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    There is nothing inherently better about the technology of modeling a Vintage 30 in a 1 x 12 cab, than using a real Vintage 30 in the same cab. So I doubt it will get you any closer to what you conceive of as "hearing the Kemper as it is intended to be heard". You just won't need as many real cabs to cover the modeled speakers offered by the Kemper technology.

    I wouldn’t be so sure. Who knows what magic Kemper will sprinkle over their 1x12? They’ve worked miracles before with the profiler, and this is their biggest innovative release since that platform. I’d be surprised if it’s as simple as a speaker modeller 1x12 akin to the L6 PowerCab (that was a big disappointment). Knowing Kemper’s attention to detail and engineering prowess, I’m excited to see if they can turn the FRFR/Cab situation on its head as it has with the amplifier head.

    I don’t agree or disagree with you. I’m in the camp that buys the matching cab that goes with an amp because the way I see it, that is the datum for the amps design. The KPA is many amps and came before the cab, so I’m very interested to see how the Kemper Cab turns out.

    Let’s face it, Team Kemper are confident enough to stick a HUGE Kemper kite logo on it so it’s going to be amazing 😄

    The BE100 pack v1 is my favourite of the bunch, and I’ve got loads of BE100 packs. Tim Owens & Matt’s are the best I’ve come across.

    The Deth pack is also a must, that ‘Deth Marty Crunch’ profile is killer!

    Also check out the Fender Twin pack, that’s amazing (pitted against my favourites from Guidorist, Tone Junkie & Top Jimi - Matt’s Twin has pipped the competition for the top spot and on to my Profiler).

    Is it just me or is anyone more excited about the Kemper cab than the recent OS/Stage/Editor hype?

    The thought of hearing the Kemper as it is intended to be heared, through an engineered solution designed by the OEM, has me about as excited as I was when the Kemper was first announced.

    Tease us Kemper team, an update please please please 😃

    i've been using Sony MDR-7506 headphones. What monitors and headphones do you use?

    Now I use AKG K92’s, but I also have Sony 7506’s. I don’t use them much these days, used to use them with my POD HD - they’re good headphones.

    Have you tried your Kemper with another pickup? If you have and you’ve been happy with the sound out of the Sony’s you know they aren’t the problem.

    my lack of fan bois pimping them on every thread doesn't mean they aren't better than what is available now.

    Take my money, your profiles are superb. Just ordered the Dumble, Vishnu, BE100 (v1.0 & v2.0), Fender Twin, & Friedman JJ.

    Keep em coming, would love a CU/Suhr PT100 - there isn’t many pro profiles out there for it :-)

    What are you hearing your Kemper through? Headphones, cab, monitors?

    I’m not a fan of the Slash or Caswell packs, I have both but prefer offerings from Deadlight studios. That said I do use the Brown sound pack more than any other (every day in fact) with all sorts of pickups, including Duncan Distortions and it doesn’t sound brittle to my ears.

    Focussing on the Brown Sound pack, have you tried it with other pickups and been happy with the result?

    When I first got my KPA I found everything sounded harsh and brittle but it was the monitors and headphones I was using (Yamaha HS5’s and ATH M50’s at the time). It took me a while to find monitors and cans that I liked

    Actually no, Helix is available in rack form. It just that the Helix Floor seems to outsell the rack by far.

    Ah yes thank you, I stand corrected :-) indeed the floor does outsell the rack, it will be interesting to see if the KPA stage outsells the rack/toaster too. I hope not as my own situation is much better suited to the toaster so I hope that remains a hot product

    I’m more than happy with the toaster (and the fact it sits safely on the back row away from beer and dirty floors) and hope Kemper continues to support it.

    Line 6 moved away from desktop units (Pod bean) and favoured the floor unit, I really really hope Kemper doesn’t do the same for future products.

    Having a choice of both is great, but if we can only have one, a desktop/rack unit beats a floor unit every time for me.

    Bring on the active Kemper Kabinet & editor though! Exciting times 😃

    Sometimes when I create a new folder in rig manager it doesn’t show the ‘my rating’ column even when I right click and tick the box to show it..

    Cure: create another new folder and try again. Never failed me.

    I sold my trusty FCB1010 for 100 euros and bought the Harley benton/melo Audio rip off midi board for 130 euros. Pretty cool midi board! light, small and everything i need.


    For a simple patch, bank and stomp select the Harley Benton MP100 is superb. I’m well impressed.


    • Top row buttons are close to the front. Tip: Fit Mooer Candy Toppers to the top row to fix.

    • USB powered. Tip: Use the Kemper USB to power unit.

    • Does nothing in browse mode? Tip: don’t use the pre-programmed Kemper setting, use one of the 2 custom settings and program your own midi commands. I have my bottom 4 switches selecting 4 patches in a bank, and my top 4 switches selecting stomp C, D, Mod and Delay.

    • No 2 way communication, so pressing something on the Kemper won’t show on the board.


    • Compact, light, rugged and sexy

    • Cheap as chips, no worries about leaving this on the floor at the gig in front of beer spilling punters

    • 2 Custom midi options - allows the controller to do exactly what you want it to do

    • USB powered. This works great as 2 cables and a tiny board and I’m done (midi + USB to Kemper). No need for a wall wart or a large pedal board with a power supply. It’s a relief to leave the old pedal board at home and travel light