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    So, when I first got the KPA I read that profiles generally respond different to individual guitars, and that setting up settings for different guitars can be done in the performance mode. This way you have profiles set to specific guitars, and no need to alter the tone on the fly.

    I have found that profiles do react differently with each of my guitars, so have other users done this?

    Does this make sense?

    I’m having trouble getting in touch with Katsbach. I went to purchase one of his profiles, but I’m having problems with the payment.

    No ‘contact’ section on the site, and I replied to my registration email, but have received no reply as yet.

    Any info greatly appreciated!

    Got to play the profiles today, I'm really liking the Atomic Pumpkin, but I will need more time with it to find my grove! I only had 10 mins to quickly get a feel for them unfortunately.

    But that Aldrich profile is incredible! I think that's the best profile I've heard for the Kemper yet.

    With my Gibson Les Paul, tuned to Drop D, it was rip my face off good!

    Bravo! The hype is oh so real!

    Maybe try the monitor out as you're going in mono, Ben.

    Also, before you try your IR library, try locking everything except the Cab module and browsing Rigs (Cabs IOW 'cause of the locking) to see if the Cabs in your existing Profiles tickle your fancy. Ideally you'd start with Merged Profiles and peruse other Merged ones, thereby maximising the accuracy of the Cab components that you'll be loading, but in all honesty the Kemper's ability to calculate the Cab side of Studio Profiles is top-notch and many are more-than-happy to use these "artificially-separated" ones.

    If you're still not-happy, there're always your IR's, which you can convert using Cab Maker™, but I should say that IMHO and many others', the Kemper's Cab captures are more-sophisticated and dynamically-accurate that plain ol' IR's. Some still swear by their trusty IR's, of course, so YMMV.

    Thank you very much!

    I can honestly say that using my own IR's is an absolute LAST resort for me. I want to use the Kemper to the fullest of its ability.

    I think the issue is me, and my use of the KPA and not the Kemper itself. There are plenty videos with the Kemper being recorded direct and it sounds perfect.

    I'm going to looking into this more tomorrow.

    So I'm LOVING my KPA through power amp / cab. To me it's just as good as any real amp rig I've ever owned (which is like 50). I've been playing through a ton of profiles and have found dozens that I think some amazing.

    However when I go direct into my interface, with the cab sim on, I really dislike the tone. I know it takes some tweaking between the amp/cab setup to direct with cabsim, but I'm just not liking the sound on basically anything I've played. They sound lifeless.

    I also ran the KPA into a Yorkville YX10P monitor for direct and again, I hated it. I used the exact same monitor for my past Atomic and Helix rigs, and had excellent results.

    This has me wondering if I'm doing something wrong....

    I have experience with direct recording, including owning host of VST plugins (Mercuriall, Thermionik) and a bunch of IR's (3 Sigma, Ownhammer).

    I've always had decent to great tones from those, but I haven't tried any of my IR's with the KPA profiles, as I want to get a feel for just the Kemper instead.

    I'm running the KPA Master Output (Right) to my Fosucrite 2i2 via XLR.

    Is this to correct way to record direct?

    Any help greatly appreciated, I'm a little puzzled atm.

    I picked up the Kraken and played through it today. I think it sounds great. There are 5 profiles for channel 1 and 5 for channel 2. It's pretty much exactly what the Kraken is; simple and to the point. Channel one is Marshall-sih and channel 2 is 5150-ish. There are 5 gain stage profiles for each channel.

    It sounded pretty darn killer with both my 6 and 7 string guitars. No complaints here for the laughable 4.99 GBP I paid!

    One thing I liked was that the profiles were all (besides the gain) set to noon, so you still get a good sweep of the EQ range. I know a fair few profiles also do this, but many has set EQ's in that specific profile. I'm not complaining, as on plenty I've played, it's dialed in great, so you can find that profile that really jumps out at you.

    That said, with the EQ left at noon, I find that the sweep allows for more tweaking from the user. I'm sure some just aren't looking for this, but for me, it is nice to actually move the EQ knobs more that 0.5-1.0 parameter for a change.