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    Can somebody please advise what the most stable firmware version currently available is? I'm not interested in Rig Manager 3 or any other updates, just looking for a rock solid platform that won't crash when using live.

    Since the update came along that sorted effects into effects groups by type, I've had occasional crashes (not many, but too many for comfort). I'd never had a crash before this update so ideally I'd like to go back to a time when the platform was bullet proof...?

    So my question is, in your opinion, which set of headphones below produces the most accurate representation of what your profiles truly sound like?

    Its an impossible task. What does a profile truly sound like? You'll hear it differently depending on the type of cab, PA, and room .

    I've learnt the hard way and no longer tweak profile sounds with headphones. It always lead to disappointment and frustration when I went loud. Do it the other way, find a set of headphones that sound nice with a tried and tested profile that you've already used live.

    I use a set of AKG K92's for silent practicing at home because they sound nice with stock profiles from Top Jimi, Guidorist, BHP etc. iPhone headphones also sound fine for this purpose.

    I have ATH-M50X's for listening to music with my quad DAC device (for which they sound brilliant), but to me they sound shrill and harsh when used with the KPA. I've also got Sony 7506's (good, but a little sterile), and used to have DT770's 80Ohm. The DT's were like the M50x's, I enjoyed them a lot when listening to music, but not with the KPA. I loved the build quality of the DT's, they were so comfy and have lovely soft felt ear pads. Shame they're f'ing massive though, look a bit daft wearing them in public ?

    What signal path are you using? If you listen to a demo of a profile you like through your existing system (HS-8s are a superb choice btw) then the profile should sound the same when you play through your KPA.

    Your technique, guitar, cable will all make a difference, but you already know that. It sounds like your having a whole different sounding experience when comparing demo of profile vs using said profile.

    Using Andertons and PD as a comparitor may be unfair as they'll probably post EQ, but if you listen to a demo from say, Tone Junkie for example, they'll show you exactly what you're hearing. If you don't hear that same sound through your KPA, something is amiss

    Hey guys , anyone used one of these live? Is the throw like a laser beam or does the sound spread/bleed like a guitar cab.? Very interested to know it’s live gig credentials.


    Very much like a guitar cab. You may want to use the kick stand or lift off the floor to reduce the bass

    How do you find the FV500H for wah? Is it OK? I've not got an expression pedal yet

    What about the mooer candy toppers? They don't look as good but work very well. I've had a couple of grub screws come loose on the other style (and they leave a mark). Plus Mooers are like 1/10th the price. I try not to get too caught up in the aesthetics of something designed to be stood on

    Does it have to be free? There are some amazing offerings that can be found in the 'commercial profiles' section of the forum.

    I love what you're saying, being able to tweak each knob just like the real amp would be a game changer, yet again. I hope Kemper can do this for generation 2, though I'd imagine it will be more like generation 3 or 4 before we see this (at least another 20 years from now)

    It's a huuuge big step up, imagine the complexity of profiling algorhythm! you wouldn't just be capturing a single signal response like the Kemper does now for varying input impulses, you'd be asking it to capture and accurately model at least 40 (if each pot were captured at intervals of 0.25 rotation) times more data on each and every knob you wanted to capture. Say an amp has 10 knobs, that's 400 times more data. Imagine how long it would take to profile, the size of the file, the processing power required....

    I hope I'm proven wrong in my expectations of how far off this is as it would be the perfect product.