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    I was making a performance for each amp I like to play, and treating each slot sort of like an amp channel. Guess I need to go back and delete the 5th slot. And limit stomps to B, C, Mod, Delay.

    this is how I use mine :-)

    I’ve set the KPA to 4 slots per performance then have a clean, crunch, rhythm & lead channels.

    The top four switches are then used for distortion (B), pre-amp Modulation (C), post amp Modulation (Mod) and Delay.

    It works well for this type of application.

    Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I wonder if setting up a morph CC on the second press would work? Honestly I’m not sure I need to be able to morph, but it’d be fun to play with. I’ve never done any midi programming before.

    You had any freeze issues? I see there’s new firmware to fix that but I don’t have a PC and their update tool is not Mac compatible. I’m also assuming that said firmware is compatible with the Harley Benton variant.

    I’ve never had any freezing issues, not once. If you tap dance when playing live, then I’d go for the Kemper remote (just because of the 2 way communication and the buttons ARE close together on this thing: bonus, it’s compact, down side, you can’t stomp blindly).

    If you’re like me and maybe have to hit a foot switch 5 times max during a song, then it’s a perfect & cheap solution. Personally I wouldn’t put £400 on the floor, the places I play have sticky floors and drunk punters - having an almost disposable foot controller is necessary.

    If I set up the 5 buttons at the bottom to access the 5 slots in the currently selected performance using codes #50-54, can I simply change performances via the Kemper itself and these 5 buttons will then let me select a performance slot - without the need for me to have banks on the midi pedal? I'm happy to change performances with the Kemper rig buttons. If I press the same foot switch a second time, will it morph? I'm thinking about setting it up to give me 5 stomps B, C, D, Mod, Delay, and 5 Performance slots.

    Also, do you need to choose the startup mode every time, eg Custom 2, or does it remember which you selected and automatically boot to that next time?

    You don’t need to change the start up every time.

    It won’t morph.

    Yes #CC50-54 will work. Remember that communication is one way with this pedal. If you press something on the KPA the midi controller won’t know it’s been pressed. For example if you turn a stomp on the foot switch, then turn it off at the KPA, the foot switch will still think it is on.

    Hope this helps

    Indeed, DJ, and please tell us what you thought of the Colonial, Vernon! 8o :pinch:

    First impressions on the Colonial and Driftwood; both great!

    I like how the Colonial does that raw, breathing but not screaming Marshall tone (woody/organic, couldn’t describe it better Monkey_Man ) - it reminds me of the Splawn Hot Rod. It’s great for the low grind hair metal that I love like Ratt and Motley Crue.

    The Driftwood is REALLY heavy and thrashy. Good for Racer X metal but a bit too much gain for my taste (and sloppy playing). It is a nice metal pack, probably the nicest I’ve come across.

    I’m most satisfied with the Guytron pack - three profiles out of this pack made it on to my KPA!! (Clean, Ch2, Ch3 type). It instantly felt like home to me, very very rich in harmonics and kind to my playing style. Lots of sustain, very nice cranked Marshall/ADA MP-1 type tone.

    Update: You guys reaaallllly need to check out the Guytron pack if you haven’t already. Just had a chance to crank it in rehearsal and it’s incredible

    Not really. There are a lot of rigs yes, but once you find your favourite profilers it will really narrow the field down. Then you can narrow it down further by only auditioning amps that your ‘tone heroes’ use

    Yeah his BE profiles are superb. The best I’ve come across tbh. (I prefer pack 1.0 to v2.0 with my current setup).

    I’d HIGHLY recommend his ‘Deth Pack’. There is one profile in there called Marty Crunch which is one of my favourites of my entire collection. If I could only own 3 profile packs it would be that, Deadlights Satch JVM pack and TJ’s Brown Sound pack.

    Whoa this is still risky. Don’t use it until it’s officially checked.

    Yup, there are plenty of cases were faulty equipment has lead to fatalities in the music business. I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of using it after you’ve had a belt. Just out of curiosity, is the ground lift engaged?

    I bought the super kraken pack a couple weeks ago.The profiles are dark, almost like a blanket is covering them up. I tried to brighten them up but they seemed to get scratchy and harsh.

    If I combine them with some of my brighter profiles they blend pretty well and are usable.

    Hope this helps.

    I found this to be the case with all of the official Victory packs, I couldn’t use any of them - quite disappointing. I was pleased with the Reampzone of the original Kraken. Are there any others anyone would recommend?

    I used to own a Polytune. The 6-string-at-once thing was cool for the first day or two, but after that just didn’t prove to be practical nor accurate enough. I found tuning one string at a time to be much quicker and much much more accurate. Also, trying see that tiny display standing up to tune the 6-strings at once, not happening 😄

    Anyone else find this to be the case?

    Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love - Delay

    Stomp location: B

    Delay: Dual Delay

    Mix: 7.5 to 15.5% (see where you like it)

    Delay Time 1: 100ms

    Delay Time 2: 300ms

    Delay Balance: +12.5%

    Low Cut: 20.6Hz

    High Cut: 3044.6Hz

    Flutter Rate: 5

    All other settings: 0

    Ain't Talkin''Bout Love - Flange

    Updated 15/08/19 :

    I wanted to negate the need for my pedal board so have spent some time trying to replicate my MXR EVH Flanger (EVH button pressed)

    Stomp location: C


    Rate: 2.3

    Depth: 9.2

    Manual: 1.0 - Settings of Depth:10 & Manual:0.3 is also very close but there's an odd bass 'bonk' at the end of the sweep with these settings.

    Feedback: 37% - Any higher and I hear the airplane flange thing starting to kick in, that over the top swoosh.

    Mix: 100%

    Ducking: 0

    Volume: +1.0 - The MXR Flange with EVH button pressed has a volume boost creating more gain at the preamp.