christoph and his team were to build into the Kemper a user adjustable, pre-power amp, system level EQ with about 12-14 EQ points to include Low and High pass filters, you could almost use any FRFR'ish speaker. The F12-X200 has a hard set passive filter which is fine as long as overall EQing can be applied adjusting for the cabinet being used. Since I'm sure Celestion provided the Thiele Small specs to Kemper, something the rest of us haven't seen yet, I'm sure they were able to designed a cab to leverage the FRFR capabilities of the F12-X200 (or whatever speaker it ends up being). I could see in a future firmware release where there is an option to push a button that enables an internal EQ setting that instantly optimizes a Kemper/Kemper Cab combo. Although it would be great to see a system level EQ available for everyone's use, for marking purposes, I would be surprised.

    Yes, there are 6 EQ points on each side of the cross-over. That is in addition to the the high pass and low pass. Additionally, you can apply a volume level of your choosing to both sides of the cross-over in addition to an overall volume. You can also apply limiting and a few other features. And yes, the EQ settings are per each preset bank that you can set however you like. I'm insanely happy now that I've got the cab nicely balanced. It'll be weird the first time playing out without my 1/2 stack behind me.

    Like the OP, I am also new to the Kemper world. The big thing that enlightened me after purchasing my Power Rack, was how much better it sound direct out to the PA versus any type of guitar cab. This bugged the heck out of me so I pursued designing and building my own FRFR. I’ve finally settle on a guitar cab like solution that utilizes Eminence speakers and a DSP that allowed me to create a very flat response. Definitely took some time, to include trial and error, but in the end I have an FRFR setup that accurately leverages the multitude of profiles available to us. The cabinet design and speakers chosen definitely impact the accuracy of a profile’s aural reproduction. I posted to the Celestion F12-X200 thread with my experience and what it took to get an FRFR. Not simple, but IMO worth every bit of effort now that I have it in play.

    Celestion F12-X200 (FRFR Driver) Released