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    Hi chaps,

    There has been some fantastic EVH effects settings shared across this forum, this thread is to consolidate those ideas into one thread.

    Please keep chatter to a minimum and post only effects settings to help all those who come here looking for EVH tips and tricks.

    If you're reading this and don't already own the Brown Sound Top Jimi Pack, what are you doing?! Buy it!

    I'll kick off with:

    Check out BHP Henning Bottle Rocket profiles. The amp he profiled is my personal amp and it is perfect for the same tones ( The amp was based on the Jose Arredando mod that was so popular back in the 80s. Michael did an amazing job of capturing the amp.

    I have the Bottle Rocket Pack, it’s absolutely superb! Thank you for lending your amp to Michael for us all to enjoy

    Start a guitar club :-) I had one going for a while where we had blues guys, jazz guys, country guys, metal guys and classic rockers. We’d meet up once a fortnight and set different challenges in between each meet, such as ‘write a country solo over this backing track to perform and discuss next time’. I hate country, but it was challenging and refreshing - and the licks, ideas, techniques and mindsets you were able to learn from other guitar nerds fed the fire to practice more. Everyone in the group said the same thing, that they had progressed faster than ever before and that in turn fed their motivation to play.

    It was great... until I started working continental shifts and organising a get together became increasingly difficult. But... it’s an idea!

    EDIT: Thanks to all who recommended Guidorist. Wow! Straight into my top 3.

    Deadlight - Slash AFD, Satch JVM410, Splawn Hotrod.

    Guidorist - Bogner XTC, JCM800, Mesa Royal Atlantic.

    Big Hairy Profile’s - ADA MP1, Silver Jubilee (wow!), Bogner XTC, Bottle Rocket.

    • & Everyone should have the Top Jimi - Brown Sound pack.

    These are my must haves. Next up for me is Tone Junkie & ChopTones. Chop tones are great for effects and matching album tones, and I love Tone Junkie for anything blues.

    I’ll be checking out Guido and SinMix thanks to this thread 👍🏼

    hmm, if I drag a couple of rigs onto the location Profiler it just does that. but of course, if you have so many folders (which is your choice) than you eventually have to deal with the consequences in terms of what you see and what you don't. you can always scroll to the destination in the list first and then drop if that helps.

    That’s why I put it as a ‘feature request’, so that those who use folders to organise RM don’t have to deal with any consequences...

    If the right click ‘upload’ or shift+enter worked when multiple profiles were selected (without having to first choose ‘preview’), there would be no dealing with consequences, only happiness and ease of use :-)

    please stay on topic. this is about right click and send versus multiple items.

    Navar is on topic. He is describing the problem perfectly (better than I did). The request for ‘right click and send’ is because of the issue with the poor drag and drop facility in RM.

    When you have a lot of subfolders (I have Manufactuer -> Amp -> Profiler), and your profiler is at the bottom of all your folders, when you try and drag and drop you have to hover over the bottom to scroll the screen down. RM opens the subfolders too quickly, and scrolls to quickly then rebounding to the top of the scroll list again. It’s clunky.

    I didn’t know about right clicking ‘my Kemper’ and opening a new window - this is good to know, thank you!

    Just use "Store in Profiler" in the context menu of the rigs or "SHIFT+RETURN" on your keyboard.

    Thanks Timo. It wasn’t working at first because currently you have to double click a rig in Rig Mgr and preview it before you can upload directly.

    There’s still no option to highlight multiple rigs and right click -> upload though... it’s either one by one using the upload button or the finicky drag and drop method.

    I wonder how difficult it would be for Kemper to implement a right click -> upload without having to first preview it on the Kemper, meaning you could upload a bunch in one go...

    I’ve had the LFR since October last year. At the time I pitted it against the:

    • Yamaha DXR-10 and 12

    • the Headrush

    • Line 6 Powercab

    • Alto TS212

    I took my AKG K92 cans with me to A/B what I was used to hearing to what was coming out of the speakers. The Laney was the clear, clear winner. Now I play a LOT of Van Halen, so finding something that could deliver that chewy midrange (the one that really stands up when you drag out upstroked chords) was essential. I had difficulty finding headphones that did this and went through a lot before settling on the K92s, but that’s a story for another post.

    The Yamaha’s sounded clinical and were a bit harsh in the upper frequencies... and compared to the Laney, really not that loud! They reminded me of my studio HS7 monitors. Clear, but no fun.

    The Line 6 was the biggest disappointment. It was the quietest on test and I had it at full volume. (Oh the poor folks at PMT). What I could hear in my cans sounded nothing like what came out of the L6. This was a quick no, no.

    The Alto was the runner up, it wasn’t as harsh as the Yamaha, was the second loudest on test, but was a little boomy and undefined. And it looks terrible.

    Now for the Laney. I tested this first of the bunch vs the L6. It beat the L6 hands down so qualified for the next round, so I A/B(/C’d?) each speaker against the Laney and then against what I could hear in my headphones. This thing is loud. Very, very loud. I was brave enough to put it on half volume with my Kemper master on 100%, but i was wincing with the dB level. Ear damaging volumes for sure. It sounded fantastic, straight out of the box it was very close to what I could hear in my headphones and that distinctive VH midrange was there. I didn’t think it was overly boomy like some have said, perhaps with the 4x12 cab sim switch on, but I have it running flat. After a couple of hours testing at the store I went home with the the Laney.

    At home, I ran the Laney through the “monitor out” and had my cans in the “main out”. I spent the next few days tweaking the EQ on the monitor out until it sounded near as dammit to the sound I hear from my AKG’s. The Laney is a beauty!

    I went in to the store to try everything they had, if I didn’t like anything, I was going to order an Atomic. I would have paid 3 times as much for the Laney, the fact it is less than £400 is astonishing.

    For anyone looking for an FRFR, make sure the Laney is in your test list!

    Has anyone in this thread tried the LFR-112 with bass guitar?

    So far all the reviews are from guitarists, which is good for me as a guitarist, but bad for me as a bassist. Any input would be helpful.


    Yes the Laney does a good job with bass too, it’s got plenty of bottom end.

    Owh no! Sorry to hear about the site. I buy a couple of profile packs a month, mostly from BHP, Tone Junkie, and most recently Deadlight and those priced at $10–$14 dollars are so much more attractive to the impulse buyer like myself :-) Deadlight currently have a great deal of 5 packs for €30, I’ve bought that deal twice this month alone 🙈 would you consider a promo like that to pick things back up?

    Your Mr. Boga profile has been on my profiler since day 1, it’s one of my go to metal tones - it’s absolutely killer! Between that, Big Hairy’s Henning Bottle Rocket & Deadlights Mark V, most of my metal tones are covered. That said...

    Do you have anything that’ll get close to the ‘tallica tones around the Master of Puppets era?

    I’m interested in the BE100, the JJ Pack and the Deth pack, and whatever you might suggest for that ‘tallica sound..