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    nice, it is different from my approach...

    for now i just stick with midi and it should run in the browser (when starting the browser with "allow-file-accesd-from-files" it should run locally without internet connection)

    Sooner or later i will try the usb stuff...

    if i can help with testing,etc. i am gladly helping out

    Decoder stuff pushed. Next is to accept plain SysEx, add transport, and transmit. I'll refactor packets.h into logical SysEx packets as part of that process.

    It's not 100% stable yet, as I need to sort out how I want to do sync vs async packets.

    so this c module can later on be used to send in plain sysex and it communicates via usb to the kemper (as if you used rig manager)?

    the usb commands would be the really interesting thing (use them instead of midi maybe) i have to try the install

    I am at this point able to decode all the System Exclusive messages that happen as part of the RigManager exchange. Which the structure of all the packets are documented in the Midi guide. I'm printing out the raw (non-normalized) controller values.

    What's not clear yet is what the blobs are used for. Maybe a DSP cache state.

    Does anyone know of a hardware bill of materials (BOM) for the Profiler / Stage Profiler? I'm mostly interested in the SoC/CPU/DSP used.

    I have read something about motorola hardware, hopefully i remember correctly.

    As far as i know they just changed from 2019 models onwards something for the spdif hardware..(slave and master mode possible)

    Great progress!


    I am not sure if i can follow...

    (EP1 is the part after "Access Music Electronics" and EP2 is after these,...?)

    Access Music Electronics is some kind of standard...

    As for Sysex messages and their length...

    you can request multi paramters, which is quite essential(when requesting paramter and fx.. you want so save calls, but have to do more work on the receiving side.. -> especially if you want to collect a whole rig)

    Did you record which action caused these messages, or is this at startup?

    Cool. I have the transport pattern somewhat figured out. So grouping of logical packets (multiple USB packets) for TX/RX is next.


    i could test it from the typescript app(there is a promising npm lib), but i am afraid i could not help you here, thank you for your efforts so far!

    Nice Work, i also tried a little bit to wireshark... but decided to do it with web technology...

    (the gui still has issues but should give an idea, atm. i will setup an npm app and implement a proper toolstack -> to use it in the browser, regardless of the OS but limited to midi)

    If you should find out the usb commands i could maybe benefit from it too (i didn't spend much time on it)

    it scales with the screensize, and shows (and hide) gui elements depending on the size..


    as recommended, I start a new thread aboud switching on and off the Stack section via MIDI.

    I found another thread which is somehow old...
    Can anyone just post the sysex message I need for this? I don't want any explanations about how I can figure it out myself with the MIDI parameter documentation, it would take me at least two or three days which I don't have for try and error in studio.

    Thank you in advance!


    according to (not really elegant)…ob/main/modules/kemper.js


    F0 00 20 33 02 7f 01 00 04 41 F7


    F0 00 20 33 02 7f 01 01 04 41 F7


    F0 00 20 33 02 7f 01 // single parameter set

    00 // i think that is off and 01 would be on

    04 41 // addy of the stack

    f7 // terminates it

    hopefully that is right, could not try it out...

    Hi Folks,

    because there are some great Javascript libs out there, i want to try them out. ( and

    The idea is to use a bluetooth midi adapter (CME WIDI MASTER) build a website with the afore mentioned libs, turn on bluetooth on your smartphone/tablet/compter and control the Kemper.

    I also put a lot of work into this one, but the setup and the fact the Kemper Guys made an IPAD app (and maybe hardware requirements, lack of quality of the software itself...) let me no serious choice other than to abandon this project.

    KEKO Kemper Midi Control via Touchscreen

    WEBMIDIJS V3, which i intend to use seems realllyyyy awesome...

    So i put a lot of hours into making a GUI.

    Normally i wouldn't showcase something like this in an early stage, the intention is to get good ideas, feedback. I am not sure if it is worth the effort if it would be just for myself only...

    (it really has a lot of flaws, and it has no functionality, resolution should be about 1000 px)

    Chrome should be used(for now it does not matter, but later on when functionality comes into play), and yes i know errors show up...

    I tend to put a long press and a normal press functionality to a lot of the buttons. I am aware of the dense layout, some components disappear on a small screen(STACK Section).

    The Performance section would only be visible when in performance mode...

    When there comes functionality into the game(later on) on the hardware side you have to use a bluetooth midi adapter (i did an successfull tryout with cme widi master), on the client side it needs a bluetooth 5 capable device. At the moment Linux is not supported, all other platforms should work, like ipad, iphone, android, win10, macos....

    Thank you for the kind words.

    This project is quite beta, and for users there should be somekind of a image (for a raspi) -> so setup is simplified, and hopefully i could simplify the code itself, i started with implementing a save function...

    It would be nice if the server could be started on a mobile device, but on android i don't think that is possible....

    No i have not tried that, maybe a good idea.

    I did not try the ipad app and i don't have a remote.

    you can take a look at my project here..

    KEKO Kemper Midi Control via Touchscreen

    (because of the ipad app i didn't work on this in the last months, but i will dive into it again).

    As far as i can remember without looking into the source...

    preselected performances and slots...

    -> nope.. i made a scanner that selects performance after performances and rigs after rig and requesting that name and storing that in javascript objects...

    To get the fx for a stomp you get back x'.. 00 01 f7'

    and that kind of messages (this is the "wah wah" fx, x'... 00 00 f7' means off). As for presets i am not fully sure, but i don't think this is possible...

    Hope this helps a bit..

    Hi, for my project i also need to send 2 midi messages, the cc and sysex x'00 00' for off.

    Maybe you just have the wrong type of switch and send on and off while press once?

    I could take a look into that tomorrow

    i allready updated to 8.2.2.(one parameter with the new kemper fuzz does not behave like intended -> i wrote to the support).

    I don't understand the rest of your post, you normally use a touchscreen or connect to the ip from a tablet or phone on the same network.

    The pots just send values when "untouch" or release from mouse click, otherwise an insane amount of messages would be sent.

    i can recommend OSC for such things

    I did my project with that.