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    Was using a Shure GLXD14 for a while but was getting occasional dropouts. Tried everything under the sun to resolve it but couldn't (frequencies, positioning, firmware, cables, etc etc). A shame as I loved a lot about it (body pack charger and spare battery inbuilt into receiver, great body pack design etc), but dropouts were obviously a deal breaker. Maybe mine just had an issue?

    Our bass player had been using a Line 6 G50 with no issues so I changed to one of those. Its been rock solid over the last 2 years. Receiver mounted in the KPA rack. Much less adjustability/channels than the GLXD14 so that could possibly become a problem if there are alot of g50's in use nearby, but for me it's been solid (and its significantly cheaper than the Shure). Not a fan of the body pack battery door design (I now tape it closed for piece of mind as it had popped open on me twice while performing) and having to keep up on AA batteries in the transmitter kind of sucks, but its never had any erratic signal dropouts. Had to replace the cable from guitar to bodypack also, but the original received ALOT of use before it failed. Overall though, I can recommended G50!

    It's sad that Line 6 doesn't listen to customer feedback. I had bought one of the earlier models (G30 I think) about 2 years ago (maybe longer) and the battery door was a problem back then. I had to tape it shut and finally bought a pouch to eliminate the batteries from falling out onto the stage. How can you continue to sell a product with such a basic flaw??????

    You had my hopes up lol. That's the "S" which has a different neck. If I got my info correctly, the Pro has an even C neck that's a bit more like modern fender necks which are a bit more slim. I think the "S" has more of a vintage neck which is a bit larger. I've really gotten use to the slimmer C necks. Maybe my info is incorrect though. I would spend the extra $300 if that's the case!

    Yea that's the one I may settle with. I really want this same model in HSS but they just haven't got any in stock over the last month! Must be a Christmas thing, probably can't make enough.

    Hello all. Looking at adding a new guitar to the stable. I want to get to the point where I only have one guitar as the primary and play it for all gigs. I feel that this will help in weeding out profiles and get me away from tweaking stuff. I'm playing mostly praise music with some classic rock and alternative stuff on the side. I really like the Suhr Classic Pro HSS because I feel the Humbucker in the bridge gives me the best option for versatility. Problem is, I can't seem to find the one I want in stock. For $2150 I really want the combination that I have in mind which is Surf Green, Maple Neck with HSS Configuration. I've looked everywhere and just can't find it. I thought about settling for the SSS Pickup Configuration but was wondering if they will provide enough grit for playing heavy rhythm stuff (not metal). Anyone have good success with Kemper and Suhr single coils?

    I’ve owned mine for two years (Power Amp Version), I have never connected it to an external cab. I took the “just in case“ approach but wasted the extra money. The Kemper setup is supposed to make the load lighter. That’s a concept I didn’t have at the time. If I could do it over I would steer clear of the powered amp version. Just my two cents.

    Although I agree with GForce, one question... Did you turn off the HD500 Amp Modeling? if running into the front of the Kemper make sure the models are turned off on the HD500. If I understand you correctly, you are just trying to dial in the effects from the POD. For this you wouldn't want the POD simulating any AMP / CAB combination into KPA.

    I'm new to using a Kemper and I was hoping to find some downloadable performances that have a basic rig layout such as a clean patch, a crunch patch and solo patch using the same amp profile. these patches would allow me to add reverb, delay, etc. I am willing to pay for the performances so I'm not asking anyone to share purchased profiles. I would think there would be money in someone profiling an Amp, making some tweaks and setting up a performance that can be used over a complete set. The only thing I’ve found thus far is "guitarsforhisglory". This was a good started but I don't want to purchase performances for one particular song but rather a generic rig layout. I know I need to learn this stuff and will at some point. I'm just really ready to ditch the pedal board and simplify the live rig. Any suggestions is appreciated.

    You'll get enough different opinions here to make your head spin. We're all after different things, so IMO you need to find a store with as many options as possible and use your own ears.

    Sounds like a good plan but the closest store I have is Guitar Center and we both know how much gear they have in-house. When i’m Ready to go with the traditional cab i’ll See if a buddy has one to test;)

    Yeah, you need a cab with speakers that can handle moving AIR! :thumbsup:

    I use a pair of DXR10's, 1x12's, 2x12's, 4x12's and monitors. They all sound great in various config's!

    Now there’s the response I was looking for, one of each LOL!!! I have really been looking at the DXR10’s as I’ve heard some nice things about them. Honestly, I have a Line6 Firehawk 1500 and it sounds amazing as an FRFR monitor but it’s unbelievably heavy to carry around. Thinking about unloading it and going with the DXR10’s. I’ll probably put the traditional cab on hold for now. Thanks man.

    So I have been thinking about purchasing a good ActiveSpeaker or going the other route and purchasing a good Cabinet to use with my PowerRack to get that traditional “Amp in the room” feel. I have up $1000 to spend. For those ofyou that have had the Kemper for a while, which direction would you go? Would you look more toward purchasing the Active Speaker / Cab such as the ASM-12 or Mission Gemini or the traditional route with a standard cab being feed by the power rack? I appreciatethe advice.

    Hello All. When I bought my Kemper I went ahead and got the Power Amp version. I don't currently have a Guitar Cab but I thought I'd leave it open to purchace at a later date in case I wanted to use the Kemper with a normal Cab. Until then I was wondering, is it possible to connect the Kemper to my 65 DRRI Combo Amp? Could I come out of the Kemper into the "INT SPKR" jack on the back of the DRRI? Would this hurt the Kemper or the DRRI Speaker? Thanks for the advice in advance!

    This morning I am having an issue with my remote. I’m using a performance with several patches for clean, crunch and solo. When I try to go between the patches in the performance, it cuts the volume of on the unit and I have no sound in my ears. I have to step on the stomps several times to get the volume to come back. Any ideas? The patches are using the same amp across the performance. Just different reverbs and delays.

    Just a question regarding Speaker Simulation. I have a Torpedo Cab sitting around that I used for a bit with my pedalboard. Has anyone ever tried to integrate something like this into the Kemper? is it worth trying or a waste of time? The CAB has some pretty go sims but I don't know if it's worth complicating the setup more than it needs to be.

    I don´t think it´s related to the remote.I have a similar problem: when rig manager is connected to the Kemper, and i close my macbook, disconnect the usb cable or the mac shuts down, the kemper freezes. I turn it off , but it takes like a minute till the Kemper shut´s down. Only happens with my Laptopp connected, otherwise never had an issue with the remote.
    Open a support ticket with version of Rig Manager, Os, Kemper version etc.

    This would explain why the power wouldn't turn off. I guess it was just taking longer than normal if it was hung up. I will go for it again on Sunday without the computer and RM running. Hopefully this will solve the issue.

    I had a similar issue tonight at rehearsal. The remote seemed to loose power and shut off. when I tried to turn off the power to the Kemper, the knob wouldn't even turn the unit off. It was in the off position and the Kemper still had power. I had to pull the power chord from the back of the unit to get it to turn off. This was really bad timing as I was in the middle of run-through.

    A few things. I have the rack version and in the rack I have a power conditioner that I plug into.I did have the computer connected to the unit via USB and Rig Manager was running on my Mac. The only thing I did outside of what came with the remote was switch to a shorter cable as the one that came with the unit is 5 miles long and I don't need this much cable. I replaced it with a standard Cat5 cable and it's worked fine until now.I really hope something is found as it seems too many people are having this similar issue. This renders the unit useless if I can't depend on the remote to control my performances.

    I started using my Kemper at church last week and had no issues. tonight at rehearsal the remote went dark and turned off twice thus rendering all my performance settings useless. I couldn't even turn off the Kemper with the main knob. When in the "off" position the unit was still on. I had to pull the power chord out of the back of the unit to get the unit to turn off. I'm pretty sure that my firmware is up to date but I will double check. Anyone seen this before?