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    For fun I picked up a few of the Ampire Tones - Tone Match profiles. For those who don't know, these are single profiles or 2/3 profile packs that are based on a particular band / band's album. There's roughly $1.99/2.99 each, and they had some bands I'm a fan of, so why not?!

    I picked up the Anthrax, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest profiles.

    The Anthrax is based on the old skool 'Among The Living' and 'State Of Euphoria' albums. So this is basically a JCM 2203 sound. It's a lot of fun, and definitely has that early Thrash vibe to it, particularly how they sounded on actual recordings.

    The Iron Maiden is based on the 'Somewhere In Time' and 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son' albums. It was profiled from a JMP-1, and it does a decent job. Its pretty fx heavy, but I get where it's coming from. I love Maiden (who doesn't?!), so I'm happy with it. Up the Irons!

    The Judas Priest profile pack (3 profiles) is what initially hooked me. I'm a BIG fan of Painkiller, and that tone is included. It also has clean and distortion profiles from the Screaming For Vengeance album, which are also very cool. The clean is surprisingly impressive, it loves my coil split JB. The SFV tones are definitely fun old skool 800 tones that are worth including.

    The Painkiller tone is like 99% there, it sounded so close playing the main riff that it brought such a smile to my face. There's something very artificial about the actual Painkiller tone that is always a pleaser. It's very over the top, and that's what I love about it. With a little tweaking on the profile, those harmonics were flying off the fret board!

    When I was listening to the clips of these profiles prior to purchasing them, I did think, "well I can likely make these myself with what I already have". To a degree this is very true, but it also comes down to what you're looking for and just how much time you have on your hands. I think the price and fun value of these profiles are there, and there's even a few more that have my attention.

    So I played a SinMix Mark V profile today that reaffirmed why I bought the Kemper. It wasn't just like my old V35, it was my old V35!

    I personally think the Mesa Mark tones are nearly impossible to replicate. The Salvation MarkUs modular preamp was close......

    The Mercuriall Reaxis was very close for a VST plugin...... Well now I say "nearly impossible to replicate", because the SinMix Mark V is it!

    There is a tone I had with my Schecter PT-7 and my old V35, it was just right. We all know when that tone is perfect and those tones just fly off the fret board. Well today that profile nailed it to the wall. If I closed my eyes, I could 100% imagine the amp was there with me.

    We all love a good Marshall, and with so many awesome profile packs out there it can be daunting.

    Top Jimi's audio samples have been blowing me away, not to mention his selection of modded Marshall's. I decided to start with the Lee Jackson modded 50 for 2 reasons....

    1. I've always wanted to play a Lee Jackson modded amp

    2. Apparently it's the model or the same mod as Paul Gilbert used for Racer X

    How could I not love it?! put it simply, it's so 80's modded Marshall it brings a tear to my eye. It just plain rips! It loves my Schecter PT, my Fender Tele, my BC Rich Gunslinger....all equally!

    Along with his Tim Caswell, YJM, AFD, and 800 models I'm sure there's going to be a fair amount of overlap, but who cares?! They all sound so damn good!

    Hey, so the SinMix Mark V is crazy on the money for those tones I've been missing. I can't believe the actual V25 isn't in the room with me.

    I do have one question though. So the profile pack came with 48 profiles, numbered 1-48. Aside from this, there's not other info on the profile name, like whether it's clean, crunch, what mode its' in etc.....

    This is not just wit this profile pack, I've noticed it with basically all of them. Is there something I'm missing?

    Sinmix's VHT Pitbull is spot on for the heavy vibe and he did a good range in that pack with a lot of cabs, if its those type of sounds your after just mentioned with the Mark V, i know Sin and double impact wont let you down my friend/

    Let us know how you go.


    SinMix V25 and Pittbull UL packs just bought! Cheers for the recommendations!

    Thanks a lot for all of that! That’s some insane work mate!

    The way I always looked at my old Mark V’s was very simple:

    IIC+ Mode = Metallica - And Justice For All

    IV Mode = Lamb Of God - New American Gospel

    That’s what I want out of my profiles! Haha

    While I have you, the other main tone that is a must to cure my ex-tube itch, is a good VHT/Fryette tone. Mainly Pittbull UL, as I find it has the most unique tone for 7 string.

    Do you have any experience with those?

    I need some Mesa Mark recommendations. I recently owned a V35 and a V25 before that.

    They are among my favourite amps and I need some profiles that are good representation of the Mark V, especially the IIC+ & IV modes.

    I picked up the Deth, SG XTC, and Dime packs (thanks Matt).

    If you’re into Megadeth, like me, then the Deth pack is a must! It’s taken from the Salvation Custom 3 preamp module, which was based on the CAE preamp. The same preamp was used on Megadeth recordings in the 90’s. The dual Dave / Marty settings are amazing for both rhythm and lead work.
    Do you like Rust In Peace? Countdown To Extinction? Me too! Do yourself a favour and check out these profiles now!

    The SG XTC is taken from Sacred Grooves Ecstasy preamp module. His work was always top notch. Simple and tonally to the point. The profile pack features both Blue / Red settings. The Blue is like a modern hotrodded JCM, perfect for 80’s hard rock. The Red is an ultra thick punchy tone, perfect for 90’s AIC and fluid lead work.

    If you’re a high gain metal player, I can’t recommend the Dime pack any higher! I think it’s taken from the Salvation Kranken preamp module, which was based on the Krank Krankenstein. It’s a very modern, thick and surprisingly clear tone. It loved my 6 & 7 string guitars, passive & active pickups. It’s not just for Dimebag style tones, it can do so much more! It’s a great addition to any metal rig!

    Thanks again Matt, great work!

    My Tonecrate Alex Wade profile pack has me GAS'ing for more Diezel Herbert tones!

    I only have 2 profiles on that pack, both Channel 2.

    I'm looking for Channel 2 and 3 profiles!

    Who's got 'em?

    Hello I am new to this and do not own a Kemper, but am thinking of purchasing one in the near future. Just trying to get more info on some things. I was wondering if anyone knows of any High Gain Patches for metal such as "Alpha Wolf" or "Sworn in" Tones. I am having clients trying to get that certain tone or ask me if I can get that High Gain tone and I having a hard time creating them on my set up now. Im just trying to see if the Kemper is good with high gain tones along the lines of that style of music or if there is any tips or tricks that I need to know before purchasing the Kemper.

    Thank you.

    I’m a modern metal player and I can tell you that the Kemper does Metal better than any modeller I’ve ever owned. Prior to this I had the Axe Fx Ultra, Atomic Amplifirebox and Helix LT. The latter is excellent, but the Kemper is on another level in terms of sound, feel and response.

    For metal tones, you can’t beat the SinMix Free Metal Pack. It contains 44 amps and 59 profiles. You could live on that alone, but it really does help you find what suits you best.

    The commercial profile packs are only $10-20 each. Other profilers like, but not limited to; ReampZone, MattFigg, Lasse Lammert, Pete Turley, and 3 Sigma Audio are all must’s for high gain!

    I’ve found plenty of excellent metal profiles on the free exchange too. Fortin based profiles, Peavey Invective, Bogner, Marshall, you name it!